Technology has taken a greater toll of our daily lives both at home and in offices since the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution through cutting edge technologies which have innovatively upgraded the trend and designs of smartwatches to a level of wrist-computers.

Imagine that your doctor required you run ECG analysis of your heart under 24 hours to understand the pathology behind your heart health and may be at such moment you do not have the money to run the test probably because your salary has not entered and friends are not corporative enough.

What other alternative would you apply to get your ECG accurately analyzed so that the doctor can continue? 

Definitely, running the test in clinic isn’t the only way out. You have got other means!

By wearing a smartwatch on your wrist can make a whole lot of difference like; help you know most of your health parameters in no time. You can assess the level of your burnt calories, get to know your blood pressure at that moment, get to have your ECG and a how lots you can achieve through smartwatch.

Yes! You do not need to be in the clinic every time to access your health information. All you simply need to do is to get yourself any of the latest smartwatches, and use it according to the company’s guideline and you can access your health data from it.

Or do you still think that all to wrist watches is just only to serve as a timepiece? Oh, No! With the amount of innovations entering the smartwatch market, It is now a crime for anyone to think that those smartwatches that are below 100$ is for beauty sake. It is now beyond just for time piece and fashion.

Here are simple and easy ways to access 7 important health tips from any of the smartwatches that are even below 100$(GX Smartwatch, Oshen watch, Xwatch among the list of latest smartwatches below 100$). They include:


The importance of smartwatch for good sleep cannot be overstated. The National Foundation for Sleep has stated categorically that the human body needs an average of 8 hours of sleep to be able to function effectively. And as we know, good sleep habits equate greater quality of life.

The smartwatches are made of a microchip that tracks body movements during your sleep. This data is analyzed and stored by a monitoring applications you can download on your smartphone or tablet both iOS and android compatible.

The two will work as a team to unveil vital information about how much you sleep, how many times you woke up during your sleep, daily average, and many more.

These sleep tracker are greater for detecting and improving bedtime habits but if you are really having a hard time getting a great deal of sleep, see your doctor. The smartwatches are good at giving you tips on your health like letting you know that things are not moving well, but it will never replace your doctor.


The smartwatches are wearable on the wrist and made with sensors which sense the constant pulses from the radial artery on the wrist. This enables it to constantly measure the radial pulse on your wrist which is equivalent to the heart rate, thereby constantly giving you accurate heart rate of your body.

Smartwatch uses a principle called “photo-plethysmography”; this involves the absorption of green light by the blood inflow into the wrist whenever the heart beats. After absorbing the green light, it gives off red light which is the color of blood. 

During the diastolic time, absorption is low. While the absorption of the light is fast during systolic. The intensity at which this emitted green light from smartwatch got absorbed into the blood is used to accurately calculate the pulse rate of heart by the watch. 

The importance of knowing our heart rate or having a reliable heart rate monitor cannot be overemphasized when it comes to achieving and remaining in absolute good health.


Medical smartwatch is so special that it could be used by hypertensive patients to monitor their blood pressure changes. Most of the smartwatches, as cheap as less than 100$, can give the body’s blood pressure at no time. We know the effects of unchecked blood pressure which range from mental abnormality to stroke to even death.

So everyone who needs the easiest way of keeping his blood pressure on track or to know when it is appropriate to take his/ her hypertensive drugs should go for any of the affordable smartwatches.


The American Heart Association has noted heart related emergencies to be the most killer of people both globally and among Americans in particular. 

One way to escape from this kind of issues is to have an alarming system for your heart. As cheap as less than 100$ you can always purchase yourself a smartwatch that can be very reliable and accurate with its ECG recording. This recording is done in a very remote way that all you need to do is to have the smartwatch app on your phone and the direction to doing it is there.


If you are the type that sits for long in your office or workplace or even at home, it is important you have a smartwatch because, it helps to regulate the way and how long you sit in one place. We all know the odd resultant effects on our health if we sit in one place for long.

If you sit in one place for long the smartwatch will alert you to stand up and work. With this, it helps to control your tendencies of sitting for long and reducing the chances of health issues that come with sedentary lifestyle.

Smartwatches also have the capacity to calculate your steps and tell you when it is adequate or less for effective healthy living.

Most of the smartwatches are made in such a way that it is easy to calculate the level of calories in your body. This is necessary as it helps us to know when we need exercise to burn down excessive calories from our body.


With the cutting edge technology that the latest versions of smartwatches are made of, it is easy for smartwatches to note, through the inbuilt gyro meter, any change in height or posture and also compare our response with our previous state. 

If the smartwatch notices a change it will alert our emergence contacts for swift attention. Really this is nice, imagine falling down where everyone is far from you and you can’t make that call, your smartwatch will just call for that attention for you. What a world of artificial intelligence!


For the above listed health functions to come through, all that is needed is for you to have a smartphone. With the smartphone, you can download the smartwatch app from play store or iOS store depending on the phone you use.

After that, install the app and connect it with your smartwatch. With this done, you are good to go.


Finally, to remain healthy and keep fit are everyone’s business but the way we keep ourselves at health alert is unique. Sometimes, little things contribute a lot to our living a very healthy life and as have we already discussed in this article, smartwatch is one of those things that help us live a more healthy life. The artificial intelligence and advancement in smartwatch technology are all helping us to live longer and healthier.

With the smarter, functional and more affordable smartwatches within our reach now, we no longer need to break our bank account in order to acquire smartwatches that can offer us the above mentioned health benefits.

So with these knowledge, I believe that smartwatches are no longer, merely, for time piece or for fashion but for more advanced use.

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The author, Onwosi Ikechukwu Destiny, is a Doctor by profession, and also the Editor at the, an online platform focusing on writing reviews on gadgets.

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