Bao Minh Company announces scrap iron prices today

Iron is the most popular metal in the market, so it always receives the attention of customers. Therefore, the price of 1 kg of scrap iron has always been a question of many customers in our country.

Today, the scrap buying company Bao Minh will give customers an overview of the price of scrap iron in this market.

Scrap iron prices today

As you know, the epidemic situation happens very complexly which lead to the seller cannot sell the goods. Therefore, the enterprises are determined to fight epidemics together and and they have no mind to buy and sell scrap anymore. The owners of small furnaces and traders have stopped trading, but Bao Minh’s scrap company still maintains on-site scrap collection with high capacity as usual because of its big economic capacity.

Our company has a chain of scrap warehouses in 54 provinces and cities through the country, and we has a system of vehicles and labor as well as large relationships in the industry. Therefore, we always ensure the purchase of customers quickly with the most stable price.

Actually, our company buys all over the country with all items such as: Purchasing scrap copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, lead, nickel, alloy, tin, cast iron, zinc, silver plating, gold plating and so on. We also have experience to take stock of factories, purchase machinery components, televisions, refrigerators, old washing machines, etc.

We are ready to be present in the provinces and cities acrossing the country such as: Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Long An, Binh Phuoc, Tay Ninh, Vung Tau, Dong Nai, Ha Noi, Bac Ninh, Thanh Hoa and so on. You do not have to go to somewhere, we will go there and collect your scrap iron with the most stable price.

Our facility system spreads throughout the country

Scrap price list today and how much is 1 kilo?

Please contact Mr. Duong with the phone number: 0979,637,678 or M. Minh with the phone number 0949,193,567 for a better price.

Scrap price list today: April in 2020



Unit of price (VND/kg)

Phế Liệu Đồng

Đồng cáp

105.000 – 255.000

Đồng đỏ

115.000 – 200.000

Đồng vàng

95.000 – 185.000

Mạt đồng vàng

75.000 – 145.000

Đồng cháy

120.000 – 175.000

Phế Liệu Sắt

Sắt đặc

11.000 – 19.000

Sắt vụn

6.500 – 15.000

Sắt gỉ sét

6.000 – 15.000

Bazo sắt

6.000 – 10.000

Bã sắt


Sắt công trình


Dây sắt thép


Phế Liệu Chì

Chì thiếc cục, chì thiếc dẻo, thiếc cuộn, thiếc cây

365.500 – 515.000

Chì bình, chì lưới, chì XQuang

30.000 – 60.000

Phế Liệu Bao bì

Bao Jumbo

75.000 (bao)

Bao nhựa

95.000 – 165.500 (bao)

Phế Liệu Nhựa


25.000 – 45.000


15.000 – 25.500


8.500 – 25.000


15.500 – 30.500

Ống nhựa


Phế Liệu Giấy

Giấy carton

2.500 – 5.000

Giấy báo


Giấy photo


Phế Liệu Kẽm

Kẽm IN

35.500 – 65.500

Phế Liệu Inox

Loại 201

12.000 – 22.000

Loại 304

22.000 – 46.500

Phế Liệu Nhôm

Nhôm loại 1 (nhôm đặc nguyên chất)

45.000 – 65.500

Nhôm loại 2 (hợp kim nhôm)

40.000 – 55.000

Nhôm loại 3 (vụn nhôm, mạt nhôm)

22.000 – 35.500

Bột nhôm


Nhôm dẻo

30.000 – 39.500

Nhôm máy

20.500 – 37.500

Phế Liệu Hợp kim

Mũi khoan, Dao phay, Dao chặt, Bánh cán, Khuôn hợp kim, carbay

380.000 – 610.000


180.000 – 680.000

Phế Liệu Nilon

Nilon sữa

9.500 – 14.500

Nilon dẻo

15.500 – 25.500

Nilon xốp

5.500 – 12.500

Phế Liệu Thùng phi


105.500 – 130.500


105.500 – 155.500

Phế Liệu Pallet


95.500 – 195.500

Phế Liệu Niken

Các loại

150.500 – 315.000

Phế liệu Bo mạch điện tử

máy móc các loại

305.000 – 1.000.000

Above is the latest scrap price list, updated the price of copper, aluminum, iron and steel scrap, etc. It is automatically updated by Bao Minh Company. Based on the quality, quantity and purity (applied to iron, aluminum, copper …), the scrap purchasing units will offer the best scrap purchase price for you.

Commitment of Bao Minh scrap company when buying scrap in Ho Chi Minh City and the whole country

With experience and ability to serve customers professionally, the speed of scrap quote is always our fastest commitment. The scrap price list is currently provided continuously at the company’s website, you can refer to.

Bao Minh scrap company is always a leapfrog unit, accompanying the industry to overcome all difficulties

Implementation process of Bao Minh company:

– Quick price notification

– Purchasing professional take place

– Shipping, loading and unloading free

-Full payment

– High commission for referrals

– Good after-sales policy

For sales details, please contact our company with the following information:



– 0979,637,678 (Mr. Duong)

-0949,193,567 (Mr. Minh)

Email: [email protected]


Address HCM: 589 Street No. 18, Phường Bình Hưng Hòa, Bình Tân District, Tp. HCM

Address Hanoi: No. 10, Bui Huy Bich Street, Hoang Mai District, Thanh Tri, Hanoi

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