Best Lightweight Browsers for Windows PC

Like other device elements, your internet browser can likewise put extra burden on your system, making it slow and lazy. Also, a heavyweight browser can eat your system memory and cause excess battery waste. What you need in such situations is a Lightweight Browser for Windows that can work efficiently as a mainstream browser without eliminating system support.

If you are battling with your present internet browser, read our list of most excellent Lightweight Browsers that guarantees fully fledged navigation experience at lightning speed. 

The Best Lightweight Browsers for Windows 

Today, we have listed the top rated, resource friendly and quick browsers that you can install on your Windows PC.

Microsoft Edge 

Microsoft is no new name and is known as the trump card of Microsoft against Google Chrome. This is the default browser of Windows 10 and doesn’t rub on your device resources. However, it is small browser. It appears not to compromise on loading speed. 

Appreciate for its excellent security highlights; it protects your device from dubious sites and malicious ads. Along these lines, Microsoft Edge additionally accompanies many customization options and can rapidly synchronize with various browsers extensions.

Now enjoy consistent working and modern web experience besides its Edge HTML Engine Layout.


Another light browser for Windows that you can choose is Opera. It guarantees quick downloading speed and optimal resource utilization, regardless of the number of expansions you download. 

Its ads blocker properties prevent irritating ads and trackers. To proceed to the security levels, it likewise accompanies auto-grade highlights and a built in VPN association that can without much of a stretch maintain your secrecy and scramble your online activities.

This is easy to set up and use. Get Opera your browsing friend and appreciate a proficient, clean, and incredible browsing experience.

Torch Browser 

Next in our list of light browsers for Windows PC is Torch Browser. This is completely reasonable for heavily active clients and supports consistent loading at an exceptionally quick speed. This is an open-source and media-situated browser application. 

This accompanies an in-built BitTorrent feature, which helps in simple management of downloads. With it, you likewise gain admittance to additional highlights like Torch Music and Torch Games, which adds to your browsing experience. In this way, you can likewise play online songs before their download is finished with its Torch Player highlight. 

Watch online media in a problem free way with its incorporated sharing and furthermore download accelerator highlights.

UR Browser

The Best Lightweight Browsers for Windows is the UR program. This chromium-based browser is supported with an incredible set-up of different highlights. Protection centered search engine, built in VPN connection alongside an incorporated virus scanner, makes it an across the board Lightweight Browser that can suit all your necessities. 

It additionally sends alert messages while visiting dubious sites and blocks all irritating ads from your software. Now enjoy quick loading seed with this light browser and profoundly adjustable for Windows.

Midori Windows Browser 

Enjoy a collection of standard browser highlights with this light browser for windows. Midori Windows Browser is an open-source browser and is notable for its class apart functionalities like a bookmark, RSS backing, and spell checker capacities. 

Another noteworthy thing about Midori is that its default search engine duckduckgo doesn’t get any helpful data. A direct UI and Minimalist also back its overall fame.

Slim Browser

Another Light browser for PC is Slim Browser. In the event that you are searching for a serious, native, and quick browser, at that point Slim Browser is requested. 

Like 10x download speed and secure your computerized life by obstructing irritating ads. This additionally comes supported with a completely customizable toolbar and a single tick Facebook integration.well, fast downloading of Youtube videos in MP3 and MP4 formats, browser plug in alongside simple content translation, and simple installation of expansions are few other basic contributions of this light browser for PC.


SeaMonkey is the best light browser for Windows that guarantees optimized browser working and loading speed. A built in email customer and built in editor r helps you in basic navigation and furthermore helps you in building up website page of your own. 

These are additionally powered with a password manager tool alongside mouse gesture, voice association, and restore session’s functionalities. This is an open source browser for Windows but can result in resistance issues as time.


Lynx can be amazingly helpful when utilizing an old PC or slow internet connection. Being a text internet browser has its own advantages: it can’t get data tracking web bugs, in this manner you can visit website pages without protection concerns. Like conventional browsers, it upholds page catching and browsing history.

Because the browser takes keystrokes from text documents, it’s as yet valuable for web scraping and automated data entry. Also, it’s utilized to check page clinks and test sites’ performance.


Surf is a basic, mini internet browser that deliberately gives limited sets of highlights. There is no inherent help for bookmarking, tabs, and ads blocking. The main graphical component it has is the website page view. 

The browser utilizes the keyboard. You can open new sites, scroll horizontally and vertically, zoom in and out, and reload the page without utilizing the mouse. 

Since the browser supports the XEmbed protocol, it tends to be inserted in different applications. You can even configure its XProperties to direct the browser toward another URI.

Comodo IceDragon 

Most importantly, Comodo is a security organization, so you can’t expect a browser built by them to be insecure. That’s, obviously, the greatest advantage of the Comodo IceDragon browser. Without a doubt security isn’t the main thing this browser offers, as there are numerous valuable highlights for better browsing.

With regards to highlights, Comodo offers similar options as Mozilla Firefox, including similar menus, extensions, and additional items, and many more. Along these lines, if Firefox is your primary browser at this moment, you’ll be more familiar with utilizing IceDragon. 

Now, we should discuss this current browser greatest feature – security. IceDragon utilizes Comodo’s own DNS server while changing URLs over to IP addresses. 

Final Thoughts

Well, this is our list of best and lightweight browser for windows to enjoy easy and fast browsing experience. All the options that discussed above assure you fast speed, less resource utilization,robots working and great security. Pick the best suites lightweight Browser for your window to trade off a standard browser.


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