Best Hurricane Shutters In 2023

If you live in a place where hurricanes and tropical storms are common, you might want to put hurricane shutters on your windows. They are the first line of defense against damaging winds because they keep things from flying through your windows that are thrown around by the wind.

Shutters can be made from plywood, aluminium, polycarbonate plastic, or even strong fabric. There are many different kinds of hurricane shutters, such as roll-down shutters and Bahama-style shutters.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Hurricane Shutters

When looking for the best hurricane shutters for your home, you should also think about the material, the weight, and how easy they are to keep up. Also, read Best Home Cleaning Services.


A hurricane shutter should be strong enough to stop things that are thrown at it by hurricane winds. Hurricane blinds made of heavy-gauge aluminium are the strongest ones. They can stop objects moving up to 200 miles per hour. Barriers can be made out of polycarbonate plastic, 3/4-inch plywood, and even high-strength hurricane fabric.


Weight can be a problem, especially for windows on the second floor, if you don’t have hurricane shutters put in by a professional. 3/4-inch plywood sheets and corrugated metal sheets can be very heavy, so they need to be put up by two people. Colonial-style and Bahama shutters are easier to put up because they have smaller panels, while almost anyone can put up fabric shutters on their own.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintaining

How to clean and take care of hurricane shutters depends on what kind you have. Roll-down and accordion-style shutters need to have their tracks cleaned often so they can open and close smoothly. Many people clean their Bahama-style and colonial-style shutters with a pressure washer once a year and lubricate the hinges to make sure they move smoothly.

Best Hurricane Shutters

Based on different shopping factors, here is a list of some of the best hurricane shutters on the market in different categories.

1) QMI Roll-a-way – Security Shutters

The best way to protect windows is with rolling shutters like these ones from Roll-a-way. The shutters can be put on windows or doors and, with the push of a button, roll into place in seconds. Their aluminium pieces fit together well, giving them a lot of strength that can protect structures from winds that go up to 200 miles per hour.

They also block wind-driven rain, which helps keep water from getting into low areas. Roll-a-way stores the shutters in a small box that makes them look better. The shutters come in seven neutral colours, from white to bronze, with a manual version and an electric version that costs more.

2) AstroGuard Hybrid Hurricane Fabric Panel

It can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to prepare a house for a hurricane. AstroGuard’s strong hybrid fabric is made to stop projectiles thrown by winds as strong as a Category 5 hurricane. Cut the fabric to fit any size window, and then use the clips and anchors that came with it to put it up.

Installation isn’t too hard. Unlike other options, the fabric is see-through, so when it is drawn it lets light in. When the fabric is not being used, it rolls up. Also, read Best Pest Control Services.

3) Clear Panel Hurricane Shutters

These polycarbonate sheets are just as strong as plywood, but they are much lighter. Each panel is a good way to protect yourself from things that get blown away by hurricane-force winds. In contrast to some other options, these panels are clear, so the homeowner can see out the window and light can come in.

Each panel is sold by the linear foot, and the lengths range from 33 to 88 inches. Only 13 pounds make up the biggest panel. Installation is easier when the instructions are clear and easy to follow.

4) Larson Shutter Custom Louver Aluminum Shutters

Larson Shutter makes these storm shutters in a colonial style. They have decorative hinges and clasps and come in different colours. During hurricanes, objects can hit the strong aluminium shutters at very high speeds. They have heavy-duty steel hinges and louvres that are 2.25 inches wide.

When the shutters are open, they are held in place by beautiful S-shaped clasps made of wrought iron. If a storm is coming, just fold them in half so that they meet in the middle. These shutters come in sizes up to 36 inches wide and 120 inches tall.

5) Shutter-Tech – Accordion Shutters

These accordion Shutter-Tech shutters are a good way to protect sliding glass doors because they can cover a large area with ease. When the opening needs to be covered, the shutter opens up like an accordion and folds up next to the door.

High winds can’t damage the shutters because they have heavy-duty stainless steel hinges, tracks, and a five-point locking system. A rain guard and weather stripping keep water from getting into the shutters. The whole house takes 15 to 30 minutes to set up.

6) Hurricaneshutters – Rolling Hurricane Shutter

These rolling shutters from protect windows from hurricanes very well while still letting you open and close them. The locking system and powder-coated aluminium construction can stop projectiles going up to 185 miles per hour.

You can close and open the shutters by hand or with an electric motor. When the shutters aren’t being used, they are kept in a box above the window or door. They can be made to fit any window and come in white, ivory, beige, and bronze. They can fit openings up to 24 feet wide.

7) Palm Coast Colonial Shutters

Palm Coast, a company in Florida, makes these hurricane shutters in a colonial style that are great for protecting homes from hurricanes. They also add curb appeal because they come in different colours and three styles, such as open louvre, solid back, and board and batten.

Palm Coast makes its shutters out of aluminium so that they can stand up to both wind and flying objects. A simple way to open and close the door makes it quick and easy to get ready for bad weather. All of the installation tools are included, and Palm Coast cuts each shutter to the exact size you need.

8) Hurricaneshuttersflorida – Hurricane Shutters

These hurricane shutters in the style of the Bahamas are made of aluminium and can withstand winds of up to 180 miles per hour. This makes them some of the strongest on the market. They come in two styles: high visibility, which lets more light into the window, and impact, which has a metal mesh backing for maximum protection.

These shutters give a house a tropical look and protect it from storms. They come in more than 100 colours. When they are open, they also offer shade to help keep the inside of the house cooler. Also, read Best Solar Companies.

9) Severe Weather 3/4-in Southern Yellow Pine Sheathing

Even though plywood isn’t the most attractive way to protect a house from hurricane winds, it is still one of the best and least expensive ways to do it. With a standard width of 4 by 8 feet, this severe weather plywood can cover large windows. It can stand up to flying debris.

Just cut the plywood to size and bolt or screw it to the window frames. This plywood is treated with pressure to keep it from getting damaged by water, so it can be used again and again. Plywood is heavy—each sheet weighs more than 60 pounds—so it will take more than one person to put it up.

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