Best Flooring for Dogs (Top 5)

The floor is made to last with our four-legged friends around all the time. Your dog can damage your floors, from leaving muddy paw prints to having accidents in the bathroom to denting and scratching them.

Pet-friendly flooring can withstand scratches, dents, and dirt, so it stays clean and friendly for longer. Read on to find out what to look for in the best dog flooring, and see our top picks for pet-safe, long-lasting flooring.

What to consider before Choosing the Best Flooring for Dogs

Getting new flooring is a significant investment; if you have a dog, you want it to handle life with pets. We focused on a few key features when we chose our top picks. All the products we looked at had to be easy to clean, long-lasting, resistant to scratches, and water-resistant, but not too much.

We narrowed down our top choices by looking at product specs and customer reviews to ensure that the flooring can meet daily life with dogs. We chose well-known brands and stores with a history of selling high-quality flooring.

Flooring is an integral part of a home’s design, so we focused on giving you good options. For even more options, we looked for products with various colors or finishes so people could make their flooring fit their needs. Also, read Best Memory Foam Mattresses.

Best Flooring for Dogs

The best pet floor is strong, easy to clean, and good-looking. Read on to find out about our top choices for pet-friendly flooring that is beautiful and strong enough to handle your furry friends.

1) Lifeproof Vinyl Plank Flooring

As the name suggests, the flooring made by Lifeproof is made to stand up to everyday life, even in homes with dogs, kids, or both. This luxury flooring is easy to put in. You can do the click-lock installation yourself or hire a pro. It fits together to make a completely waterproof seal, and a soft, soundproof underlayment is already attached.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring from Lifeproof comes in a wide range of shades that look like natural wood. The top of each plank is textured to loo hardwood, so you may get the wood look without the high cost.

This flooring is suitable for homes with dogs because it doesn’t get scratched or stained easily. The ScratchProtect permanent coating from Lifeproof protects against everyday wear without needing to be polished or refinished in the future. An antimicrobial coating on the top and bottom of the planks keeps mold and mildew from growing.


  • Material: Luxury vinyl
  • Dimensions: 8.7 Inch by 47.6 Inch


  • Permanent Scratch Protect coating never needs to be refinished.
  • The antimicrobial coating can’t grow mold or mildew.
  • Several finish choices; it goes with almost any color scheme


  • Six miles of protective coating (wear layer) is on the low end.

2) Home Decorators Collection Laminate Flooring

Dog-friendly flooring doesn’t have to be very expensive. Vinyl and Laminate are two of the most popular and affordable types of flooring that are also good for dogs. Collection by Home Decorators Laminate flooring is a cheap option with a finish that looks like wood. You can save even more money by installing the flooring using a simple click-lock system.

These laminate planks can’t be scratched and won’t get wet. This makes them more durable and long-lasting, which is essential in homes with dogs. This flooring has an AC4 rating, which means it can handle heavy traffic in homes and medium traffic in businesses. Also, read Best Water Storage Containers.


  • Material: Laminate
  • Dimensions: 7.48 inch by 50.67 inch
  • Features: Water-resistant, Scratch resistant


  • The price per square foot is low, but homes with dogs can still live there.
  • Easy click-lock assembly means there are no extra costs to lay the planks.
  • Suitable for areas with a lot of traffic, including commercial traffic


  • There are few color options, so it might not match all decors.
  • Underlayment is sold on its own.

3) Pergo Outlast + Laminate

Any dog owner knows things can go wrong, like when the water bowl gets knocked over, or the dog goes to the bathroom in the wrong place. This is a waterproof laminate option that dog owners will love. Pergo is so sure of the laminate flooring that they recommend it for kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms where spills are likely to happen. If it’s put in right, this laminate flooring can even stand up to a steam mop.

These durable laminate planks have an AC4 rating for heavy-duty residential and medium-duty commercial use. They can’t be scratched, dented, or stained. With a pattern that looks like wood, they are a cheap way to make a room look like it has wood floors without all the work. These planks are easy to put in because they click together, and the underlayment is already attached.


Material: Waterproof Laminate

Dimensions: 5.23 Inch by 47.24 Inch


  • The seams won’t pop because of the water.
  • able to handle a lot of people
  • Easy click-lock installation and the underlayment are already attached.


  • Some dogs may slip on a smooth surface.

4) Home Decorators Collection Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a top choice for dog owners because it is usually waterproof and comes in various attractive finishes. This Vinyl Plank Flooring is a good choice for flooring in any room that is pet-friendly and doesn’t cost too much. It is waterproof, won’t get scratched, and is easy to clean. Best of all, this flooring is easy to put in because you don’t need glue to put it together.

This flooring is strong and won’t get scratched or stained, thanks to an improved coating of ceramic beads. With its realistic wood-grain finish and luxurious embossing, this vinyl plank flooring looks and feels like hardwood but doesn’t require as much upkeep. The more giant planks make for a beautiful floor that withstands daily wear and tear.


  • Material: Luxury vinyl
  • Dimensions: 7.5 inches by 47.6 inches by four millimeter-thick planks
  • Features: Waterproof, Scratch resistant, stain resistant


  • Ceramic bead surface coating that can’t be scratched or stained
  • Embossed finish that looks like wood grain and embossing
  • Many color choices are likely to please most flooring buyers.


  • It only works indoors, where the temperature is controlled.

5) Mohawk SmartStrand Forever Clean

Even though carpet isn’t always the best choice for dogs, many homes with pets have carpets. Their soft surface makes them a popular choice for bedrooms and living rooms. Mohawk SmartStrand Forever Clean is an excellent example of a high-quality carpet. It is soft and made to last longer in a home with dogs.

This carpet is soft, long-lasting, and, best of all, easy to clean. The Forever Clean line protects against spills and dirt that lasts for the carpet’s life. This carpet is made of twisted yarn with a 0.24-inch pile, but Mohawk sells many different SmartStrand Forever Clean styles in various colors. Also, read Best Home Cleaning Services.


  • Material: Twisted yarn
  • Dimensions: Not applicable
  • Features: Stain resistance


  • Silky smooth and warm, and cozy to walk on.
  • The carpet stays clean and friendly because it can’t get stains.
  • It comes in a lot of different colors


  • Not suitable for puppies who are still learning to use the bathroom outside.


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