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How Do I Get a Better Cellphone Signal?

When your youngsters set off to varsity, it’s difficult enough to induce them to decision home often. So, if they are doing phone you, you definitely wish those calls returning through loud and clear.
Unfortunately that is not what is happening for reader Pat, UN agency emailed to share this paternal lament with us:

From this description, it does not sound sort of a drawback with the phone. And it is not a matter of Verizon’s paid service versus its prepaid offering; the 2 use the identical cellular towers, with the sole real distinction being that paid customers may face slowdowns if Verizon’s network gets too engorged. that does not sound like what is happening here.

My guess is that the offender is your son’s dormitory. Either it’s engineered out of materials that are not notably friendly to cellular signals — concrete walls will cause an issue, for example — or it’s situated in an exceedingly place that does not have a transparent read of Verizon’s nearest cellular tower. that may make a case for the born calls, particularly if the matter happens often and not at specific times of the day.


It s doubtless of very little comfort to you, Pat, however Verizon’s network is truly fairly robust in Chicago, with huge Red dominating alternative carriers after we tested LTE speeds this past summer. however those results mirror solely our numerous check locations round the Windy City. Cellular service will vary from location to location and building to assembling. for instance, I board the Bay space, wherever AT&T’s network is fairly intensive, however the sole place in my house I will obtain Associate in Nursing AT&T signal is on my porch. It sounds as if Pat’s son is in an exceedingly similar boat, solely with Verizon’s network.

When you are visaged with a weak cellular signal within the one place you pay most of it slow, you’ve 2 options: one for if you wish to stay along with your current carrier and another if you are able to take your wireless business elsewhere.


If your son would like to stay obtaining his wireless service from Verizon, he ought to initial attempt to modify Wi-Fi vocation if his phone supports it. With Wi-Fi vocation, you make calls over a Wi-Fi network, which might be a decent workaround once you are reception and also the cellular signal simply is not cutting it. All four major carriers supply the feature; here are Verizon’s directions for victimisation it, together with similar links from AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. however you’ll have to use Associate in Nursing eligible phone.

You can conjointly strive a network extender to boost the cellular signal that reaches your home. you’ll be able to get a third-party possibility, although home boosters will value a pair hundred greenbacks. Sometimes, wireless suppliers can supply their customers a sign booster at no cost or for a nominal fee, although i am unsure that is offered to paid customers. I’ve contacted Verizon to determine what its policy is or if it recommends any explicit network extenders for its customers, and i am going to update the story if the corporate responds.
If that feels like lots of effort to travel through simply to induce a much better signal, i might recommend trying to a different carrier that gives more-reliable service in your specific space. (And, really, one in all the massive advantages of getting paid wireless service is that you just will up and leave for an additional supplier much at can.)

This will need a touch legwork on your half. once I touched to my house — you recognize, the one with none AT&T coverage — I borrowed cellphones tied to completely different carriers to determine that signal worked best wherever I live. that is doubtless not Associate in Nursing possibility for everybody, thus i might recommend, Pat, that your son confer with others in his hall, notably those that survive the identical floor, to determine UN agency provides their radiotelephone service and whether or not they are proud of decision quality.

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