Best Apps Like Tempo 2023

A large audience has long been fans of the Tempo video editing program. It does contain a tonne of excellent tools that help produce top-notch content. Other services, however, do not fall short of the software above and may even offer some benefits.

The top free music video editing applications for Android & iOS have been compiled in this review. Choose the options that fit your needs.

Apps Like Tempo

1: Timeular

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apps like tempo and vinkle

By using the web application Timeular, everyone can access services that demand the highest level of productivity while completing each assignment. The platform allows customers to access the time-tracking procedure for various daily tasks. It enables users to develop productivity-based behaviors while utilizing the system. Timeular’s customers can also select a tracking category, and the tracker can be customized based on their needs. Everyone can immediately follow their data.

2: Vinkle

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tempo app

The Vinkle software is made for producing and modifying films from still images. It is intended for neophytes in the blogging world who use TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. With the help of the application, you can turn a collection of images into a unique film and embellish it with various effects, stickers, frames, and music. The application provides many capabilities for content editing.

You can add your own music and use unique transitions that perfectly match the rhythm of the sound. The program supports more than 300 templates with pre-added effects. They are organized into groups based on themes for your convenience. All you have to do is select your preferred template and add your own photos. The photos’ dimensions and placement can be altered while editing.

3: TMetric

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tempo app coco template

A large user base, a sophisticated set of time monitoring tools, multi-deployment capabilities, and excellent reviews are all included with TMetric. You may easily access this program in real time if you have Windows, macOS, iOS, or Android. Automated time capturing, non-billable and billable hours, employee databases, different billing rates, mobile time tracking, offline time tracking, overtime computation, etc. are all things they can offer. Additionally, TMetric allows consumers to manage their projects’ budgets better.

4: VideoFX

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tempo download

You may record videos and add various special effects using the VideoFX software. Synchronize a sound or music track with the content. A delay can be added before the recording begins. The first step after starting the app is choosing an audio recording. The next step is to begin filming the video while the music is being played. You can coordinate your motions with the music with the aid of this tool.

There are many effects you can add while recording. For instance, the utility enables you to blur, multicolor, or convert an image to black and white. To prepare for recording, you can specify a delay of three, five, or more seconds. The software lets you to examine the outcome using the built-in player after you’ve finished recording. One can change the playback speed. The mobile device’s front or rear cameras can record video.

5: Qbserve

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vunkle mod apk


Customers can track their activities on their devices with Qbserve thanks to the automation of a time-tracking network for the Mac system. This application can provide consumers with ongoing feedback on how productive they are using such devices. It can automatically track customer working hours so that the procedure generates bills. Additionally, Qbserve allows its users to monitor projects directly connected to the web pages and documentation they have visited.

6: Triller

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pixpoz mod apk download

You can record videos and include music with the Triller app. Furthermore, auto-editing and a quick social networking tool are present. Using the built-in editor, you can use the tool to record and edit clips. There are more than 50 filter options. To access the app, you must sign in with a social network account from Twitter, Snapchat, or Facebook.

You can open a new account by providing your phone number or email address. The most popular videos with the most likes and views are shown on the home page. You can look for a channel by name or by category. You can produce original content with the tool and distribute it to other users. You must give the app permission to access the camera and microphone. With the help of the integrated auto-editing feature, you may swiftly edit your video for the best possible outcome.

7: Cattr

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vn vedio maker

Cattr provides online time monitoring solutions that allow customers to increase their productivity dramatically. It is based on developing numerous system functionalities to assist users with a streamlined workflow and an operational network in real time. In addition, Cattr can assist the management in scheduling the advance work and obtaining daily reports. With an organized system, these functionalities can significantly increase growth and boost overall productivity.

8: Lomotif

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vn video editor maker vlognow

The Lomotif app is made to allow users to edit and add music to their videos. There is a wide selection of animations and audio files available for free. Use your page to share your content. The program is ideal for beginners in video creation because of its user-friendly layout and straightforward prompts. There are libraries of different music, vibrant filters, and template clips available in Lomotif.

You can use any of these to make your own videos using the app at no charge. Lomotif offers a wide range of editing tools. A video can be edited, have stickers added from the built-in collection, and have any color and text applied to it.

You can filter your articles using the app as well. There are more than five alternatives. All incomplete projects will be preserved in the app if you register with Lomotif. Making films with a music overlay is simple with Lomotif. Simply choose the desired clip from the gallery or the built-in collection. The enormous music library of the program must then be added to it.

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