PayPal tips and tricks you must know for a better experience

PayPal tips and tricks you must know for a better experience

Shopping online is now an undeniable necessity for us and it’s easier than ever because of easy transaction capability. You can use your credit or debit card to pay, but it’s also becoming riskier to put in your card information in the checkout boxes of the product or service you are buying online. Using a VCC (Virtual Credit Card) solved that problem too. Now you can pay without handing over your bank info to a potential threat.

However, if you think about making things even easier, you have PayPal to go with. PayPal VBA service allows you to associate multiple bank accounts, credit cards into one PayPal account and use it to pay online for everything without having to reveal your bank information.

Account verification on PayPal and what does VCC do?

Just having a PayPal account doesn’t mean you can start sending and receiving money with it instantly. You have to get your PayPal account verified in order to do online transactions. Getting your PayPal account verified means you are lifting all the account limitations and restrictions to be able to send payments.

There are restrictions in receiving money as well, you cannot receive more than a certain amount until you become verified. To get your PayPal account verified, you must link an additional payment system to your PayPal account, which could be a bank account, a credit card, debit card or even a Virtual Credit Card (VCC).

PayPal account types

PayPal is not just a payment method you use to do payments when you are buying something online. You also can use it in an extended position to do business and other things as well. You don’t have to pay to have any of these account types but you have to pay for the PayPal service according to each transaction you are going to make.

  1. Personal Account- This is the most basic account for regular people who are intended to have the account for buying things online or sending or receiving money on a small scale. But you should not use it for a regular high amount of payments as it has a higher transaction fee.
  2. Premier Account- This account is an ideal choice for anybody who is involved in casual selling on eBay or other websites. You should choose it if you own a small occasional business.
  3. Business Account- This is the account type which is designed for the businesses who are doing regular sales and high-amount transactions online, it has a lower rate of transaction fees.

Security tips you should follow

PayPal is the most popular financial service website with more users than any other services, and its security is also the highest class. But in the meantime, hackers and spammers are also always in pursuit of cracking into your account and do the usual crimes they do. Here are some of the most important security tips you should follow in order to be safe from any fraudsters:

Never click on a phishing link

If a mail comes to you and you can see a link on the body trying to make you click on, most probably that’s not from PayPal. PayPal does not send links to their users over email, if you click on that, you may end up getting hacked.

Use Gmail

When you are opening a PayPal account, make sure you are using Gmail as your email address. Gmail has added some extra authentications for PayPal, and because of that, you will be way safer than any email service. Gmail will effectively understand any spam mail with phishing links in them which can be harmful to your account.

Keep tracking

Always keep track of your account by checking them often. PayPal gives a statement to everyone every month, Make sure you take an overview of that statement to find out if any suspicious transaction has been made. If you find out even a single penny isn’t matching with your actual transactions, contact PayPal and get help.

Tips to avoid account limitation

PayPal puts a limitation on your account if any suspicious account activity comes under the surveillance of PayPal fraudulent-monitor. Keep some tips in your mind to avoid a limitation

  • Never use your PayPal account from an insecure ISP and don’t change your IP. Use the same device to log into your account, so that PayPal understands this is not an unauthorized login.
  • If you are traveling, the IP address you are logging in with can be changed! in that case, before traveling, Log in to your account and set up a Travel Profile. You will have to put in your trip information like trip dates, locations, and temporary phone and email address to contact you.

Bottom line

PayPal is indeed here as the best service provider and they have the best security for your account and money. But it’s your responsibility to make sure that you are taking the necessary steps to make it foolproof. If you suspect any kind of fraudulent, report it to the PayPal customer service without wasting time to stay safe and secure.

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