Best Custom PC Builder Websites in 2021

Are you searching for the best custom PC builder to build your custom PC? Everyone needed it for themselves but fails because we don’t have any idea about picking the PC components and building a custom PC for ourselves. 

If this problem is with you, at that point where I’m with another most selective post on best custom pc builders and a complete detail for appropriately check the compatibility of the PC for yourself. 

So you no need to take stress now! After reading this post you’ll get profound information on building a PC for yourself and for other people. 

But before going on further firstly we will talk about what points or things you should keep in your mind before picking up the custom PC builder for you. Those are:


Clearly, we’re not rich; hence affordability keeps in mind before picking up the custom PC racket. Depending upon the type of things you need in your gaming rig, get ready to pay the premium in the event that you need the most awesome aspect the best.

Guarantee issues:

Because we’re discussing costly stuff and exotic segments, give additional consideration to the guarantee conditions; sadly, individuals will in general get occupied about this issue because of secretive reasons. The fact of the matter being, search for extended warranty offers and, if there are guarantee extension bundles accessible, simply go with it.

Customization options:

Customization is significant, as in how much freedom you have as far as redoing your PC. A few organizations are restricted to components, while in many others you can tweak everything, from the paint on the undercarriage to hardware components.

Customer service:

Indeed, customer service is significant. If something turns out badly, you should not waste your time on the telephone. Pick up that one that gives you complete 24/7 customer support.

Origin PC

Origin PC gives custom-built PCs for gaming and expert use and the entirety of their models and classes of PCs are ‘configurable’ to coordinate the specs you need. They built your PCs in small structure cases, mid-tower cases, full tower cases and, super pinnacle cases. Furthermore, they have laptop options that arrive in a lightweight case, just as laptops that have single and even double GPUs. 

It doesn’t have lower-level frameworks accessible, with their most affordable gaming PC beginning at $1,343. They do have financing choices, however, so if you don’t exactly have the spending plan to drop over 1,000 dollars on a system at this moment, you can decide on lower monthly options instead. What’s more, they do have a little selection of their frameworks accessible on Amazon if you are searching for faster shipping options. They give you 1-year guarantees on their frameworks and free technical support on your framework forever.


Maybe no other custom PC builder’s site offers a more extensive scope of base models and configuration options than CyberPowerPC does. CyberPowerPC was established right back in 1998 and they sell both custom PCs and laptops.

They additionally have the most minimal beginning costs among different sites on this list, with gaming desktops beginning at $769 and gaming laptops beginning at $799. But, you can also get more affordable options from CyberPowerPC on Amazon, with choices as low as $499. Furthermore, their $779 gaming PC listed on Amazon is a particularly decent worth that it even adversaries the sort of execution you could get if you build your own framework for ~$700-$800. 

Furthermore, CyberPowerPC additionally offers financing options through Affirm, so there is the possibility to make monthly payments on their frameworks. 

All CyberPowerPC’s frameworks have a 1-year guarantee with a 3-year service plan and lifetime technical support. They do have very slow delivery times, with custom frameworks requiring half a month to be conveyed, however, you can pay for hurried transportation in as little as 3-days. Their options on Amazon are Prime-qualified, which implies they can be delivered to you in as little as 2-days free of charge.


iBuyPower is the best builder that is outfitted towards veteran gamers. Set up in 1999, the organization offers an overwhelming selection of segments that may be confusing for PC builders beginners. But, it tends to be a heaven for the individuals who have done their exploration or have PC building experience. 

Regarding evaluating, iBuyPower is inside the Goldilocks zone and has gaming systems under $1,000. What’s more, additionally like CyberPowerPC, iBuyPower sells pre-built frameworks on Amazon for as low as $549.They likewise offer many services, for example, water-cooling, fundamental cable management, and, custom etching. 

iBuyPower’s site likewise includes an Easy Builder tool, which streamlines the PC building process. Directly at the bat, it allows you to choose between AMD and Intel as your processor. After which, it shows a portion of their builds. You can likewise utilize filters for example; value, storage, visual memory, and extraordinary highlights to additional tailor your inclinations. 

Additionally on offer from iBuyPower is a 30-day money-back guarantee for most buys. In any case, iBuyPower doesn’t bear the dealing with and dispatching charge. Moreover, a few items are additionally dependent upon a 15% restocking expense.


Xidax isn’t famous as organizations like Origin PC, CyberPowerPC, and iBuyPower, yet they may really be the most ideal choice among builders. For beginners, their custom PCs begin at $565, which is a very less price. They likewise offer better quality desktops, workstations, and laptops for gaming or expert use. 

By their customization choices, and of Xidax desktop can be moved up to have better core hardware, just as customization options like RGB lighting, CPU and GPU overclocking, CPU delidding, etching, quicker delivery, and so on Xidax additionally offers financing through Affirm, so you can make regular payments on their frameworks, as well. 

The entirety of Xidax’s desktop computers accompanies an industry-leading lifetime limited guarantee and their laptops accompany a 2-year limited guarantee.

Digital Storm

Computerized Storm has been around since 2002 and they provide a great range of custom desktops, workstations, and PCs for gaming and additionally proficient use. While both CyberPowerPC and iBuyPower offer a more extensive range of base models to pick between and they have more affordable choices accessible through Amazon, Digital Storm offers the least expensive base model framework among the entirety of other options on this rundown. Their Vanquish base model beginnings at $699 and has a lot of options to be redesigned. 

All of Digital Storm’s models have 3-year limited guarantees, with the option to move up to 4-or 5-year limited guarantees too. Their frameworks likewise accompany financing options in the event that you are looking to make monthly installments as opposed to paying the full cost.


 BLD is generally a new custom builder site on this list. The brand is an auxiliary of NZXT, famous PC peripherals, and hardware manufacturers. It additionally has the most comprehensive PC customizations that beginners and veteran PC builders can rapidly appreciate. 

BLD gives you a complete opportunity to make your rig. By answering a series of questions on their site, you can fabricate a PC that takes into account your own necessities and inclination. 

You likewise will pick your financial plan, the main game you mean to play, and different parameters to sort the best parts for your rig. After entering your filters, it at that point gives you several suggested builders. Users can keep configuring their units by adding peripherals like RGB lighting, cooling, shading plans, and so more.

BLD likewise has quick delivery of only 2 days after ordering. However, the organization likewise charges a flat expense of $350 for delivery and assembly.


MainGear has been building your PCs for more than 15 years now. Established back in 2002, MainGear has a great selection of PCs, laptops, and workstations that can be utilized for gaming or for proficient use. 

MainGear’s frameworks are configurable, with the choice to pick everything from the CPU and designs card in their frameworks 3to adding RGB lights, custom paintwork, various storage gadgets in RAID configuration, and updated guarantees (among others). You can get MainGear frameworks on Amazon if you are searching for a Prime-eligible PC that can be delivered to you rapidly. 

MainGear has frameworks that start at genuinely nice costs. Their base gaming PC model, The Vybe, begins at $825. The entirety of MainGear’s custom PCs accompanies a 1-year guarantee with the choice to upgrade to a 3-year guarantee through their configuration options.


AVADirect may have the most powerful catalog among the entirety of the options on this rundown. From the top of the gaming desktop to custom-built gaming PCs, to workstations, to smaller PC builds, to even extraordinary tablets, AVA Direct has a huge load of various framework options and setups to pick between. 

AVADirect sells singular parts also, with the option to purchase everything from desktop, hard drives to headsets, consoles, and mice. 

Custom-built gaming work areas beginning at $919 and custom-built laptops beginning at $1,099. What’s more, they offer to finance on the entirety of their frameworks in case you’re searching to part your interest into more modest sums.

Last thoughts – Pick up the Best PC Builders Site for You

So, these were the best custom PC builder websites for you. There are many others. Mostly Gamers build their own PCS rather than buy them pre-built, but not everyone wants to spend money or waste their time on building a computer. The eight custom PC builders listed above are the best choices for building your own system. So, pick up the best option for you with keep in mind above mention considerations according to your necessities. 

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