15 Ways to Keep Track of Your Belongings

If you are one of those people who often forget their belongings somewhere and cannot remember where you last kept them. If you agree with this statement, then I can understand the frustration that you would feel when you cannot find your stuff and secretly wish that you were a little bit organized in your life. With the different type of stuff that we have available to us, it gets tough to keep a track on all of our valuables at a single point in time and wish that there was some way to keep track of them as a Bluetooth tracking device so that you have them available when you need them around. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can keep track of your belongings so that you do not lose sight of them when needed. 

1: Tile:

Although you may not be able to get back all those possessions that you’ve lost over the years but by using a tool called Tile, you no longer have to worry about that. Tile is a device that can be attached to different objects and can easily be tracked through an app that can be downloaded on your phone. The tracking device is slim and waterproof which will show you the last known location. It can also tell you about how far you are from the device, provided it is within 100-150 meters distance.  It also has the crowdsourcing feature which allows tiles to connect.

2: Phone Halo StickR TrackR:

Although Bluetooth works well by pairing your car with the device if you lose your keys, you can use StickR TrackR to help you with that. It will allow you to locate all of your possessions within a distance of 100 feet as long as you have attached the device to your belongings it will be located and the device can track up to 10 lost items by making the misplaced item ring while allowing you to use proximity detection to locate it.

3: Locca:

The Austrian Company has launched a new device that will allow you to track objects such as bikes and handbags. Locca comes with an already installed SIM Card which is located within its trackers and can check on objects which are present in the vicinity without the necessity of your smartphone being nearby. After placing the tags on the device, you can use the Locca app to find out the position of the object while it will also send you a signal if the object is moving away from you so that you are informed about it immediately. 

4: Gecko:

It is a tracker that has a motion sensor and GPS built-in and will allow you to track everything from your bicycle to your kids. The device is about the size of a quarter and once it is attached to the object, you can track it through an app that can be downloaded on your phone. It has a feature that will let you know where you last kept an item and will notify you when it moves from its original position. You can even use it as a leash to monitor your pet and would let you know when it moves out of a 100-foot radius. 

5: WiseButton:

It is a device about the size of a keychain and is suitable for you if you want to monitor a variety of devices. One of the benefits of using it is that it is easily compatible with all operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, which would make it free from facing any interface issues which could have troubled you otherwise. It has an alarm option that will notify you whenever you move 20 feet away from it. It also comes with a good battery life of about one month before you will have the need to charge it again. 

6: Kensington Proximo:

If you have trouble keeping a hold of your personal belongings like keys, then Proximo is the right tool for you. It will help you in tracking up to 5 items at the same time and will also help to prevent you from losing your belongings in the first place. You do not need to worry about its initial setup since it is easy and can be easily connected with your Android or iPhone. During setup, the app will show the exact distance you are from your belonging and will update you if you are leaving it behind. 

7: Guardian:

I am sure that we are all worried about taking our kids to the park and losing sight of them. Well, you no longer have to worry about it since Guardian will do the job for you. It can be worn like a wristband and is connected through Bluetooth with your cell phone. It provides a range of 230 feet so if your child moves out of the radius an alarm will go off on your phone so that you are informed of the situation immediately and will provide you with the necessary peace of mind that you crave. 

8: Hum:

It is a device that will help you solve various issues that may occur with your car. Although it works as a tracker and will notify you about the location of your car from nearly anywhere, it also provides several other benefits. It can provide you with the complete history of where your car has traveled and allows you to create zones so that if your car goes through them, you will be immediately notified. Additionally, Hum can also help you to deal with car issues such as reminding you about the time when maintenance is due and help you to schedule appointments with mechanics. 

9: Click ‘n Dig:

It is a very useful device that works perfectly within small distances, such as when you have trouble finding something at home. You can attach the color-coded receivers with any valuable and simply press the button. The receiver will make a loud sound followed by a flash which will allow you to locate your lost item. It is pretty simple to use although you would have to remember the color code of the receivers which you had attached to your item.

10: Whistle:

Worried about losing your dog while you take it out on a walk? Not any longer, since Whistle will see to that. It uses GPS, WIFI, and other data to determine the accurate location of your pet and also allows you to create safe zones while immediately letting you know when your pet leaves it. Apart from that, it also helps to measure the fitness of your pet by letting you detect its activity pattern and notify you when something is not right. 

11: Lapa:

Although it is similar to Tile in its function, it also has additional features. It will alert you immediately when you are away from your belongings when there is a considerable distance between you. Lapa will let you know at that instant to go back and retrieve it. It has a 200 feet radius which will allow you to detect things from a distance and can also ask other members with Lapa to help you detect your belongings.

12: Pebblebee Finder:

It is a tracking device with a 200 feet range which will help you to detect lost items from a considerable distance. It also features a loud buzzer and LED light which will make sure that you can immediately notice the lost item. Another benefit of it is that it has a battery life of one year and is replaceable so that you can use it for a long time.

13: Find My Phone:

Ever wondered what you would do if your phone is misplaced and you do not know where you last put it. You can use the app to locate your phone easily. You need to get a hold of a computer and after going through the app, can play a sound or flashlight which will allow the phone to be detected if it is within your vicinity.

14: StickNFind:

It is a sticker that will help you to track your lost belongings through an app. It has a buzzer and light which will immediately come to your notice and help you retrieve your item. It can be navigated through a map and will send you a notification when your item is found. 

15: XY Find it:

It is another tracking device that uses Bluetooth facility to locate your lost item. All you have to do is to sync the tag to your smartphone and attach it to your belonging which you need to track. It will notify you when you move too far away from your belonging and the app is easily available for both Android and iPhone users. The tag will ring, which will allow you to find it quickly. 


The good thing about technology is that it helps you in different ways. You no longer have to worry about losing your belongings, Bluetooth tracking the devices, or spending time looking for them. Everyone can avoid this hassle if they use the right tools to help them track their belongings so that they can locate them whenever they need them. All of these devices help detect your lost belongings, while also offering different features. If you want to avoid losing things while you are still at your home, you should consider using Tile since it is reliable and has a good reputation. However, if you want to track over a larger distance, you should consider using Locca.

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