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How To Properly Install The Pancake Slip Ring On The Device

slip rings perform the same function as a general slip ring but come in handy when the height available is limited while the diameter is available. These slip rings are also referred to as a platter slip ring or called flat ring style. Pancake slip rings are commonly used in places where the height or axial length is limited and doesn’t allow the slip ring to be installed. Due to its familiarity with that of pancake, it is called Pancake slip rings. Due to its compact design, it offers great circuit capacity than a drum styled slip ring in a low height package. These slip rings are placed on flat discs in such a pattern that they look like a record of a phonograph. While the quality of the signals being processed or the power is provided, depending upon the space available, but all of these can be modified accordingly.  The article will detail how to install the slip ring.

Step by step installation guide of Pancake slip rings

Pancake slip rings are somewhat like donuts but resemble Pancakes too. These slip rings are used where there is a limitation in height, but the diameter is available. Although a person can use the wires instead of a slip ring, the wires will be prone to damage and may not withstand the working conditions of the machine. That is why most companies now prefer slip rings over the jumbled mess of wires.

Installation instructions

Although it is known that a slip ring has two basic components, a static part and a rotational one. Pancake slip rings encompass two rotating slip rings. While installing pancake slip rings, one should first fix the rotational part of the slip rings and then gently insert the static part of the stick inside the anti-rotational one. Just make sure to leave a certain space of freedom for the device. It is advised not to force one part over another as it might cause breakage, or your machine will not be as productive as you wanted it to be.

  • Always keep in mind that while mounting and unmounting ensures to protect the leads of the slip rings. It is a common mistake that everyone does. Just make sure that the lead wires are secure, and then proceed with the installation. As unsecured wires might cause you heavy damage and might lead to disastrous results too.
  • As it is known that slip rings are précised electrical components and work only in certain conditions. That is why it is your job to ensure that the machine on which you are mounting it is dry and not dusty. The machine must add some protection while working in a harsh environment.
  • Do not leave any screw unattended. It often happens that the tech guys leave the screws unattended, which causes heavy loss at the end. Just ensure that all of the screws of slip rings are tight and start working. The machine, as well as the gadgets attached to it, must be attended regularly to prevent any harm in the future.
  • Avoid the wires from getting scratched. This will result in full productivity. Stator lead must be at all costs kept away from the axis, while the rotatory part wires must be kept away from fixed parts.
  • Do not force a certain slip ring on your machine. If you want custom Pancake slip rings, you can order for it. Grandslipring is a proud manufacturer of slip rings and offers the best solution for your everyday needs.

Things to keep in mind

While installation, if you need any kind of help, just contact us and we will provide you with our best engineers that will help you in the installation of slip rings. It must be kept in mind that there are not ordinary slip rings and are designed to work under strict conditions. These Pancake slip rings work under severe circumstances such as when there is a small diagonal length but wide diameter available. A small mistake in the installation process might cause you undue damage. The wires must be kept in line at all costs. A little separation and things would quit working. Pancake slip rings aren’t as delicate as the standard slip rings, yet at the same time, additional measures ought to be taken while introducing the waterproof slip ring. Avoid including any weight or don’t pull the segments of the slip rings separated. Guarantee that there are appropriate assurance and backing before introducing these things. Try not to add weight to these slip rings. Adding weight to these waterproof slip rings may wind up not working accurately. It is apparent to note here that keep the things and the situation of the slip ring remains the equivalent. Ensure that the fixed wires are away from the pivotal casing, and the turning links are away from the hub of revolution. These safety measures must be taken to dodge any sort of frictional misfortune and to maintain a strategic distance from any episode. The contact may prompt the wearing out of these parts, which thusly could put the machine in danger.


Mounting a Pancake slip ring requests that the individual introducing it must-have in any event fundamental information about how electrical or mechanical gear functions. Be that as it may, if there is an elevated level of hazard included, and you are utilizing large forte gear, it is ideal to leave the activity to specialists. It is very critical to pick the best-measured pancake slip ring with the coordinating particulars. It is additionally prompted that you should believe legitimate makers while purchasing a waterproof slip ring. Fabulous is utilizing creative information and experience for a long time presently, to offer the best practical and monetary answers for its clients. Grandslipring is a proud manufacturer of all kinds of slip rings and provides the best solution for its clients in the industry. These slip rings are less costly and quite competitive on every front. Always buy quality slip rings from trusted buyers such as Grand.

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