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Learn how you can recover your data easily for free

Losing your data used to be a scary experience since there was no way to recover. But that’s not the case anymore. Nowadays, the Internet is filled with data recovery software and not all of them are reliable. If you have lost your data due to a mistake or virus, we are going to help you get back your files. 

Don’t forget to check your recycle bin. Many times deleted files are not permanently deleted. Also, if you create backups, check them to see if the files you need are saved in it or not. Data Recovery software is your last option, But, with so many options available, choosing a data recovery software can be tough that is why we are here to guide you, Today, we share how you can recover your lost data for free with the data recovery software: EaseUS

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a free data recovery software which is famous and one of the best at its job. It can find and recover the files which were deleted on the PC. EaseUS scans all drives and shows the files which were deleted and can be recovered. It is the best data recovery software for Windows users and works all the times on Windows. 

Features of EaseUS

 There are many things which EaseUS can do apart from just recovering your deleted files and folders. 

  • Supports recovery of 1000+ types of files easily. So, that, you would not need different recovery software for videos, audio or images. You can recover all of them in one place. 
  • Recover all of your permanently deleted files from normal and formatted drives as well. 
  • The high success rate of data recovery makes it stand out. 
  • An easy to use UI interface. You do not need to have the expertise to use EaseUS. The simple UI similar to Windows File Explorer makes this tool perfect for beginners to use. 
  • Supports both HDD and SDD. No need to worry you can recover files from both drives using Ease US.
  • You can recover even the corrupted files using EaseUS. If you have any corrupted images or videos, try recovering them using EaseUS.
  • You can preview files before you recover them. Check them and confirm whether is the file you want to recover or not. 
  • Trusted Software: EaseUS is safe to use and a trustworthy application. Millions of users have used EaseUS. It is also available in 20 different languages. 

There are many other helpful features like the option to import/export sessions so that you won’t have to start from the beginning and repair damaged images and video files. Let us see how we can recover files using EaseUS

How to recover files using EaseUS

Recovering files using EaseUS, if you have not guessed from its name, is very easy to do. Thanks to its UI being similar to Windows File Explorer, many users find it very easy to use and navigate. 


  • The PC where you want to recover data
  • EaseUS installed on your PC

EaseUS Installation

The installation process is very simple and straight forward so that anybody can follow it, Download the installer from the link below:

EaseUS: data recovery software free download

Download the free one or the paid one as per your choice. Click on the windows icon to download the installer for Windows. macOS users click on the macOS logo and download the installer. 

After the installer is downloaded open the installer file and follow the instructions shown on the screen and you will be done with installation in no time. 

After you are done with the installation process, we can move on to how to use EaseUS.

Follow the following steps to recover your lost/deleted data

Step 1: Open EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. You will be asked to select the location where you lost your files. Locate the folder or select the drive and start scanning it. 

EaseUS will look for any deleted files which are still recoverable. 

Step 2: Let EaseUS find the files

After you start scanning, EaseUS will check your select folder for any recoverable files. The process is very fast. Unlike, other recovery software, EaseUS scan quickly and lets you know while files it found. 

After a quick scan, it will do a deep scan to check to look for any file it missed. This takes a long time. So, if the file you are looking for is already found in the quick scan, then don’t do a deep scan. 

To make your searching process quicker and easier, you can use the filter to look for the type of file you want. 

Step 3: Preview and select the file you want to recover

EaseUS will show all the files which you have deleted recently and gives you the option to recover them. Select the files you want to recover and preview them before recovering to see if that’s the correct file or not. 

Decide where you want these files to be recovered. Just to be safe do not recover the files where you lost them last time. After you are done selecting, click on the ‘Recover’ button and EaseUS will start recovering the selected files/folders. 

That’s it! You have successfully recovered your deleted files using EaseUS. 

EaseUS: Is it safe to use?

EaseUS is completely safe to use and trustable. Some recovery software can be harmful and may end up corrupting your data instead of recovering it. But, EaseUS is used and trusted by millions of users. The high success rate makes it more popular among the users. 


Losing data is scary but do not worry with the help of data recovery software like EaseUS, you can easily recover any lost, deleted, formatted or corrupted files. Try out EaseUS, it is the best free data recovery software available online. 

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