Handy Devices Automotive Workshops should definitely have

They say that the tool maketh the man, and these tools and devices will certainly enhance your ability to perform automotive workshop tasks with extra efficiency and higher levels of workplace safety. Recommended by auto-mechanics on the field, these are some of the favourites in workshops around Australia. 

Battery tester

The battery tester is simple to use, easy to store and provides a time and cost saving service. Most battery testers can be used with standard lead or sealed batteries and will test the charge state as well as the car charging circuits, giving you a visual guide to how its tracking. A lead acid battery tester checks the alternator for over or under charging and the battery and you can also use the tester to control the battery charging when using external chargers. 

Vacuum Pump

This essential and useful tool can be used for both diagnostic and maintenance purposes. Use the vacuum pump to test vacuum controlled sensors and motors, find a leaking vacuum line or identify leaks via gauge. The vacuum pump can also be used to perform one-person brake bleeds and flush power steering fluids. 

These must have items come separately or as part of a kit complete with diagnostic devices and tools such as turbo charged solenoids, automatic transmissions, gauges and mechanical fuel pumps. 

Flex head ratchet 

Try a swivel headed ratchet to make loosening bolts in tight locations a breeze.  A slimline ultra-thin head lets you operate conveniently in the tiniest of spaces; the flexible head provides maximum leverage, pivoting the handle to make loosening fasteners and spark plugs an easy task. 

Great for a quick direction change switch, the flex head ratchet is also available as a combination ring ratchet and open ended combination spanner that requires as little as 5 degrees to move fasteners.

Battery Lifter

Preserve your clothes and your back with a mechanical device that helps you efficiently remove an old battery, then slot a new battery into place.  

The battery lifter can be adjusted to fit the size of the car battery for extra convenience. It is controlled by two rubber pads that clasp the sides of the battery while a strong ergo-grip handle is used to raise and lower the battery easily and with health and safety paramount.  

Impact wrench

An impact wrench provides all the power you need to loosen or tighten lug nuts, large bolts, and difficult to budge frozen or rusted fasteners.  Used most commonly on car tyres, an internal hammering mechanism transfers kinetic energy onto the output shaft to give you a very high rotational torque that a regular power driver cannot provide. The impact wrench comes as cordless, corded and pneumatic each offering their own benefits. 

Ask your automotive or componentry specialist for advice on devices that will improve job completion rates, safety and efficiency in your workshop. A range of cleverly designed tools are available specifically to make your job easier.

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