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How to fix a broken Galaxy Note 9 screen

Best answer: A Note nine screen that is gently scraped will be mounted with a tempered glass screen shielder. for love or money worse, you’ll be wanting to either take it to a fix-it shop or will strive replacement the show yourself (although we do not suggest the latter unless you recognize what you are doing).

Have lightweight scratches? Get a screen defender

Let s begin with the simplest case state of affairs. Your Galaxy Note nine continues to be operating nice, however you’ve got detected some tiny scratches on the show. Here, we tend to advocate memorizing a tempered glass screen defender.

Why do you have to apply a screen defender even once your screen is already scratched? Even the tiniest imperfections will become massive issues down the road if you are not careful, therefore a screen defender can facilitate to make sure that those scratches aren’t getting any worse.

You ll want to form certain you specifically get a tempered glass defender, and at once, our high recommendation goes to the Whitestone Dome Glass defender. it’s expensive with a retail worth of $60, however it’s miles and away the simplest you’ll be able to obtain for the Note nine.

More serious harm can have to be repaired

Unfortunately your Note nine could also be on the far side a screen defender fix. If there are massive chunks of the screen missing and/or deep, knotty gashes, you’ll be wanting to hit up a fix-it shop.

uBreakiFix offers same-day repair services for a heap of Samsung phones, together with the Note nine.

The calculable price for a screen repair for the Note nine is around $240, and whereas that’s a decent quantity of cash, it is a euphemism of plenty but paying for a spic-and-span phone.

You can conjointly attempt replacement the screen yourself

If you do not live close to an organization which will repair your Note nine or just like doing things yourself, you’ll be able to conjointly obtain a replacement kit for the Note 9’s show and handle everything your own method.

While this is often Associate in Nursing possibility you have got obtainable to you, it’s positively not one thing we’d advocate as your initial course of action. Not solely is that the replacement kit dearer at $330, however doing this on your own will void the Note 9’s warrant. you’ll be able to conjointly for good ruin your phone if you do not grasp what you are doing.

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