6 Hacks to Supercharge Your Startup Business Operations 

If you want your startup business to hit the ground running, you’ll need a few tricks up your sleeve so it runs as seamlessly as it should.

After all, the more efficient your business operates, the better you can meet your goals, gain customers, and earn revenue (among others). 

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to ensure smooth workflows and processes, there are a few time-tested strategies to help supercharge your business operations, which we’ll cover in this guide. 

1. Opt for a user friendly ecommerce platform

Your website plays a huge role in your successful business operations, making it crucial to choose a platform that simplifies building and managing your site. 

Wix eCommerce, one of the easiest ecommerce platforms for your small business, provides a user-friendly website builder that allows you to sell on various platforms. 

While Wix eCommerce’s features are not as extensive as Shopify or BigCommerce, it offers payment solutions and advanced marketing features.

It simplifies creating your website through customizable templates and intuitive online store-builder tools, making it one of the easiest platforms for startups to use.

This streamlines creating and designing professional-looking websites, including your blog and landing pages.

What’s more, the platform offers Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) to design your website for you based on the answers you give about your products, the type of website you want to create, etc.

Some of Wix’s other ecommerce features include fully integrated options for marketing and email automation and multiple shipping options.

For instance, you can set automated abandoned cart emails. This streamlines reminding shoppers about items in their carts to entice them back to your site and complete the purchase.  

With Wix’s drag-and-drop and intelligent website building tools, you can get your site up and running quickly, even without coding skills.

Build your online store and set up the essential website features and functionalities easily for efficient business operations. 

2. Leverage automation software

Automation is a huge life and time-saver when you’re dealing with repetitive, time-consuming tasks, especially with a limited number of employees.  

For instance, top-of-the-line customer service automation software such as Freshdesk offers helpdesk support features with smart automation to speed up your client care tasks and processes. 

The software’s automation features allow your client care team to engage customers, address queries, resolve issues, and monitor support requests efficiently. 

You can configure custom workflows and use the software’s AI to automate actions and critical aspects of your customer service process.

For example, you can streamline admin, manager, and customer service rep workflows by using Freshdesk to automatically assign tickets, schedule reports, and trigger actions (among others).

The software can also run hourly support ticket scans to check if the tickets need updating or assigning alerts. This helps eliminate redundant tasks within your customer service teams.  

As such, you’ll get automated reminders about pending jobs on each ticket, follow up with parties involved to gain input quickly, and check on clients with ease. 

Leverage powerful automation tools with features that streamline your customer service delivery and improve its quality and your team’s performance. 

3. Use task management tools

Seamless task management and collaboration are vital to helping you achieve efficient business operations. 

This is even more important with your small startup team since all members are bound to handle more than one specific role or task.

The key is to use powerful team project management tools that allow everyone in your team to handle tasks (or projects) and work together efficiently from a centralized platform.

Choose software with features that help your team oversee everything with ease, including your targets, each project phase, and task progress. provides visually intuitive, simple layouts that allow you to make your task sequences clear and easy to follow. 

The software features include project management and resource modules with essential collaboration tools to help everyone work efficiently.

For example, you can make project boards, add comments, mention team members (or assignees), add custom or preset columns for each task, and upload and attach files to cards. 

You can also create and automate date reminders, team member notifications, and tasks such as archiving and moving items.

A task or project management tool helps you track and handle your jobs and workflows and improves collaboration among your team members.

It reduces the most time and energy-draining parts of working as a team, eliminating productivity blackholes. Everyone can work more efficiently and ensure your team meets deadlines and produce better output. 

4. Utilize video conferencing apps

Meetings are useful for your planning and collaboration activities.

However, they can also cost you money, resources and even eat into your productive hours. This can keep your team members from achieving optimum efficiency in a workweek or month.

The solution? Make your meetings more efficient by using reliable video conferencing apps.

Web-based webinar solution ClickMeeting has video conferencing tools and features for hosting meetings, live seminars, summits, and other online events.

The solution offers screen sharing for seamless presentations, a waiting room that includes the meeting or event agenda, and a whiteboard option for brainstorming and drawing. 

You can also set up branded webinar rooms, create custom invitations for specific participants, live stream your event on Facebook and YouTube, and record and save your meetings and webinars. 

Make meetings more efficient, so they don’t hurt your productivity and business operations. Use a tool that streamlines running your virtual meetings, conferences, and summits to save time and resources.

Bonus tip: Before deciding on a video conferencing tool, know the difference between summit vs. conference (yes, they’re not the same thing). 

This way, you’ll know which event better suits your efforts, and you can determine the kind of features and functionalities you need before choosing the best-fitting software. 

5. Deploy marketing solutions

Dealing with customers takes up a huge part of your business operations.

If you don’t manage your customer relationships properly, you’d be looking at slow workflows that keep you from giving efficient services and seamless client interactions. 

For example, Zoho’s cloud-based CRM offers customer support and automation features to help you connect with your clients effectively and efficiently.

The software’s myriad of features allows you and your team to have a single data area by bringing together apps such as campaigns, forms, and surveys in one place. This makes your customer relationship management workflows and processes efficient. 

Zoho CRM lets you add helpful context to your sales records by leaving notes on your sales records and other activities. 

You can also link your collaboration tools to share updates from a single platform.  

The software’s other notable features include a feed that centralizes your internal CRM discussions, chat functionality, team member tagging, automated notifications, and many more. 

Zoho CRM provides a collaborative tool to facilitate your customer and internal team communications while centralizing the data and features you need to manage customer relationships seamlessly. 

6. Create your own app

If you can’t find a tool that perfectly addresses your business needs, why not create your own to help streamline your internal workflows?

You could create apps tailor-fitted to your business dynamics and workflow, anything from document management and client portals to team collaboration solutions. 

Remember to regularly back up your app codes and data. If you use Azure DevOps, use Backrightup.

Backrightup automates running your Azure DevOps backup to help keep your business-critical codes, data, repositories, and work items safe. This helps secure everything so you avoid data loss in case of server crashes, malware attacks, or if you forget to run regular backups.

By creating your own app, one that’s tailor fitted to the dynamics of your business, your team can collaborate better. Your task handoffs become smoother, you can view reports in real time, and even track the progress of your projects.

Optimize your startup business operations now

It’s no secret that seamless business operations translate to more customers and revenue.

Use the tips in this guide to kickstart your workflow and process optimization efforts. 

It might take a bit of effort and investment in the right resources, tools, and strategies before you start seeing your expected results.

However, putting in the hard work to ensure efficient business operations can lead to long-term growth and success. 

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