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How to Unlock Terraria Zoologist (Updated 2022)

There is a lot to talk about now that Terraria Update 1.4 is available, and one of the things gamers are looking for is where the Terraria Zoologist is. New NPCs are included in Terraria’s final update via the Journey’s End. The Zoologist and the Golfer are the two primary NPCs. We’ll talk about the Zoologist’s location in this manual.

How to Unlock Terraria Zoologist

Along with Zenith Sword, Bestiary, and Journey mode powers, Zoologist is a brand-new addition to the group. The Bestiary is a database that contains details about every enemy and non-player character you encounter in the game. In Terraria, every encounter creates a new page for the object or person you met. Whatever you encountered has a variety of features that you can learn about. You receive this helpful book, and using it to unlock the Zoologist in Terraria is your only option.

You must finish 52 entries or 10% of the Bestiary’s entries. You can find these entries through speaking with NPCs and eliminating various adversaries. The following step is to find a home for zoologists to live in. The Zoologist will be available for interaction if you have unlocked 10% of the Bestiary. In Terraria, you can talk to him to receive minecarts, pets, kites, and more.

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