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How to customize the Logon Screen in Windows 7/8/XP

you discover your logon screen boring, dull, and unexciting? fortuitously, once this text, your logon screen can now not be plain.

In this article, you’ll learn the way to customise the logon screen Windows 7/8/XP.

What is the logon screen?

Windows normally displays a welcome screen once your computer may be a a part of a workgroup or homegroup. once your computer may be a a part of a site, it displays a startup screen.

The logon screen provides you with an entire list of accounts thereon explicit laptop. you’ll go online to the pc victimisation any of the accounts.

If you wish to go online with one in all the listed accounts, you would like to click on the account and kind a arcanum (if required).

Why should there be a logon screen?

The logon screen is acceptable as a result of it displays a listing of accessible accounts. you must use a logon screen rather than a welcome screen, because it enhances security.

Before you start together with your computer, the logon screen tells you ways several accounts are running on the system.

It’s forever higher to use a arcanum with accounts to keep up privacy and security.

The best way to customize your logon screen: Background Changer app

The default Windows Startup screens are really boring and repetitive.

There are heaps of methods to change your logon screen and make it interesting and exciting.

You can easily change your Windows logon screen using the easy steps below.

  1. First of all, you need to download an application called Windows 7 Logon Background Changer for free from the website
  2. This application will allow you to customize your startup screen easily and immediately
  3. Install the program and explore different optimization options that this app offers
  4. You can easily change your Windows wallpaper by selecting your favorite image from the library
  5. You can also change the wallpaper for your logon screen and welcome screen for Windows by using this app

This app offers an extensive collection of wallpapers. You can also download and add new images to the library.

What is Windows 7 Logon Background Changer?

If you are wondering about the app that we told you to download in the last step, here are some more details about it.

It is a free and open source software application that allows you to change the wallpaper of a logon screen / welcome screen / login screen / logon UI.

It requires a decent GPU for the 3D animations to work smoothly. If you have an older PC, you may want to upgrade the hardware before using Background Changer. Here are some of its features:


  1. It doesn’t change any system files
  2. This program doesn’t even need admin rights
  3. Any user can easily change the logon screen
  4. It creates JPEG files based on the image you want to apply
  5. You can do proper cropping and sizing
  6. It gives you the best compression quality


It’s as straightforward as that! rather than victimisation the default wallpapers that ship with Windows, it’s higher to possess some fun and alter it up.

Use the tactic on top of to bring your Windows screen to life. select a wallpaper you like and revel in exciting logon screens on your Windows OS.

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