Benefits of Using Used Pickup Truck Parts

Pickup Truck Parts Buying new parts can certainly burn a hole in your pocket. This is why many truck owners are resorting to used pickup truck parts. Buying used parts does not necessarily affect your truck and its performance. If anything, it offers some benefits over new parts. You can click for more to buy used truck parts or read on to know the benefits of buying used parts for your trucks.

Why Buy Used Parts for Your Truck?

There are many reasons used parts have become the trending solution to truck breakdowns. Here are some of the benefits users stand to gain.

Aftermarket truck parts offer good quality and performance levels

There has been an ongoing debate about the standards and performance of aftermarket truck parts vs. OEM parts. The truth is in the application knowledge, specification, and performance delivery of both parts.

Aftermarket parts are manufactured by third-party companies specializing in vehicle parts. On the other hand, OEM parts are made by or for vehicle manufacturers. Many aftermarket part manufacturers now comply with OEM standards, thus making their parts cheaper and offering good quality and value for money.

Truck owners who cannot afford the cost of the OEM parts can choose aftermarket or used truck parts which saves them money and gets their trucks running fine.


Cost and budget are two important factors to consider when repairing your vehicle. With trucks, it is important to consider the extent of the damage and the required parts. 

Ordering OEM parts can be costly and can push you over budget. On the other hand, you can easily save more money by purchasing used car parts that deliver the same function for a fraction of the OEM part’s cost.

With used truck parts, you can save more money on repairs and maintenance and plow back that money into your truck later.


If you’ve ever purchased an OEM part from a manufacturer, you’re likely familiar with the long wait time. Truck manufacturers often have a huge backlog of parts orders, making it harder for them to expedite your order.

You may have to pause economic operations for weeks or months until the parts are delivered. On the other hand, you can easily contact a used parts seller to purchase the needed parts and get them in a day or less.

With used truck parts, you can fix your truck and return to business within a shorter time. You also get to save more money in the process.

Variety of Outlets

One of the biggest problems with ordering OEM parts is the number of service stations or service outlets. Manufacturers may have one manufacturing plant serving multiple regions, and this may affect their ability to process mountainous orders. 

With a huge backlog of orders, customers may have to wait for weeks to have their OEM part needs fulfilled. On the other hand, there are many used parts stores around. You could order online, call up the store, or walk into one to inquire about the specific needs. The chances are higher that you may walk out of the store with the needed part too.

The speed at which you can buy used truck parts, coupled with the relatively low cost, increases its desirability among truck owners.

Chance of Getting Good Value For Small Money 

Used auto part stores, junkyards, and salvage yards often have varying quality of parts. There is a chance that you may get a relatively new part from them. These parts may have been taken off new trucks that had been involved in an accident. They could also have been taken off trucks that had developed issues leading to scrapping them.

With this type of part, you’re sure to get the best value for your money. You’ll essentially be buying something similar to the new OEM parts at a fraction of the original cost.

Recycling Advantage

Buying used truck parts contributes positively to the environment. You won’t only be saving your wallet by purchasing used truck parts at 60 to 70% less than their original value, but you’ll be reducing the number of parts going into the landfills. 

Buying used parts also means reducing orders going into the manufacturing industry. The reduced demand for new parts reduces the environmental pollution caused by new parts manufacturing. 

How to Find Used Parts for Light or Heavy Duty Trucks

Now that you’re aware of the many benefits of buying used truck parts, it is essential to know where to get them. Here are some of the recommended options for buying used truck parts.

Call a Professional Shop

There are hundreds of used truck part stores and shops across the United States. Contact your mechanic or auto repair shop when in need of used truck parts. Your auto mechanic may be in a good position to recommend used part stores they are familiar with.

In fact, you may be lucky to find that your truck auto repair shop also sells parts. Speak to them to confirm the price and pay if it’s fair.

Referral and Recommendation 

You can also ask drivers and other fleet owners about their trusted used part stores. The chances are high that you’ll get a handful of options you can call to confirm parts availability and price. Once confirmed, ask whether they offer in-store pickup or parts delivery service.

Shop Online

You can also buy used truck parts online. Start by using search engines to locate stores that offer used truck parts. Be sure to read reviews from around the internet before engaging any of the companies. Also, make sure to browse the company’s online inventory to confirm specifically used part availability.

If they don’t have it in their inventory, you can contact the online auto parts dealer directly via phone to request custom truck parts. Be sure to ask about their delivery timeline, shipping costs, and warranty on used parts. 

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