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How to Hide Facebook Updates From Specific Friends

Everyone you recognize is on Facebook. From your nearest friends to your distant relatives. And they’re all on your friend list. however does one post one thing to Facebook in order that it’s solely visible to a set of your friends? Let ME show you the way.

 How to Hide Facebook Updates From Specific Friends ?

Go to the compose box on Facebook, whether or not within the iPhone app or on the online and you’ll see a Friends drop-down button. By default, all updates are shared with all of your friends. faucet on the chums button for choices.

Public: With this feature, the update are going to be visible to everybody, whether or not they’re not on your friend list. Don’t select this feature.

Friends Except: this feature works as a blacklist. it’ll show this update to everybody apart from some those who you uncheck from the list.

Specific Friends: If you simply wish to point out the update to a pair of your nearest friends, select this feature. From the subsequent crop up, check the chums that you simply to share the update with. These settings can solely be applicable to the present post. All previous posts can stay unchanged.

If you wish to vary the settings for a previous post, navigate to that, and from the menu, select the particular Friends possibility.

Use the particular Friends possibility once you must share a non-public post.

But if you wish|you would like|you wish} to cover it from a pair of your contacts however want to point out it to everybody else, use the chums Except possibility and build a replacement list of acquaintances from whom you wish to cover the updates.

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