Advantages of Using a Franking Machine compared to Stamps

While letters and posts might have become obsolete in terms of personal communication due to the era of digitization, they have remained as relevant as ever for businesses, small and large. Business letters continue to be used to send invoices, business updates, or mailshots, and they are essential for keeping consumers pleased and informed.

The typical postage stamp has been around for the longest time and needs no introduction. However, the automatic franking machine is rapidly replacing it. More and more companies are now switching to the franking machine compared to conventional postage stamps due to the several added benefits it provides.

We have put together a list of the advantages of using a franking machine compared to traditional postage stamps, as below.

Franking Machines are Cheaper due to Additional Discounts

The price of a first-class stamp is 85p and 66p for a second-class stamp, as per Royal Mail’s December 2020 announcement. The prices are even higher for large letters. Given the current economic situation, this translates to more expenses for privatized Royal Mail clients.

A franking machine can save a lot of money depending on how much mail a company sends out and what kind of mail it sends out. Not only do the franking mail costs apply to first- and second-class letters, but they also apply to a variety of royal mail services.

The Royal Mail has boosted the discounts given to franking machine users in recent years. This is because the cost of processing mail has dropped dramatically for franked mail compared to stamped mail.

The usage of franking machines has soared as a result, with Royal Mail discounts more than doubling in the last two years. This means that even tiny businesses that send out little amounts of mail can save money by renting or purchasing a franking machine.

Franking Machines help portray a Professional Image

While using a stamp to send a letter covers the cost of delivery, the space on the front of the envelope can be utilized to promote a company’s products or services. Furthermore, employing a franking machine to print both an advertisement and a return address gives the impression of professionalism, as well as a consistent brand.

Unlike other forms of advertising, the message on the face of the letter might be updated on a daily/seasonal basis using franking machines that allow for text messaging. You can, thus, conveniently advertise new product launches and services, offers and promotions from time to time.

No More Guess Work Needed

Unless you consult the Royal Mail website or take them to a post office, figuring out how much stamps to use to mail a letter or parcel might still be a guessing game. In the coming years, postal rates are projected to vary more frequently. This will likely increase the chances of requesting the incorrect number of stamps to a postal item.

When it comes to under stamping, Royal Mail used to charge the sender an additional fee if their mail or mails were under stamped. That has all changed though, since Royal Mail will still deliver your mail to the receiver and have them pick it up from their offices, charging them handling fees and the difference in stamp prices that you hadn’t cleared. This will not only cause you shame, but it may also cost you, customers.

You can easily avoid such anomalies with franking, leveraging the benefit of product selection. This directs customers to the correct postage rates, preventing money wastage. Using a franking mail machine will result in significant improvements in the overall administration of the company’s mailing process. It will also enhance your ability to deliver the correct message to your clients in the most cost-effective and timely manner feasible.

Expensive Trips to the Post Office can be Saved

Finding out that you don’t have enough stamps to send your mail is inconvenient for most firms, and it entails an unscheduled trip to the post office. Furthermore, the conventional route leaves to businesses only limited, time-bound access to all of the Royal Mail’s comprehensive services.

Having a franking machine eliminates this problem and ensures that all postal services are available at all times, even when the post office is closed. Adding more monies to the machine over a phone connection or a LAN is a quick and uncomplicated way to increase postal credit.

Helps in Accountability and VAT Liaison

Finally, franking machines are useful when it comes to filing taxes because they report on postage charges, allowing you to claim all of your expenses on your tax return.

Who utilizes the machine is completely under your control. That means you have complete control over your spending. You can also see exactly who used what and when. This means you can charge each mailing’s postage to the appropriate department, project, or function.

Many postal services are now VAT-eligible, which means that most firms will need to account for and recover these sums. For many businesses, tracking postage across several departments also enables for cross-charging and reporting.

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