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Surveillance Skill: The Future In 2020

Because technology advances, the future will belong to those who have skills and flexibility. Ai’s capabilities and camera technology are endless, especially in the casino industry, however, people are just starting to see the bigger picture. If casinos adopt the technology, it could change the way they are run, forever. All the required eyes will be on the surveillance department, which is also known as gatekeepers of the casino camera system. 

About Surveillance

For now, this team is in a position to have a huge role in the development of automated computer vision-based systems. The system will provide valuable intel to the management department which will help them run the organisation more efficiently. However, there is another catch. The surveillance team could also be put in a corner or their role will be diminished because the managers can have access to all of the available data, alerts, video analytics and actionable intelligence. In addition, casino executives can very well ask the question, why have a surveillance department? If facial technology works, why is it needed for people to recognize people? 

It is easier for surveillance people to say that using computer vision for managing the casino in the future will never happen, but over the years the casino hasn’t exactly shown a lot of enthusiasm for surveillance technology. Mostly because it is about the operational status quo of what Las Vegas founding fathers intended. However, there is going to be a day when these will be accepted and you don’t have to be in the “robots taking jobs” camp. Besides, we can all see that automation is having an effect all over the market. 

The automation technology has been here for a long time, in some shape or form. And in the next decade, automation will be ramping up. In the casino industry, we read stories of robot cocktails servers and we see on Youtube videos with robot dealers. Even here, the industry old-timers used to say that dealers and cocktail waitresses can never be replaced and that is why people come. Now the next question comes. Could surveillance people be replaced by a robot? The answer is pretty simple if these people just come every day and watch monitors, yes. Because there will be a computer vision software that will interface the cameras and monitor the casino using sophisticated algorithms to detect undesirable activity. And it doesn’t require training, time off, sleep mode and so on. 

However, the machine will never replace a person that has a very particular set of skills. If this person will be able to achieve the casino’s goal of protection and growth then this person is part of the future, a great future. In order to realize their potential, surveillance employees have to develop and upgrade their skill set. It is important to obtain knowledge and by having the knowledge doesn’t always mean to get tangible results, adding value or achieving company objectives, it just means that you know stuff.

Upgrading A Skill Set

How can you upgrade the skill set? Well introducing an AI with vision-based systems will change the role of surveillance and the job description of people. The monitoring of games, such as slots, will be automated and in order to optimise the potential of the new technology, the staff can be reassigned to new tasks and responsibilities. In order to do this, the training needs to be more competency-based or learning how to do stuff. Learning knowledge will remain in the core curriculum and if people don’t already have them, they will be taught advanced skills that can add value. 

The important skills that are required to learn will be around these four areas: investigation, analysis, systems and communication. 

The investigation will be about conducting an investigation and interrogation and to be able to gather and analyze open-source intelligence. 

The analysis will be able to interpret gaming data and performance. To be able to conduct trend analysis and solve business problems. And you also have to examine processes and make recommendations for improvement. In addition, you also have to be able to conduct and write a threat assessment and conduct and write an audit. 

The system is about being able to write code, design algorithms in order to detect specific activity. You also have to work with vendors and suppliers in order to develop system interfaces. And you also need to know to maintain and secure the department database and information systems. And to be able to examine electronic games and design detection mechanisms. 

And at least, the communication sector where you have to be able to confidently present information to senior management either verbally or digitally in a clear and accurate manner. Even here you have to design infographics, slideshows and videos that can be used internally for training and management presentations. However, the design process doesn’t stop here. You have to also design effective court presentations. In addition, you have to come up with strategies to maintain a positive relationship across the organization. You have to set up clear channels of communication with other departments in a crisis management situation. And you also have to be able to get everyone in the department on the same page.

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