BEST Help Desk Outsourcing Service Providers [Top 10]

Help Desk Outsourcing is service companies offer to help their customers solve problems or find solutions to problems they already know about.

Businesses rely on outsourced IT help desk support services to ensure they are accessible to clients around the clock, every day of the week. These features will allow you to provide timely customer assistance around the clock.

BEST Help Desk Outsourcing Service Providers

#1) ScienceSoft (Texas, US)

Top 10 BEST Help Desk Outsourcing Service Providers

ScienceSoft has 15 years of experience in IT help desk services. They provide fast and effective L1-L3 support for corporate applications (ERP, CRM, HR management solutions, etc.), IT infrastructure (data storage, networks, firewalls, desktops, etc.), and customer-facing software products (incl. web and mobile).

ScienceSoft can provide help desk services for even the most complex IT solutions, such as those that use cutting-edge technologies (big data, AI, ML, IoT, etc.).

ScienceSoft’s mature ITSM processes and value-focused approach to support help their customers reduce help desk costs by 40%, improve user satisfaction to 96.6%, and increase ROI from apps by up to 50%. Also, read Best Property Management Software.

Start Date: 1989

Employees: 700 employees


  • Headquarters are in McKinney, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia.
  • There are offices in the UAE, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland.

Annual Revenue: $30 M

Core Services: IT Help Desk Outsourcing, White Label Help Desk, Application Support and Maintenance, Software Development, Cloud Consulting, and more.

Customers: Customers include Walmart, IBM, Nestle, eBay, Leo Burnett, NASA, JPL, and many more.


  • Teams of experienced L1, L2, and L3 support engineers that are easy to grow.
  • 24/7, 12/7, 12/5, or 8/5 help desk time coverage.
  • Help desk services come with a 3-month trial period, and the SLA can be changed to fit the customer’s needs.
  • Transparent service delivery: regular service level reports, incident reports with root cause analysis, and strict adherence to KPIs (FRT, CSAT, resolution rate, etc.).
  • Create a self-service knowledge base, a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs), and user manuals as part of mature problem-solving processes. This will help users ask for help five times less often.
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications ensure that the help desk services are good and that customer data is safe.

Price Info: Prices are per ticket (starting at $5.50/incident) or a bucket of hours, depending on the time coverage and help desk levels. ScienceSoft’s website makes it easy to get a custom quote quickly.

#2) Salesforce (San Francisco, California, USA)

Top 10 BEST Help Desk Outsourcing Service Providers

Salesforce is the gold standard for outsourcing help desk services and has only gotten better since it started. The company sells help-desk software to strengthen your relationship with your customers. The software can automate workflows and improve your call center management tasks by giving you many tools for improving productivity.

The software’s advanced AI also makes it easier for businesses to upsell successful activities and bring in more money. You also get information that you can use to make good decisions. The software’s omnichannel features let your customer service team talk to customers differently.

Start Date:1999.

Size of Staff: 73,542 (Approx)

Locations: Headquarters are in San Francisco, California, USA.

Revenue: $26.49 billion per annum

Services: The core services include cloud computing, sales, and marketing automation, a help desk, and IT consulting.

Customers: Amazon, US Bank, T-Mobile, Toyota, and American Express are among their clients.


  • Chatbots that use AI
  • Automatic Workflows
  • Call center management from beginning to end
  • Omnichannel Communication Management
  • Apps like Slack can be added.

Price Info: Essentials are $25 per user per month. Professional is $75 per user per month.

#3) XACT (Orlando, Florida)

Top 10 BEST Help Desk Outsourcing Service Providers

XACT offers software, services, and solutions for call centers that help with customer support. The people at XACT’s help desk are very well-trained and experienced. It has been making contact center solutions for more than 35 years.

It knows how to give solutions that are made just for you. First, XACT will determine your business needs and how detailed your knowledge and call patterns are. Then, based on that information, they will suggest a solution.

Employees: 201- 500 employees


  • Orlando, Florida 32810, US
  • Unity, ME 04988, USA

Annual Revenue: $28 Million

Services: Customer Help Desk, Chat and Web Support, Outbound Survey/Response, Service and Support Dispatch, and Telephone Answering Service are the core services.


  • XACT trains its call center employees in a challenging, unique, and thorough way.
  • It has a sophisticated knowledge base that can help people.
  • Its support services are also available for the most-used programs in your company and for the browsers you use to access the internet.
  • It can do its duties twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Price information: Get a price quote. Reviews suggest the monthly billing cycle with 2 to 10 specialized agents costs $26.95 per agent per hour. Minutes cost 89 cents.

#4) Dataprise (Maryland, USA)

Top 10 BEST Help Desk Outsourcing Service Providers

Dataprise’s IT help desk outsourcing services include:

  • Round-the-clock and occasional assistance.
  • An application/customer service desk.
  • A technical service resource center.
  • It aids all enterprises. 24/7 online chat support. It provides on-site escalation help for several technologies.

Start Date: 1995

Employees: 201-500 employees.

Locations: Rockville and many others are among the locations served.

Annual Revenue: $49 – $100 M

Core Services: Services such as Cybersecurity, IT Consulting and Strategy, Monitoring and Management, Cloud Computing, etc., are available round-the-clock.

Customers: MidCap Financial, Foulger-Pratt, etc


  • Dataprise has more than 850 certifications that are still valid.
  • The help desk is open 24/7, 365 days a year, to assist with any IT issues. When you use this service, a trained group of network technicians will assist you right away.
  • It also gives you a privately labeled help desk solution that is made to fit the needs of your business.

Pricing info: It costs $6.75 per incident per month, which is the lowest price point. Dataprise lets you figure out the price based on the type of help desk, the level of support, and the number of monthly incidents. Also, read Best Service Virtualization Tools.

#5) CGS Inc. (New York, USA)

Top 10 BEST Help Desk Outsourcing Service Providers

The CGS team can keep up with changing business needs and technologies. It has call centers in the United States, Romania, Chile, Israel, and India. It can keep an eye on social media. The CGS team will ensure that every interaction is unique and fun. 70% of its support staff have high-level certifications in their field.

Start Date: 1984

Employees: 5001-10000 employees.

Locations: New York, Canada, Romania, Chile, and Israel are the places.

Annual Revenue: $250 – $300 M

Services: Core services include outsourcing business processes, IT services, learning, etc.

Customers: Clients include Movistar, Xylem, United Rentals, Unicef, etc.


  • ISO 9001: CGS Inc. is a ServiceNow-certified system administrator for 2017, COPC-certified, and PCI compliant.
  • CGS Inc. will let you choose and use the best systems and tools so that they can give you the best Help Desk services.
  • CGS can help with 80% of the languages in the world.

Pricing info: You have the option to receive a quote to obtain information about charges.

#6) CMS (Columbus, Ohio)

Top 10 BEST Help Desk Outsourcing Service Providers

The CMS programming team can change the solution to your needs and provide advanced integration options. CMS tire one help desk services can help you handle problems that could be very important. This help desk service will come with procedures for dealing with significant system failures. You will get accounts that are made just for you.

Start Date: 1967

Employees: 51-200 employees.

Places: In the US

Annual Revenue: $5 – $10 M

Services: Interactive Voice Response and Automation are all examples of essential services.

Clients: KraftHeinz, Volvo, Kroger, CocaCola, etc.


  • CMS has been helping people find ways to communicate for 40 years.
  • It allows live callers.
  • Advanced integration options notify you of assistance requests by email, SMS, fax, phone call, or ticket system submission.

Pricing info: You have the option to receive a quote to obtain information about charges.

#7) Buchanan Technologies (Grapevine, Texas, US)

Top 10 BEST Help Desk Outsourcing Service Providers

Buchanan offers an IT Service Desk 24/7/365, on Weekends and After Hours. HDI-sealed.

Start Date: 1988

Employees: 201-500 employees

Locations: Texas, Kansas, North Carolina, Canada, and Bulgaria.

Annual Revenue: $50 – $100 M

Services: The company’s primary services are Service Desk, IT Staffing, Cloud Services, and Field Services.

Clients: It works with people in many fields, such as the government, healthcare, the auto industry, etc.


  • Buchanan has a service that works on any platform and agents who speak two languages.
  • It has a ticketing system based on ITIL and provides high-quality service.

Pricing info: Get a quote to find out how much it costs.

#8) Global Help Desk Services (Connecticut, US)

Top 10 BEST Help Desk Outsourcing Service Providers

Global Help Desk Services is a Help Desk that is based in the US and can provide live 24*7 agents. It does things for big businesses. Also it offers services like Application support, diagnosing hardware, Network support, and support for proprietary applications. Also, read Best Knowledge Management Systems.

Start Date: 2002.

Employees: 51-200 employees

Locations: Connecticut, US.

Annual Revenue: $5 – $10 M

Services: The core services include help desk outsourcing and the onboarding process.


  • GHDSI can do surveys to find out how happy customers are.
  • It can provide remote control assistance.
  • It also has support for other languages.

Pricing info: The cost of Global Help Desk Services will depend on the number of incidents per month, the number of hours of coverage, and the type of service.

#9) Giva (Sunnyvale, CA)

Top 10 BEST Help Desk Outsourcing Service Providers

Giva is Help Desk software that runs in the cloud. It will help you deal with problems like having too many tickets without a priority, end users opening the wrong tickets, and taking a long time to solve problems. Giva will make robust reports available quickly. It has features that make it easy to make tickets.

Start Date: 1999

Employees: 50-200 employees

Locations: Sunnyvale, CA

Annual Revenue: $7 – $10 M

Core Services: Customer Service, IT Help Desk, Asset Management, Knowledge Management, and so on.

Customers: Customers include MedCentris, Convergint, Seasons, OpenSky, and many more.


  • Giva will keep an eye on everything in real-time. Its dashboard contains colorful charts and metrics to help you understand how it works.
  • Its automated rules and workflows will help agents do their jobs faster and better.
  • Because conversations will be in one place, it will be easier to share them with agents.

Pricing info: Agents pay $29 per month. Giva offers a 30-day trial. Three Give price plans are available: Team, Best Value, and Professional programs.

#10) 31West (California, US)

Top 10 BEST Help Desk Outsourcing Service Providers

31West offers IT help desk outsourcing that is reliable and consistent. It has services for call centers that are outsourced. You can select a package from 31West that offers help during standard, extended business hours, support after hours, or support around the clock. Small and medium-sized businesses hire it to handle their help desks.

Start Date: 2002

Employees: 51-200 employees.

Locations: Canada, the UK, and Western Europe are the places.

Annual Revenue: $2 – $5 M

Customers: Outsource Technical Support and Outsource Customer Service are two of the essential services.

Clients: 31West works with people in many fields, including finance, technology, health care, and more.


  • 31West has been in business for 31 years.
  • There will be no contracts, and billing will happen every month.
  • It has plans that are easy to change, free audits of quality, and accessible reporting.

Pricing info: 31West’s pricing plans are flexible. The service costs $4.99 per hour to start.

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