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How Alexa is Revolutionizing the Healthcare Sector?

With one of the biggest workforce and strong financial backing, Amazon has a vested interest in the field of healthcare. Amazon Echo is capable of doing some mind-boggling things. From controlling your smart home devices to playing your favorite music and getting answers to questions, it’s a wonderful tool that offers an amazing combo of convenience and functionality.

But, it would appear that most healthcare professionals are still unaware of the benefits of Alexa and voice technology in the healthcare sector.

In this post, we’ll see how Alexa is transforming the traditional healthcare business model.

Help Nurses to be More Attentive with their Elderly Patients

Alexa-based healthcare and monitoring apps can help nurses to be more attentive to the healthcare routine of their patients. Nurses and caregivers can particularly benefit from voice technology to keep an eye on their elderly patients and determine whether they have taken their medication.

Helping Diabetic Patients to Manage their Condition

Alexa-enabled diabetes care plans and apps enable diabetic patients to combine new routines to streamline their day-to-day activities. These apps are designed to perform scans to examine potentially life-threatening symptoms.

Alexa Medication Management

Alexa can now remind patients to take their medication on time and request community pharmacies for prescription refills. It can potentially replace online pharmacie services over time. In order to use these features, users will have to turn the Giant Eagle Pharmacy skill on and create an Alexa voice profile. For an added security layer, create a personalized passcode, and ask Alexa to manage your medication.

Facilitate Patients

Alexa-powered apps also improve the interaction between patients and hospital staff. Also, patients can use those apps to control in-house entertainment. For instance, patients can ask Alexa to call the medical staff for help or change TV channels.

Navigating the Insurance Process

Several insurance companies have also introduced Alexa-powered services that enable policyholders to navigate the entire process using voice features only. Customers can use these apps to request a custom quote or navigate FAQs about the health insurance process.

Alexa not only streamlines the insurance process for the users but can also help insurance companies save time, effort, and resources.

Monitor Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is a major health issue. Alexa-enabled wearables can calculate blood pressure and communicate results with an Alexa Skill.

Access to First-Aid Information

Mayo Clinic had introduced an Alexa skill that offers quick access to live first aid tutorials. Using this service, people can have self-care instructions and instant answers to questions from authentic medical resources. With Alexa, all you need to do is to ask a question, and answers are instantly made available through the Alexa voice assistant.

Receiving Regular Healthcare Tips

Several healthcare services allow patients to ask Alexa-powered devices about opening or closing hours, location, or wait times. After getting access to the program, patients can also fetch information for particular departments in each hospital or clinic, which saves them a lot of time and effort.

Help Users Identify Health Issues

Alexa-powered healthcare apps can be used to seek advice from qualified doctors and healthcare specialists. These apps are capable of using comprehensive learning techniques to help users know about certain health problems. Users are also provided with specific recommendations to identify their disease once they share their symptoms with the device.

Final Words

Alexa and voice technology are relatively newer concepts in the field of healthcare. But fortunately, more and more healthcare units, hospitals, and pharmacies are starting to realize the incomparable power and capacity of voice-driven technology.

Having Alexa-powered devices also enable doctors to attend to more patients, enjoy increased revenue, and alleviate waiting time in the process.

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