Achieving Agility With Workday Financial Management

More than ever, your business needs a system that does more than simply manage financial processes. That’s where Workday Financial Management comes in. The cloud solution is constructed on an adaptive global foundation that helps organizations gain greater insight, among other things. And the system is agile – crucial in today’s constantly changing business environment. You really do need the ability to pivot as necessary.

What you may not know is that you can achieve even greater agility with Workday Financial Management by enlisting the assistance of a Workday partner. Here’s what you need to know about that – and more.

What is Workday Financial Management?

With Workday Financial Management, you get more than the basic financial management capabilities that you would expect from a modern system. However, this solution doesn’t stop there. Hardly. Not only does it help companies achieve better insight, fostering better strategic decisions, but it offers internal control and auditability. What’s more, organizations gain consistency across global operations. That’s important since we live and do business in an increasingly global business world.

What Else is Special About Workday Financial Management?

We’re talking about just one system that supports a lot: multidimensional reporting, transaction processing, planning, consolidation, and compliance – all through the utilization of an in-memory architecture and object data model. What’s also cool is that everything is accessible from your mobile device or desktop and that the user experience is consistent no matter which one you work from.

What Functions Does Workday Financial Management Handle?

In the main, the solution takes care of accounting and finance as well as audit and internal controls. That’s in addition to reporting and analytics, and revenue management. Then there’s financial planning and global financial reporting and consolidation. As if that weren’t enough, the system is also all over expenses, projects, inventory, procurement, project billing, and grants management.

How Agile is Workday Financial Management?

Very. It IS an agile solution that gives organizations the capability to address changes as they occur, be they business process, organizational, or reporting. It helps that Workday provides a user-friendly interface that requires minimal training.

Can We Get Even More Agility Through a Workday Partner?

In a word, yes. First, let’s explain what we mean by Workday partners. These are systems integrators and firms hand-picked by Workday and located all over the world. What they do is help businesses deploy Workday and continually adopt novel capabilities. Such partners – the consultant Mercer is one – are trained through and through on Workday products and have the know-how to help enterprises wring the most from their Workday Financial Management investment.

How Can the Consultant Mercer Help?

For one thing, Mercer has more than a decade of launch experience under its belt plus the tools and datasets you need to make strategic decisions fast and efficiently. The fact is that Mercer can help you deploy Workday Financial Management sooner than you would otherwise, and less expensively. In addition to data-conversion tools and robust methodologies, Mercer can support your Workday implementation with report and integration catalogs.

Ultimately, Mercer provides a holistic melding of process and solution, and functional, expertise – in addition to industry expertise – plus proprietary tools, vast experience, and industry knowledge. We’re impressed by Mercer’s ability to use these attributes to add more vale to Workday’s built-in flexibility.

Now you know that achieving optimal agility with Workday Financial Management means signing up with a Workday partner such as Mercer, which has the expertise and breadth of experience to get you where you need to be in today’s evolving and unpredictable business world. After all, you need every edge you can muster to stay ahead of the game. 

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