Are Machine Learning And Big Data The Same?

The short answer to this question is no, machine learning and big data are not the same. However, they do work together and intersect in some significant ways. In this article, we will take a look at what machine learning and big data are to better understand their relationship with each other. 

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a subsection of artificial intelligence. It is the part that helps a system to learn and improve without the need for explicit programming. The focus of ML is the development of computer programs that are able to access data and then use it to learn from. 

Machine learning analyses data using algorithms that can then make predictions and decisions automatically without human intervention. The computers automatically learn from looking at the data and detecting patterns. 

Classic algorithms of ML looked at the text as a simple sequence of keywords. However, machine learning can mimic a human’s ability to understand the meaning of the text by using semantic analysis. Thereby increasing the machine’s ability to learn and make informed and accurate decisions. 

What Is Big Data?

Big data is the term we use to describe large amounts of data, statistics, and information that has been acquired by organizations. It is extremely difficult to manually analyze big data with traditional data processing software.

Big data is used to discover patterns and trends and make decisions based on this data. It collects such a massive volume of data that businesses are able to address problems that they wouldn’t have previously been able to.

According to big data company SAS “There are three Vs in Big data… Volume, Velocity, and Variety. The volume being the amount of data that is collated from a multitude of sources. Velocity is the fast rate at which the data is received and acted on. With Variety being the variety of sources that the data can be collected from. The data sources can be semi-structured or unstructured.”

How Machine Learning and Big Data Work Together

One way to look at this is, in order for a machine to learn, it needs data. The more data the machine has the better it can learn. 

Big data is the process that gives us insights that are helpful for our businesses from huge sets of data. Machine learning is one part of the analysis that enables our programs to use the data to teach themselves to operate more accurately. In turn, the combination of these two improves overall business operations, customer satisfaction and quality. 

A machine can ‘learn’ to perform its tasks better through receiving the volume and variety of data from big data analytics. Data analytics, through machine learning, have already provided many industries with huge improvements to their systems. These include healthcare, finance, banking, and retail industries. 

Why We Need Machine Learning With Big Data

Remember the 3 V’s? These present a massive challenge when it comes to analyzing and managing the data collected through big data. What good is it having a stack of information if you can’t interpret it or use it? 

Machine Learning and AI help businesses to create the algorithms needed to actually analyze all that data and turn it into useable information. With the right programs and data scientists, all that data becomes knowledge. 

Knowledge is power, the power to understand your customers, to connect with them, and to stand out from your competitors.

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