How NBN is revolutionising the education sector – 2

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is helping individuals to access fast, reliable internet connection at home, office, and educational institutes. Education especially is getting a tremendous boost to deliver newer methods of learning right at the doorsteps.

How NBN can help teachers and institutes

The NBN connection supports teachers and educational institutes to deliver education that is tech-driven to reach out to even the remotest of students. Teachers can offer resources during both, classroom training as well as offline resources with the help of cloud technology.

For students who are at remote locations can stream lectures right at home. They can even get their doubts resolved and have a one-to-one session with instructors via video conferencing. Institutes and Universities can easily provide resources and training for correspondence courses across the country.

How NBN can help students

The NBN connectivity can help students receive resources from instructors and have access to world knowledge over the internet. They can easily stream video tutorials, research projects and submit assignments remotely. Students can even interact with each other to promote a co-learning system using virtual group meetings, file sharing and working on group projects easily.

Key NBN adopting institutes

Once NBN came into effect, many universities and institutes have started adopting new-tech ways of delivering education to students. Some of the key educational institutes using digital technology that NBN supports are –

1: University of Melbourne

The university uses a virtual reality system that is designed specifically to train surgeons realistically. For using a 3D-based virtual reality technology, NBN offers fast connectivity with minimal disconnections and delays.

2: Open Universities Australia (OUA)

The Open University of Australia delivers education to over 43,000 students across the country. With learning material for correspondence courses to be delivered to such a humungous amount of students, the best way to reach them is through a secure, reliable connection such as NBN. Students have access to the resources as well as classroom training videos through the university.

3: NSW Department of Education

Starting from 2020, the NSW Department of Education plans to try the NBN’s Sky Muster Plus service to deliver the first term of school. This trial will serve as a platform to reach six remote NSW homesteads and will eventually be expanded in the future. Such connectivity will help remote students to get access to resources and interact at a one-to-one level in real-time with the faculties.

NBN plans for education

Various service providers offer unique connectivity solutions targeted to institutes and students. Few NBN providers such as Harbour ISP and Tangerine have custom plans targeted to students that provide a high-speed connection at a cost-effective rate. These connections are compatible with the different type of buildings, power source type and are available in monthly or long-term contract method.

If you plan on taking up a new connection, ensure that you compare the provider’s service in the area; understand the pricing including any set-up cost and disconnection fine, and the type of connection they provide.

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