10 Things to Consider Before Renting a Product

Tired of making money? Then let them work for you! How? Very simple! You do not need to advertise in newspapers or run around the shops. Use the Internet and find a suitable platform that will help to attach clothes, jewelry, household appliances, personal items, photo, audio and video equipment, bicycles and much more. After all, objects that are gathering dust in your home can be profitable for you to give on rent. All that is required is to place an ad. And very soon you will receive the first offers on their rental. And how to rent things out and make a deal absolutely safe – read on.

Features of secure transaction processing

Decide the value of things. You must set a price by yourself. The price depends on the condition of the items, their relevance, and their duration of use. If you want to have rental products then we recommend rent appliances.  Make sure that the things you want to hand over are in good condition. If there are defects, indicate their type and quantity.

1: Observe what is demanding

What is most in demand among tenants? Specialists came to the conclusion that household appliances and electronics like televisions, computers, refrigerators, music centers, microwave ovens, etc. are most demanded. In second place are agricultural tools like drills, motor blocks, lawnmowers, chainsaws, or grinders. Equally popular things are more serious units in the form of welding machines and diesel generators. There is a certain demand for clothes and shoes, especially for children. Toys, bicycles, and scooters are also available. Why put them in the basement if you can make money on their rental. How to rent a bike? Just like any other thing. Jewelry and evening dresses will also be not less in demand. Many people do not know how to rent jewelry properly and get confused to do it.

2: Place an order

Place an ad on a suitable site. Do it yourself or contact your administrator. He will help you with this. Give preference to resources that do not charge a fee for their services. Prepare a rental agreement. Write down all the rules of use, term, features of payment and return. Remember that you can only make a claim based on the items included in the contract.

3: Do not neglect the act of acceptance

Fix the condition of the leased things in writing. Describe the external state of the transferred objects and the state of the individual parts. Try to describe as much as possible, especially if you are interested in how to rent equipment or some technical equipment. 

After the term comes to an end, the contract can be extended or terminated. Do not forget to check the performance or appearance of things. If the items have not changed, take them back. If it has significant defects, you can claim material compensation.

4: Case of damage

After signing the contract, claims to the transferred rental products are not accepted. Similarly, for the untimely return of the leased product, the Lessee pays the Lessor if any damage happens to the product. In addition to the rental fee, a penalty for each day of delay in the amount of one percent of the rental fee for the delayed time. After checking the goods for serviceability, and familiarizing themselves with the rules for the operation of the goods. If the goods have defects, then the corresponding mark should be fixed in the act of acceptance of the goods, because when returning the goods, claims for this defect will be presented to you.

5: Cost of rental services

The cost of rental services is imitated in the price list certified by the IP.

The rental rates are based on the following periods of use of the goods: 1 hour, 1 day on a working day, weekend, 1 week and 1 month. To determine the cost of renting goods, the rental period is presented through a set of the above tariff periods.

The minimum rental time duration is 1 day, otherwise, the rental appliance cannot be possible.

When renting goods for a period shorter than 24 hours, the client will be charged the cost of rental for the whole day. 

6: Calculated hour

Settlement hours are set. Goods received on the day the rental contract begins. The product must be returned to the estimated hours of the day before the contract expires. 


Rental appliances have very simple rules. 

  1. Why did it break!
  2. Don’t give it to anyone!
  3. If broken, do not lie but admit it!
  4. Handle things like they are your own!
  5. Whatever you took, you must return it back! 

By renting a property, you hereby agree to the terms of its use and undertake to comply with them.  

7. Reservation of goods

For the convenience of customers, a rental system has a reservation system that allows the customer to conclude a rental agreement in advance. The client must pay the rental price specified in the contract. If the Client cannot use the rental services of the paid product, the rent will not be returned to the Client.

8. Registration of contract relations

Upon the receipt of goods for hire, a rental agreement is concluded with the Client which is signed by the IP. After returning the rental item in both copies of the contract, a mark is made indicating the return of the rental item. Keep all documents under the rental agreement until the agreement is completed and final settlements are made.

For expensive rentals, it is necessary to show any additional document with a photo.

This requirement is associated with higher risks of renting expensive equipment. Under any circumstances DO NOT give out inventory to a person in an inadequate condition or to a person with alcohol intoxication.

9: The rental officer has the right to refuse to provide the inventory without an explanation of the reason

Information on the site and on rental signs is not an offer. If an employee has any doubts about the client, he has every right to refuse the rental service.

For persons under the age of 20, we recommend taking a second document with a photograph. If you are younger than 20 years old and you have a passport issued to you at the age of 14, your appearance could change. A rental employee may refuse you if you are not alike.

10: Exchange of goods from one to another before the expiration of the rental period is not possible

The site is not responsible for material damage and damage to health that may occur when using the rental property of the Client. The Lessor’s property does not become the Lessee’s property under any circumstances. All disagreements of the parties are resolved on the basis of the Legislation of the Republic of Belarus and this Agreement. Rental services are provided in accordance with the Consumer Services Rules. If you want to learn more about the rental items,  follow this guide.


This guide will help you understand what to consider before renting a product.

Therefore, it is very important to find a resource that you can trust. After all, all of your things will be returned.

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