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How to Increase Memory Slots in Elden Ring (Updated 2022)

You can memorize cells called Memory Slots and keep spells in them. Since the game requires spells, these are quite helpful in Elden Ring. Players must first learn how to cast spells before using them. You can extend the number of Memory Slots in Elden Ring by storing these spells in additional Memory Slots.

Elden Ring Memory Slots

We now need to learn how to increase them as we are aware of how important and valuable these Memory Slots are. We do this so that we can cast more spells. You’ll only have two Memory Slots at start, so you’ll need to upgrade them. You might use more spells in combat if you did this.

You must locate the Memory Stones to increase the Memory Slots. You’ll need to dig to find the Memory Stones because they are dispersed throughout the Lands Between.

However, you should be aware that because to their scarcity and high value, these are difficult to come by. The first one will be available for purchase at the Roundtable Hold, while the others will demand that you complete a number of specific objectives. All the Memory Stones locations are therefore listed below for you to find.

Red Wolf of Radagon:

To get this Memory Stone, kill the boss you come across in the Raya Lucaria Academy.

Demi-Human Maggie: 

You’ll run into a challenging boss in Hermit Village in a place called Mt. Gelmir. To get this Memory Stone, defeat this boss.

Enia the Finger Reader:

You can purchase this Memory Stone at the Roundtable Hold for 3000 runes.

Converted Tower:

It is possible to get this Memory Stone by ascending to the tower’s summit.

Testu’s Rise:

To get this Memory Stone, ascend through the tower by winning the challenge.

Lenne’s Rise:

You can find this Memory Stone in the Caelid, which is located inside the Dragonbarrow tower.

Oridys’s Rise:

On top of the Tower will be this Memory Stone. You must visit the Site of Grace on the Morne Rampart’s eastern side. You would have to kill three ghost turtles at this location, which is on the Weeping Peninsula, in order to get access to the tower.

Seluvis’s Rise:

You must go to Liurnia’s Three Sisters location in order to collect this Memory Stone. The two bosses, Caria Manor and Royal Knight Loretta, must be defeated when you arrive.

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