5 Amazing Apps That Make Your Life as a Teacher Easier

Teaching used to be a lot of work. Educators had to use traditional methods and do everything without any special equipment or tools to help them out. Some schools are still running on those old ways, but, luckily, many others have adopted technology to make teaching much more comfortable. There are many fantastic applications on the internet to help you out. Here are five services that you should consider using in the classroom, and some can even help outside the class.


If you are trying to be entertaining for your students, then Kahoot can help. It is an excellent piece of software that can be used to turn learning into fun games, to help students learn better. All the students will have to have the Kahoot app on their handheld devices. You can also have a questionnaire, and the students can join by using the app as a buzzer and answer if they are the first ones to hit the button. It is available on Android and IOS, which makes it accessible to everyone.

Google Classroom

Google has a plethora of fantastic services that help people in all professions, whether it’s for work, studies, or fun. You can make use of the Google Classroom to distribute the assignments. They could be collectively for a specific class or assigned differently for each student. You can also use the services of Google Drive to store all the materials that students might need. However, everyone will need access to get a hold of those. 


You will often need to write report cards, assignment instructions, a list of grades, or other things, and all these can be easily done on any word processor. However, it would be best if you converted those files to PDF format after finishing up. You can use SodaPDF to change form word, or other forms, to PDF. You can also use the software to make any edits after converting. It also has many other amazing features. The services are also provided for free on their website.

Teach Learn Lead

If you need any help from other teachers, then join the social media website for teachers. It is an excellent platform where all the teachers from different schools can connect and share their daily experiences and difficulties. It is excellent to get some advice and help on particular topics. You can see what other educators use in their classes to enhance the abilities of students. There are also many groups and polls on the app. Teachers also have fun by sharing funny moments.


Instead of having to update the parents at parent-teacher meetings, you can use this handy app to give all the guardians updates on their kids. You can ask students to store all the essential things in their accounts every day. You can use the app to keep track of all the weaknesses and strengths of each student. It can also be used to give a report to the principal if they ever ask.

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