International Faxing Is Now Easier Than Ever With CocoFax

When you use faxing for official purposes, it is more likely that you have the need to send faxes globally from time to time. The majority of the organizations and firms that incorporate faxes often need to send their documents to a foreign country and for that purpose, they use faxing. Hence, enough knowledge about international faxing is necessary.

And today is the day when you get to know all about it. Not only this, but you will also be knowing the most effective way to fax internationally. It is not the old age hence you will not be using any fax machine for the purpose. In this technological era, the need for fax machines has completely eradicated and fax machines have been replaced by other convenient ways to send and get faxes locally as well as globally.

Online fax services are a new way of faxing your documents. These services have enhanced faxing to an extent that sending and getting faxes is just like sending and getting messages on your phone. With such services, you not only can deliver faxes in your own region but can also fax outside your country or region.

Here we will be guiding you about a very well-reputed and the most efficient online fax service that is the top one in the market. So let’s get started.

CocoFax – Free International Fax is now within your Reach

CocoFax is the best online international fax service that serves the purpose of global faxing in the best way. From numerous points of view, it is the best way to send worldwide faxes. CocoFax lies among the best online fax benefits that are used by countless organizations worldwide for their business collaborations.

In the event that you are needing a fax service provider that is as expert as your own firm, at that point CocoFax is exactly what you ought to get. You would be enchanted to work with CocoFax on the grounds that it has the best and one of a kind administrations and reliability which none of its contending fax services contain.

On the off chance that you refrain from utilizing faxing administrations on the idea of enormous faxing hardware, then you will be glad to realize that CocoFax has made this world bid farewell to the large fax machines. Not simply this, phone lines and different things like paper and toner are additionally worn-out too.

Furthermore, CocoFax also provides you with a fax number that does not even cost you a cent. You can get yours at

And for a further treat, this fax number is custom-built. You can choose your fax number yourself.

Utilizing CocoFax needn’t bother with any immovable requirements, simply some basic things you have to remember. In the following section, we will depict these necessities in detail.

International Faxing Requirements

Very little is required for delivering and getting worldwide faxes. Likewise, the time has come for you bid farewell to all the trouble of purchasing and setting up fax machines, keeping up paper and toner, and associating phone lines.

Fax Number

It is a necessary component in the event that you are thinking to fax your archives. Regardless of whether you are faxing to somebody living in a similar nation as you or somebody who lives outside, a fax number is essential for the two circumstances. Lucky for you, CocoFax helpfully permits its clients to have fax numbers totally free of charge.

Exit Code

This code is required in the event that you need to convey your faxing archive to any international nation. It is composed towards the beginning of the archive you are faxing. As the name indicates, the Exit Code relies upon your nation of origin, the one from which the fax is being sent or exited.

International Country Code

This code is utilized to recognize the foreign region to which you’re sending your fax. It is put after the leave code which goes in the fax address of the individual getting your fax. This code is, to some degree, comparable (yet not indistinguishable) from the international code that precedes calling a universal number.

International Faxing via CocoFax’s Online Dashboard

Among all other ways of international faxing that CocoFax offers, its online dashboard is the best among all other ways. CocoFax offers to convey worldwide fax through its online dashboard. Along these lines, presently let us move towards the subject of how to send fax universally through the internet browser.

Step 1: The initial step is to make a CocoFax account. This can be done by visiting their official site and following the instructions given there. There you will also find a 30-day free trial choice on the top corner. Press this button to have a full free month of faxing.

Here you will also pick your free fax number. Through this astounding component, you will have the option to have a fax number that coordinates your organization code and is a reasonable pick for you.

Step 2: When you have finished signing-up, CocoFax will at that point direct you to your own dashboard, where all your faxes will be placed. All the faxes you send and get, regardless of whether local or global, will show up here.

Alongside numerous different tabs and alternatives, the dashboard has a choice of ‘New Fax’. Another window will bust open by clicking it.

Step 3: Fill out the ‘To’ field by composing the fax address of the individual getting the fax. As we let you know previously, the format of the fax address for sending universal fax is not quite the same as sending nearby fax. Exit code and international country code is what is required alongside a fax number. First, we need to write the exit code, after that the international country code needs to be written, which is thusly trailed by the real fax number.

In the ‘Cover Page’, you can write something which will come at the first page of your fax document. In the ‘Subject’ part, the top note toward the start of the report will come. Attach your file or document that needs to be faxed.

Subsequent to affirming that everything is at its place, you would now be able to send the fax archive. The remainder of the work will be finished by CocoFax. It will dial the beneficiary’s fax number and afterward send your fax.

Receiving International Faxes: At the point when we talk about faxing, we need to think about both of its perspectives, sending and getting faxes as well. While we have profoundly investigated how simple CocoFax has made sending global fax, presently we will talk about getting international faxes.

Getting global fax is only an outing. You will get faxes from foreign nations simply like you get them from your own nation. All the faxes, global and local, show up at the online dashboard of your record. You can, without much of a stretch, access them from the ‘Inbox’ tab.


If you have read this guide till the end, you have complete info about international faxing and how CocoFax has eased the process of sending and receiving faxes from all around the world. So if you were looking for a way to deliver your faxes worldwide, then CocoFax is the only thing you need.

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