INKstallation Guides: How to Change a Canon Printer Ink Cartridge

Most home business owners, office managers, and start-up administrators often use the cannon printers in their offices. These printers require regular servicing, which includes replacing the ink cartridges.

Fast forward, cannon printers come in diverse sizes and shapes, which means there are slightly different ink cartridge replacement guides for different models.

The following installment guide focuses on Canon PIXMA MG2520 ink cartridge, which is the most commonly used canon printer. This models represent a wide range of canon printers including the all-in-one inkjets, photo inkjets, laser printers, and laser multi function printers. Here is a detailed guide for you!

5 Steps on How to Change A Canon PIXMA MG2520 Printer Ink Cartridge

We choose canon PIXMA MG2520 for this guide because it prints versatile and top-class prints all-in-one printer. This printer primarily houses two ink cartridges that enhance its performance in HD movie prints. The canon PIXMA MG2520 include one for color and the other for black. Buying ink cartridges can be expensive if you buy them directly from Canon, however, remanufactured ink cartridges is much cheaper and you can buy them online form with free shipping.

Here is a guide for replacing its ink cartridge:

Step 1: Retract the output paper tray and extension for your canon printer

You should first identify and push in the paper tray at the front of your cannon print. Then ensure that you remove all the paper resting in the tray before gently pushing it in to flush into the printer unit.

Step 2: Open the cover of your canon printer

Open up the front cover of your cannon printer to expose the internal mechanisms. Identify the finger ident and push it gently until you hear a click. If you did this correctly, then the flap will automatically come down, and the ink cartridge holder in your canon printer will slide to the center of the printer.

Step 3: Ensure to remove the old cartridges from your canon printer

Remove each cartridge from the slot one at a time to avoid damages to the printer. You should gently use the thumb and index finger while taking them out.

Step 4: Insert your new cartridges from your canon printer

Unpack your cartridges and lay them flat surface, then expose the nozzles by removing the plastic tabs from each cartridge. Ensure that the black cartridge goes into the right slot and color in the other. Close the lid and monitor the printer ON light. It should turn green if you inserted each cartridge in the correct slot.

Step 5: Test your new ink cartridges

Turn on your desktop and print a document to ascertain if it is printing correctly. The test is vital in ensuring that the ink is not smudgy. Contact your Cannon printer manual for further assistance or counter check the if the cartridges are placed correctly if the triangular emblem warning keeps flashing orange.

Steps for Changing a Remanufactured Canon Cartridge

The installation of a remanufactured canon cartridge is similar to replacing with a new one. Your printer might display an error message because it does not recognize the remanufactured cartridge as genuine. Force the printer to accept the cartridge by overriding the error message by following easy steps:

  • Take out the remanufactured cannon and clean it again. Gently wipe the chip with a clean, lint-free cloth. 
  • Reset the print by unplugging it from the power source for up to 15 seconds and plugging it back and turning the printer on. This reset will allow you to reinstall the previously rejected cartridge.
  • If the error persists, override the error message by pressing down the Stop/Reset button for exactly 15 seconds. The procedure will initiate a sequence of start-ups that will ultimately reset your device.
  • Monitor your printer to ensure that you do not run out of ink. The override will interfere with the standard printing function of the printer because it will continue using the cartridge even when the ink runs out.

The bottom line: Changing a Canon Printer Ink Cartridge uses a specific canon printer manual

Make sure you consult your canon printer manual if the above steps do not help you replace your cartridge. Feel free to visit our website for more information or to check out other guides on how to how to change a canon printer ink cartridges.

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