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How to Set-up Handwash Reminders on Android, iOS and Your Smartwatches

I’m certain you need to have heard how vital it’s miles to scrub fingers and sanitize skin in the course of COVID-19. However frankly, even if you’re assured that you’ll do not forget to scrub hands at everyday durations, it’s better to rely upon your smartphone. This removes the opportunities for human mistakes and lets you give attention to better matters. So here is how you set-up handwash reminders to your telephone.

How to Set-Up Handwash Reminders

1. Android

Wash arms is a free, minimal app that requires no signing-up and greater importantly has no commercials. When you deploy the app, you may set hand wash reminders straight from the very first display. those reminders may be from 30-ninety mins. So, while the reminder buzzes, you have to wash your fingers and faucet on it to inform which you’ve finished the venture.

based on this, the app tracks the variety of instances you’ve washed your fingers in an afternoon. This is the “tune My Hand Wash” characteristic. And in case you overlook to faucet on the reminder, you can manually replace the identical within the app. This apps is perfect for someone who doesn’t exit too frequently and doesn’t want too much customization.


  • Present days log-book
  • Manually check and complete reminders
  • 30/90 minute recurring reminders

2. iOS

In case you’re a person who loves colorful animations, This app is certain to inspire you to scrub your hands regularly. The app notifies you in durations. It can be set from everywhere between half-hour to two hours. Besides that, you can pick 30 seconds or 60 seconds duration for brief or longer handwashes. The timer is illustrated with an on-display screen water degree which recedes with time.


  • 30 minute to 2-hour timer option
  • 30/60 handwash modes
  • Water level countdown timer

3. Apple Watch

In case you own an Apple watch, you don’t really want to hassle searching at your telephone altogether. Before beginning out ensures, you are synced throughout devices. If now not, visit Settings > tap for your name > iCloud >enable Reminders.

To installation, a reminder, go through the following steps.

  • Open the Reminders app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Add a new reminder and name it Wash Your Hands.
  • Now click on the small (i) icon on the right and enable Remind me on a day. 
  • Next, enable Remind me at a time. Tap on Repeat and you can choose from the given option or set a custom time, in our case hourly. Leave the End Repeat as Never, so you’re never interrupted.


  • Set hourly or custom reminders
  • Sync across devices
  • Handy for Apple Watch users

4. Samsung Smartwatch

Unlike the Apple Watch, There’s no local manner to set up hourly reminders at the Galaxy smartwatch. but, you may usually use a thirdbirthday celebration app from the Galaxy store. For example, you can deploy the Hand Wash App. It has a 25-second hand wash timer along with vibration remarks.

The app follows CDC’s 20-2d hand wash rule in conjunction with 5 seconds greater for applying cleaning soap and turning the water on. In addition to that, you could customize reminders, get notified for overlooked handwashes, and an eye face that indicates your everyday wash frequency to keep you encouraged. You may additionally use the Reminder App to set up routine reminders on your cellphone.


  • Get Wash Timer on you Galaxy Smartwatch
  • Supports reminder and 25-second timer
  • Use as a watch face for daily frequency details

5. WearOS

If you’re using a watch that has WearOS, Google currently rolled out a Hand Wash feature. you may access it from the Google Clock app as Hand Wash Timer. Certainly, faucet to begin the timer and X to stop it whenever. The app has a forty2nd hand wash timer which is double what CDC indicates, but I bet that extra time is alright supplied the scenario. The app reminds you every 3-hours to scrub your hands.
Hand Wash function may be accessed best on WearOS five.four.0 and above.
Moreover, you may additionally use Google Assistant as well. just say “hiya Google, help me wash my palms” and the assistant will begin a 40-secs track approximately washing hands. It really works on any Android or Google-Assistant enabled device.


Don’t forget it’s not just your hands but different things that you need to care about like drinking plenty of water, eating fresh, and of path staying internal. Furthermore, you could take a sip of water on every occasion you’re reminded to scrub your hands or create some other habit that you want. So, that is how to Set-Up Handwash Reminders for your phone.

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