Best Games Like Minecraft 2023

There are now very few video games that can even come close to matching the extraordinary popularity of Mojang’s Minecraft. This game’s mobile adaptation consistently ranks first in the iTunes App Store and Google Play, and it has no intention of moving from that position. Players can create their game worlds in sandbox mode for almost limitless gameplay.

Other games with pixel graphics and gameplay similar to Minecraft exist. Each is unique and offers players the chance to succeed at resource extraction, crafting, and other activities, which is why so many people adore Minecraft.

Best Games Like Minecraft

1: Minetest – Relaxing Games Like Minecraft

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Survival Games Like Minecraft

One of the most fantastic Minecraft alternatives for Android is Minetest. Although it might not be as well-known as other gamest, Minetest is free to play. No download fees, not even advertising. Anyone can modify the game’s source code for free.

However, that doesn’t imply the game is subpar. With full support for single-player and multiplayer modes, it includes practically everything Minecraft offers. The game is created by independent developers who frequently update it and occasionally add new content. The 13 MB size of Minetest makes it suitable for practically all smartphones.

2: Block Story

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Block Games Like Minecraft

A better version of Minecraft, Block Story is a role-playing sandbox. The player will encounter a recognizable cubic world and be able to carry out essentially the same actions there. You can dig blocks, extract resources, create things, and construct different buildings.

The player can outfit oneself with a variety of weapons and undertake monster hunting in this game, which has far more role-playing components. There are many diverse animals worldwide, from venomous snakes to ferocious dragons. By the way, the latter can be tamed.

Block Story contains a system of pets so you won’t have to journey alone. They function like an item in the inventory and can be called upon at any time to battle creatures. You must obtain or make special food for them because they lose power when hungry. Pets level up and get experience when they defeat monsters. For instance, a dragon or spider can be mounted at level 30.

3: MultiCraft – Survival Games Like Minecraft

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Relaxing Games Like Minecraft

MultiCraft in third on our list. It is yet another game that closely resembles Minecraft. Whether it be game modes or the same blocky design. Destroy blocks to collect resources you can use to make new things. In the survival mode, create weapons and battle monsters and wild creatures; in the creative mode, construct your ideal world. Everybody can always find something to enjoy.

There are also multiplayer servers where you may hang out with your friends if you’re more of a social person. MultiCraft has received over 10 million downloads in Google Play and a 4.2-star rating. It occasionally displays advertisements and offers in-app purchases.

4: UCraft

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games like minecraft for pc

All of the cherished gameplay is presented in UCraft in a two-dimensional format. Players anticipate everyday tasks like exploring caves, building shelters, gathering resources, taming animals, etc.

Like Minecraft, creatures only come at night and can be destroyed with TNT. Additionally, there is dynamic weather, which influences gameplay. If there is no craft, the player cannot advance. Mining is the primary one in the game. The player requires a pickaxe. The ones made of iron and diamond are the most trustworthy.

5: Exploration Craft 3D

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games like minecraft with better graphics

As implied by the name, exploration In Craft 3D, exploration and construction are the focus. You can do whatever you want in this sandbox open-world game. Create your planet in single-player mode, or play multiplayer with your friends. Explore the vast landscape, ride dragons, construct bases, engage in player combat, and gather resources. Everything is within your power!

More than 10 million people have downloaded Exploration Craft from the Google Play Store, which currently has a 4.3-star rating. On both iOS and Android, the game is free to play with in-app purchases and advertisements.

6: Survivalcraft 2

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games like minecraft but free

The Minecraft formula is considerably enhanced in SurvivalCraft 2. Therefore, using the detailed editor here, you can create any item. By the way, there are plenty of things. In addition to the typical digging implements and wooden tables, there are modern furnishings, computers, and guns.

There are more features in the game. The protagonist can pick up clothes like trousers, shirts, shoes, and other items. Impressive as well as the underwater environment, home to beautiful dolphins and tiny fish. The three game modes are Survival, Creative, and Survival to One Death. You will be required to select a character’s gender and one of four available characters before the game even begins.

Each is dressed entirely differently. The game now contains a multiplayer option that supports up to 4 players on a single screen. However, this is not always practical, so watching on a large screen is advised.

7: The Blockheads – Block Games Like Minecraft

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games like minecraft for android

One of the top free Minecraft alternatives for iOS and Android is, without a doubt, Blockheads. This game is at the bottom of our list because Google Play no longer offers it. It is a unique and simple touchscreen game since it is a side-scrolling, 2D, block-based game. It is a vast game with countless exploration, creation, and survival opportunities.

To play with your family and friends online, you may quickly build and join online worlds or play solo offline. Thousands of original worlds made and hosted by other players are also available for exploration.

Almost nothing at first, then explore, build, and trade your way to the top. The Blockhead is available on the Apple App Store. However, you must sideload it if you use an Android device.

8: Roblox

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top 10 games like minecraft

It’s not a game; it’s an entire internet platform allowing players to make their own games. Although the first version of Roblox was released much earlier than the original version of Minecraft, for many years, the two games were actively compared with the assumption that Minecraft had won the popularity contest.

However, it was discovered in August 2019 that Roblox has 100 million monthly active users, compared to Minecraft’s ten million. The two games cannot be compared, though. In the sandbox game Minecraft, players can construct, craft, mine, survive, and have fun in various modes.

On the other hand, Roblox is a gaming platform that has generated thousands of entertaining games. On the Roblox engine, players frequently enjoy playing well-known games like Counter-Strike. The only similarities between Roblox and Minecraft are their cubic graphics and limitless gaming potential.

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