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How to get started with Video Marketing to Get Results Quickly

Video marketing is the use of short, attractive and informative videos to induce awareness to a potential customer about a product or service and also entice them to purchase the product(s)/ service(s). So, you want to try out video marketing for your products/services? Well, good decision, but how do you get started? And how will you ensure that the process turns out successful and not be another time-waster? In this article, we’re going to explore ways you can use to succeed in promoting your business online via video marketing.

    • First, remember that YouTube marketing relies on the strength of your social networks. This means that the more friends and acquaintances you have, the more impact your videos will create. The easiest way to get more exposure and views is to buy YouTube views from wbix.
    • Therefore, when you create an online marketing video, use the share option like one offered by YouTube to share the video content by email with your friends, alternatively, you can simply share content with the friends you have in your account.
    • You can also use the bulletin board to spread the message; this will be picked up by your network of friends.
    • Try inviting people in your social networks to subscribe to your content; this can be done by leaving a post that reads like – View the post I did here. Increasing your social network base is also a powerful way of gaining exposure when doing online marketing via video.
    • CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT! I can never emphasize this enough. Make sure your content is compelling and appealing. Boring videos do not stand a chance in online marketing. Compelling video content will promote sharing; this can have a strong effect akin to viral marketing.
    • Use Facebook, Twitter and other prominent social media sites to promote your content, social networking sites are very effective in driving traffic to the video. Make proper use of these tips and you’ll never regret using video marketing as a way of promoting your business online.
    • Try running a social media contest. Publish a promotional video on Facebook and have your users download it using a Facebook downloader and share it on other social networking websites using a specific hashtag. Then randomly select a winner.

3 Video Marketing Facts You Need To Know 

Facebook dominates video sharing!

Videos posted on Facebook are shared 218% more than Twitter and Email combined. Don’t just upload the video to YouTube – share it to your social networks.

People with money watch videos

Pew Internet & American Life Project reported that 78% of respondents with an annual income of 75,000+, consumed videos online. The study concluded that -“The more affluent and more educated have higher rates of viewership”

Translation – The people who can afford to buy a house are watching videos…are they watching yours’?

Want to end up on Page 1 of Google? Create a video!

“Any given video in the index stands about a 50 times better chance of appearing on the first page of results than any given text page in the index”*

Here are a few tips Forrester Research offers to optimize your videos
  • Always write descriptive titles and take the time to tag the video
  • Create a hybrid post – Video + Text
  • Create a video sitemap
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