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Seven Apps That Will Change The Way You Play Pokemon Go

Since its launch in 2016, the Pokemon Go game took the world by storm. From kids to elderly people, everyone got hooked to the game in no time. If you are one such gamer who has delved deep into the Pokemon universe, here’s some good news for you. In this article, we have listed a few cool apps that you can use to enhance your Pokemon Go gaming experience. These apps not only ensure that you learn more about the game in a short duration but also make sure that the gaming experience is a rewarding experience for you.

  1. Go Ranger

    There is no denying that Pokemon Go is quite a happening game. Something or the other always keeps happening in the game so it becomes really necessary to keep track of everything so that you can stay updated. Go ranger is that app that can help you keep track of everything that is related to Pokemon Go. With this app, you get a list of current events, a field guide for information on all types of Pokemon, a checklist that allows you to create lists on a variety of topics related to the game, and much more. The app can be downloaded free of cost and is extremely useful.

  2. PokeInfo

This app that supports all types of Android phones is a must-have for all Pokemon trainers. Why you ask? Well, the PokeInfo app has a strong Pokedex that is loaded with information on all the Pokemon in the Pokemon world. And well, that’s not all. It also has some really helpful calculators. For example, with the PokeInfo app’s calculator, you can calculate the damage, IVs, and statistics for all the different Pokemons before you decide to catch them. The app also has a type chart that lays down the Pokemon by their attack and defense capabilities so that it is easy for you to visualize them. Then there is a segment that has the locations and maps that help you locate the different species of Pokemon.

  1. Poke Assistant

    This is one great app for all Pokemon players to calculate the IVs and is highly recommended by experienced Pokemon players around the globe. All you need to do in the app is enter the Pokemon type, Dust, HP CP, and mention whether it’s powered or not. And that’s not all, with this info you shall get the best and worst possible IVs. This piece of information is also compared with the best and worst IVs and the evolutions of the Pokemon species in the Pokemon universe. You can also refine your calculation to narrow down the potential IV options Poke Assistant App provides, just in case you power up your Pokemon.

  2. Poke Genie

This app is another IV calculator that is widely used and recommended by Pokemon players. Once you download the app, you need to set your trainer level. Once that is done, the app gets activated to do what it is meant to do. This app takes screenshots of the different Pokemon, calculate the various IV combinations so that you are aware of the amount of candies and stardust you must invest in the different Pokemon, and also collect statistics automatically. This app can be downloaded for free and is a really helpful one if you want a better roster of Pokemon and do well in the battles.

  1. Silph Road

If you are a frequent player of Pokemon then you must know that the nests keep rotating every two weeks, allowing players to stock up. The Silph app saves you time and energy to go and find out in person by giving you details of the spawning nests right on your phone. And that’s not all. The app also provides you with valuable information about the Pokemon Go game, and shares ideas and strategies about the game, about the direction you should take to grab a Pokemon, on how you can gain an upper hand, and much more. You can also share your feedback and experience on the app.

  1. Go Companion

If you own an android device and you love playing Pokemon Go, this is the app that you must download. It is free but comes with ads that can be removed if you pay a certain amount. The app is useful for Pokemon Go players because it has an index that includes the names of all Pokemon that exist in the Pokemon universe. Along with their names, the chart also mentions the evolution details, HP, defense, powers, and trivia of the Pokemon. You can get all the information by just typing the name. The app also shares news and updates on the game to keep the users updated with the latest information.

  1. Pro Guide

No matter how seasoned a player you are, everyone needs help from time to time in this game and the Pro Guide is the best app to resort to help when you need it. This app for IoS users has two segments – the guides/tips section and the info/charts section. Under guides, you will find new player tips, data on where and how to find and catch Pokemon, etc. Under the Info section, you will get Pokemon charts, CP and HP and CP charts, etc.

So, wait no more, use these apps and master your Pokemon Go game in no time. Good Luck!

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