6 Reasons to Study Computer Science

There are so many different degree programs in Durham university that you can join now that it can sometimes feel as though there is too much choice. It’s overwhelming at times just trying to decide what you want to do with your life, and then trying to determine the degree that will suit you and your career ideals the best. 

Computer science is something that can suit many different people and that will lead to a lot of different career options. That’s why it’s a good choice for when you’re just not sure which direction to go in. As you study, you will make decisions about what you want to do when you graduate; so, not only will you have the qualifications you need, you’ll also have a great basis to get started on an exciting new career. Read on to find out whether computer science is something you should study. 

Expanding Technology 

Once there was a time when computers just weren’t a factor in people’s lives. Most of the time they had never even heard of one. As time went on, businesses started using computers but there would never be one in the home. They were too big for one thing, and too expensive for another. Plus they were just unnecessary. Then home computer did become more widely used, then laptops, and now mobile devices: who knows what will come next? 

This shows how quickly technology in the computing field is expanding. For some, they have lived through all the different permutations, from nothing at all to a computer that can be carried in the pocket. So, the future and the technology to be used is going to be interesting and expansive. This is why a computer science masters makes a lot of sense. There is always going to be work in this field and there will always be something interesting to do. 

Many Career Options 

There aren’t many careers in which computers aren’t used at all. Some use them more than others, but they are always going to be present. Even if the job itself doesn’t require a computer, the business admin behind everything certainly will. From having a website to creating invoices and getting involved in social media as a business, computers and computing technology are a definite must-have. 

This means that the field is wide open when you have a computer science degree. No matter what you are interested in and what field you think you might want to work in during your career, you can use your knowledge of computer science to get ahead. This is even true if you choose to open your own business since you can utilize your skills in computing and not have to hire in a subcontractor, thus saving you money. 

You Can Work Alone or with Others 

If you ever feel as though you would rather be working with others, or you would like to work by yourself, computer science allows for both. So, no matter what your personality type might be, there will be an area of computer science that gives you exactly what you want, even if it’s a combination of working alone or with others. 

Not everyone likes to be around other people, and they certainly do their best work by themselves. The same is true of the opposite; some love working collaboratively and do their best work this way, but they struggle when working alone

Computer science offers both options, which means that you can have a great career that suits your own personality type. You won’t have to work in an environment that you’re not comfortable in and you won’t have to compromise on your career options once you graduate. 

The Future

Simply put, you should study for a computer science degree for the future. As mentioned above, the speed at which changes within the computing industry have happened are astonishing, and there is much more to come; different ideas and innovations are being released every day. 

So if you want a career that is going to keep you employed until you choose to retire (if that’s even something you want to do), computer science offers you the scope to choose one. It’s a good idea to keep learning as well, which is why you can opt for additional qualifications after you graduate (including a masters) as the industry changes quickly. And it’s a good idea to stay informed, but if you can do this, you will always have a job no matter what changes happen within computing in your lifetime. In fact, with a computer science degree, you might even be instrumental in some of those changes yourself. 

Global Opportunities 

If the idea of traveling the world for work appeals to you then computer science might as well. Computers are used everywhere, and the job opportunities that are available span the entire globe. This means that if you like the idea of relocating to a specific country, you can simply look for a computing job there and, with your computer science degree, you can easily apply. If you want to go to lots of different countries, why not become a consultant? You can then visit many different places and help a variety of businesses do more with their computing power. 

Alternatively, you can work from home. The beauty of computing is that the work can be done remotely. You can set up a home office and find freelance work if that is what you prefer. 

With a degree in computer science, the choice is entirely yours, and no matter what kind of work set up is best for you and your own circumstances, that’s just what you can have. 

A Good Salary 

Despite the fact that everyone uses computers, a relatively small number of people actually know how they work and what to do with them to get the best out of them. If you are a computer scientist and can work in this field, the salaries are generally good because of this lack of knowledge. Not just anyone can do the work; it needs to be someone with the right qualifications. 

You can go from your degree course straight into a job earning a decent salary and it can quickly build from there depending on your own personal choices when it comes to work.

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