Beginner’s Guide for Success in Rust

Rust is brutal and unforgiving and definitely one of the most challenging survival games out there, where every second, minute, your only goal is to survive at any cost. When you initially arrive into this wilderness, you are equipped with a torch and a stone only, and unless you find some Rust food quickly, there are chances you will end up wasting away. From every bullet you hear to the footsteps coming from a distance puts fear in your heart, and not only this, but the harsh game landscape also shows no mercy on the player. In a place where nearly everyone in the world is trying to kill you, do not let anything put you off.

Whether you are a solo player or believe in playing with friends, surviving this game becomes a daunting task as a beginner. But to improve the chances of success on the server, here are some tips you can follow when you drop into this harsh landscape as a beginner. Try the hacks mentioned below and don’t forget to check  for better tips.

1: Select the Beginner-friendly Rust server!

As a beginner, you might want to enter a crowded server to have a super busy adventure. Though selecting such servers is suitable for advanced players, it is recommended to select the server with the least crowd for beginners. As a newbie, you need some time to understand the game and its tactics without getting killed repeatedly by the larger and stronger clan right after spawning. Selecting the least crowded server will help you gain experience while avoiding aggressive attacks from strongly organized gangs.

2: Stay away from the beach!

Once you enter the server, you wake up naked on the beach with nothing but a rock and a torch as your equipment, so make sure you get away from the beach as quickly as you can. Beaches are pretty unsafe as the bigger clan keeps patrolling the area in search of new spawns. Make your way inland as fast as you possibly can while avoiding other players to avoid getting killed right after spawning. And in case you run into another spawned player until you have collected any weapon, it will be a rock battle to the death.

3: Get a sleeping bag to respawn at a safe point!

If you do not want to respawn on the beach, the default spawn location, and avoid going all the way back, one of the very first things you need to do in Rust – is getting a sleeping bag. Also, make sure you do not carry too many resources to avoid any attention.

4: Gather resources!

Once you have created a safe respawning position, you will start collecting stones and woods for your very first custom tool – hatchet and pickaxes. Once you have your first custom tool ready, start collecting as much wood as you can to build your first base. But do not collect too many resources that are not even required. It’s dangerous! This will only risk your survival and attract looters.

5: Select the place for first base wisely!

The location of your base can play a significant role in deciding whether you will live to see another day or not. Selecting a well-hidden spot with plenty of resources nearby will help you increase the chances of success in Rust as a beginner. A forest can be the best place for your first base as it is both covered and have plenty of resources nearby.

6: Doors are your best friends!

As a newbie, you still have lots of experience to gain and if in case you run into a better-equipped player, the best you can do to save yourself at that time is to run back and hide in your base. Although it is risky, having doors will protect you and your resources from the looters. Make sure you build at least two rooms with doors, and each door you craft should have at least two keys. This will ensure no one can enter your base and will give extra protection to your stash.

7: Do not light fire at night!

If you do not want to make yourself a target for other players, you better avoid lighting a fire at night to increase your chances for survival. Also, make sure you always check your food supplies and cook food before the night falls to avoid getting raided by raiders.

8: Lookout for radiations!

Places like buildings and monuments, although are great places to find awesome gear to level up your game, they are extremely dangerous as they can have radiation. So, it is better if you equip yourself with either a red suit or radiation pills to avoid getting wasted away.

9: Scrap=Gold!

In the world of Rust, never ignore a scrap as these items can come in handy for you to make everything in the game with ease.

Now you have got to know about some tips and got familiar with what you need to do to increase the chances of success as a beginner, and you are all set to start your adventure.

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