Popular Bluetooth Products Owned By Many People

Almost every electronic gadget available these days comes with the Bluetooth feature. Starting from your cellphone, right down to your laptop, many devices have the Bluetooth facility in them.

Interestingly this service was named after the tenth century King Harald Bluetooth who was able to unite several Scandinavian tribes at war. Bluetooth is now a norm for short-range wireless communication.

Although the technology was first introduced in 1999, it had a slow start due to its high prices and incompatibility issues among the devices that used it. Radio and accessory makers have spent nearly a decade trying to perfect the technology. Today, Bluetooth is highly popular among users all over the world. There are several accessories in the market today, such as the Shure SE846, which utilizes the Bluetooth specification. As the Bluetooth facility is now a necessity with all the devices that are now being introduced in the market, here are some of the most popular devices currently used by people worldwide, which are equipped with the Bluetooth feature.

1: Phantom Keyless Home Entry:

This feature helps in unlocking your door through your cell phone by using the Bluetooth feature. With the help of the feature, it will authenticate the person at the door before letting him in. Users can set up the lock to recognize their phones before they leave the house, so when they arrive, the Bluetooth feature will signal the door to unlock. Although this feature is not foolproof for when you are being held at gunpoint or any other unfortunate scenarios, it is designed for the comfort of the user. Automotive keyless entry was initially designed for the luxury sector, but there was a trickle-down effect after the consumers got used to the technology.

2: Casio G-Shock Bluetooth Watch:

In 2011, Casio announced a new G-Shock watch, which is equipped with BLE technology. It can run on a regular watch battery and have standard two-year battery life. It can pair to a smartphone’s display, and it’s incoming data. The time, date, and any alarm set on the phone will automatically synchronize with the watch along with the phone ringer, which can be controlled by the watch. Another benefit is that if the phone is misplaced and is within the range of the watch, it can send a signal through Bluetooth for the phone to ring so that it can be easily found.

3: Bose Sound Link:

In terms of wireless household entertainment, the Bose Sound Link Mobile speaker is among the few competitors to the AirPlay system introduced by Apple. The features are similar, while the price is almost equal. Although Airplay is designed to function at its optimum level when fully integrated with the wireless home entertainment system, the Bose unit does not require a lot of commitment as it is rugged and portable. It is a table-sized speaker that can pair up to six Bluetooth devices. Just a few taps and your music is played wirelessly through the speaker. Another advantage is that the music stream will not be interrupted by emails, calls, or internet surfing while the mobile device is in use.

4: Sphero:

It is composed of a polycarbonate ball that allows light to pass through and is strong and durable. Translucency is an important feature of this device since Sphero’s core holds LED lights that glow through the shell. The LEDs are capable of storing a color spectrum of a thousand different shades. Other than it’s illuminating appearance, Sphero looks like an ordinary ball, which makes it unpredictable since an unaware person will usually ignore its ordinary exterior. It can pair via Bluetooth to an Apple or Android phone and even a tablet and can be controlled to perform amusing antics. In short, Sphero interprets and executes moves based on the motion of your phone, so if you swing your phone through the air, Sphero will follow the command and imitate the act.

5: Lockitron:

It is a device that can lock and unlock doors using remote control such as a smartphone. Multiple models have been manufactured through the years, including one that fits over the lock control mechanism on the inside of the door, and it can be unlocked through an app. Virtual keys can also be created for guests and repair contractors, which allows access to the home and can be easily distributed over the internet. It can also be easily revoked. 

Moreover, it comes with an SMS feature for people who do not possess a smartphone. If you are not comfortable with the technology, you do not have to worry since all models come with the traditional lock which can be opened with the metallic key.

6: Motorola’s H19TXT Headset:

The Bluetooth features in this headset allow you to roam within a three hundred feet range without your phone and enjoy your calls uninterrupted. It provides you a long duration of talk time without the worry of the battery dying since it has a battery life of nine hours. It is also comfortable to wear with three different options for a custom fit. It is easy to use since it can easily connect with your cell phone through Bluetooth or via NFC technology. It also provides the option of connecting to two different devices so that it increases the range of music or other things that you wish to listen to.

7: Pogo Connect:

It is a fully-featured smartpen for iPad. It allows creative and expressive pen input through pressure-sensitive drawing and button control. The drawing color can also be displayed by the multicolor option and with its palm rejection capability, which will allow you to rest your hand on the display as you write comfortably. It is great for users when they are taking notes. It also allows you to track its location by sending signals through its Bluetooth feature.

8: Scosche RHYTHM:

It is one of the best devices present to monitor your heart rate. It has a workout tool for managing your heart rate, calories burned, distance, and many other features. The heart rate monitor is a chest strap that easily attaches to your forearm and allows uninterrupted wireless communication with your device. Since it is waterproof, you can put the device on as you exercise and check your progress over a considerable period. Its adaptive features allow it to be connected with different apps on your phone so that you can evaluate your progress on the app that you trust the most. 


To summarize, Bluetooth is here to stay as several new devices are introduced every year, which utilizes this feature to cater to the users in a variety of ways. As you can see from the devices mentioned, each of them is equipped with the feature for different purposes such as entertainment, security, or to manage your health. This shows that Bluetooth technology is highly adaptive to fulfill different purposes. It is increasingly common among users nowadays to either share information or connect to various devices to satisfy their entertainment purposes. If you are aware of its benefits by now, you should be upgrading your device with one of these. 

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