Best Apps to Send SMS from PC in 2021

We should concede, the innovation around is advancing at a quick speed. It was definitely not quite a while in the past when we needed to get our cell phone to send SMS to our companions. These days, you can send SMS from a PC. Interestingly, very nearly many Android apps are accessible on the Play Store that allows you to send SMS from your PC. 

But, not every app works progressively. Some of them request that you plan SMS messages, while others interface your phone with the PC to send and get SMS messages. In this article, we will discuss a list of the best Android apps to send text and SMS from your PC. 

List of Best Apps to Send SMS from PC for Android

The entirety of the apps listed in the article was sensibly simple to arrange. Well, to send SMS from a PC, you need to connect Android and PC with a similar Wi-Fi network. Along these lines, let’s take a look at the best Android apps to send text and SMS from PC.


MySMS is an Android app that offers free SMS to mySMS clients. With MySMS you can plan an SMS to your companion from some other time-region. In the free form, you can send SMS from PC, however, from the premium version, you can make a call to your friends, picked a topic, make a group, archive messages to Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote. MySMS charges $9.99/year for its superior services. Nonetheless, you can go for a 2 weeks trial period. What’s more, in the event that you like it, free your pocket in any case remember to drop the recurring payment to mySMS from PayPal.


Airdroid is our most loved app. If you are a PC nerd who adheres to his PC for day and night, at that point Airdroid is only for you. Tending to Airdroid an SMS-from-Computer app will not be right. Instead, it takes a gander at a greater picture. You can say, it allows you distantly to control your Android cell phone for your PC. Sending and accepting SMS is only one piece of it. But, the app is worth using. 

With Airdroid, you can handle nearly everything on your phone like camera, contacts, music, recordings, delete apps, or download. You can ring your phone if you lost it someplace. Additionally, there is no transfer limit on the documents if your phone and the PC are associated with the same Wi-Fi network.

However, if you need to control your phone from a distant area, you need to free your pocket. Airdroid charges $19.99/year, or you can decide on one monthly plan for $1.99. With its premium version, Airdroid can snap photographs of the individuals who attempt to open your phone; can move a complete folder at a time, and whole new highlights.


PushBullet is an incredible SMS-from-Computer app with an extraordinary UI. Despite the fact that it’s famous for sending and accepting documents and getting notifications from your cell phone to the PC; Pushbullet additionally allows you to answer your content from the browser.

Messaging with PushBullet is simple, essentially punch in the recipient and the content, and it will be gotten on the opposite side with one snap. PushBullet additionally pushes the text to your Gmail contacts; if you associate your Gmail account. Additionally, you can send links, documents up to 25MB per file in the free form and 1GB per file in the paid version. Push Bullet additionally gives end-to-end encryption. Push Bullet charges $4.99/mo and $39.99/Year.

Mighty Text

Mighty Text fits individuals who love premium apps. This android app not just allows you to send an SMS from your PC, yet it additionally shows the notices from your phone on your PC screen. You can tweak Mighty text with magnificent subjects and themes. It likewise has an enormous assortment of quotes, interesting gif, and videos that can be utilized to engage loved ones. 

You can undoubtedly screen your battery, plan messages (professional), push maps, site pages, and photographs to your phone, mighty Text requests $39.99 per year or $3.33 every Month for experts, however, you can get a one-year free membership by referring to your ten companions. 

Pulse SMS

Pulse is an outsider SMS user that offers loads of advanced highlights. This incorporates a great range of themes to browse, password assurance, message planning, reviews for web links, a huge load of nifty short ways, and obviously, the capacity to get your messages on your PC. The Pulse web app works a ton like Android Messages and accompanies an advanced clean tasteful. 

Well, these strengthening highlights are not free. For synchronizing your SMS discussions across gadgets, Pulse charges a monthly expense of $1, or $6 for a year; alternatively, you can pay a one-time expense of $11 for lifetime access.


If you like free stuff, at that point Textory is a decent SMS-from-PC app for you. As the name proposes, Textory (text + story) joins every one of the discussions with your companion as a story, and you receive all the call, SMS, and email at one spot like a passage of a story. 

With Textor, you can make a call t your friends, send an SMS, and add an update note to your contact. In the event that you love to place your contacts in groups, textory has a tag alternative. This straightforward app can send SMS to 100 individuals all at once from your PC.

Android Messages

Google’s default SMS app on stock Android, Android Messages, has a web customer too. It includes a Material Design topic and a recognizable two-section format, with support for individual and group discussions. 

Furthermore, you can empower dark mode from its settings. There’s a possibility for accepting notifications in your program as well. 

To begin, open the Android Messages site. Once there, fire ups the Messages app on your phone, and under the three-speck menu, click Messages for web. Follow the means to examine the code and you ought to be online shortly.


Join is one of the more current options to send text and SMS from your PC; actually, it’s a remote access device that allows you to access your phone’s screen through PC. It utilizes the common style where you introduce the app on your phone and afterward you introduce the extension on your program. You’ll at that point have the option to do stuff in your program rather than on your phone. On top of sending messages and SMS, the app can likewise show you notice, share your clipboard among gadgets, access Tasker and Google Assistant, send documents, take screen captures, set your backdrop, and even share your area. It’s likewise one of only a handful, not many that have pay-once cost after the 1-month free trial.


TextFree is something somewhat unique. It’s a web app (available from any program) that allows you to send free instant messages to anyone. The catch is that you can’t do it from your own phone number. The app offers you a random phone number that you can use to message individuals. Sending text and SMS messages from the app is totally free, yet you should pay for quite a long time in the event that you need to call somebody utilizing the app. It’s a perfect method to send free instant messages. That is, as long as you wouldn’t fret doing it from a different number. The in-app buys are for sticker packs, for the most part.

Microsoft Your Phone

Microsoft Your Phone is a partner app that works best with Microsoft Windows and Android phones. You need to introduce the PC rendition close by the phone version for everything to work. Fundamentally, the app allows you to see your camera move, notices, and instant messages on your PC. Moreover, more up-to-date forms let you settle on phone calls and mirror your screen also. It’s a genuinely complete app regarding usefulness and highlights, in spite of the fact that there are some availability issues from time to time. Anybody with a Windows PC should look at this one first, particularly since it’s totally free.

Last thoughts – picking up the Best App to Send messages from PC for Android 

All of the apps that we discussed above are for Android users. However, regardless of whether you use SMS constantly or just a single time in some time, there’s an app here that allows you to get to your messages on your PC.

In my point of view, Airdroid is very acceptable with almost every element free of charge; you need to. Or on the other hand in the event that you need greater adaptability and cross-stage support, Pushbullet is likewise a decent choice. 

So these were some Android apps to send and reply to messages from your PC. If you think that we miss something? Share your musings in the remarks beneath.

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