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A Mac is an excellent PC for making music on because there are a great number of digital audio workstations (DAWs) accessible to use with it. The best DAWs for Mac let you record instruments, catch MIDI exhibitions, edit audio documents, and fare quality mixes. 

Well, some DAWs cost many dollars to purchase; there are a lot of free DAWs for Mac. Also, these are the best free DAWs for Mac. Every one of them gives all the highlights you want to make proficient quality tracks without any cost.


GarageBand is total to download on your iPhone, iPad or Mac, and it allows you to deal with similar musical projects across the entirety of your Apple gadgets. If you leave the Apple system, you should take a gander at GarageBand. 

Do not try to let GarageBand’s basic interface put you off. It’s a very strong tool for creating, organizing, and recording music. You can also get a great library of Apple Loops to begin or compose something new utilizing the amazing virtual instruments. The Drummer highlight is especially extraordinary, allowing you to pick between 28 distinct styles. 

GarageBand has all the basic things you want to make music on your Mac. Work with audio or MIDI. Change your instrumentation in the orchestrate window. Furthermore, utilize a strong set of modules from the brilliant controls view. 

The greatest disadvantage to GarageBand is that there’s no mixer view. You’re likewise covered at a sum of 256 tracks, despite the fact that you’re probably not going to arrive at that limit. To sidestep these limitations you need to move up to Logic Pro.

Download: macOS

Waveform Free

Tracktion makes programming instruments, effects, modules, and DAWs, including Waveform Free. This is packed with many features with limitless audio or MIDI tracks, implicit synthesizers, samplers, and compatibility for outsider modules. 

Despite the fact that you can pay for Waveform Pro to open additional highlights, Waveform Free has all you require from a DAW to create proficient quality music on your Mac. It’s likewise accessible on Windows, Linux, and Raspberry Pi. So you can work together on your music across any PC plaatform. 

Try not to let the name fool you; Waveform Free is under process version of the Pro alternative. All things considered, you get all that you may have paid for from a professional DAW with the exception of the most recent headway. 

If you want additional highlights, you can move up to Waveform Pro for $69. Doing so opens fast activities, adaptable formats, module macros, and another top of line highlights.

Download:  macOS 


LMMS used to represent Linux Multimedia Studio; however, that moniker exited use when LMMS went cross-stage. It’s currently accessible on Windows and macOS, as well. What’s more, since it’s an open-source DAW, you can also access LMMS on your Mac without any cost. 

Open-source programming is worked by the community. That means LMMS doesn’t have the same assets behind it that GarageBand gets from Apple. As a result it feels not normal to utilize and isn’t as full with highlights as other DAWs. 

The greatest disadvantage to LMMS is that it is not very friendly DAW. You can import pre-recorded examples; however, you can’t record audio straightforwardly into LMMS. But overall, LMMS is best for individuals working with MIDI instruments to make electronic music. 

Make tunes and beats utilizing the piano roll and step sequencer. At that point change the sound utilizing built-in virtual instruments. These incorporate emulators of the Commodore 64 SID central processor, Roland TB-303, and the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Download:  macOS 

Studio One Prime

Presonus gives Studio One in a great number of versions: Professional, Artist, and Prime. Every version has different highlights, yet we’re generally many people interested in Prime because it’s totally free. It actually accompanies all you want to make music. 

Studio One Prime incorporates upholds for limitless audio and MIDI tracks, nine Native Effects modules, and just about one gigabyte of samples. But, you can’t utilize virtual instruments without overhauling them. However, Studio One Prime is incredible for working with audio. 

Take benefit of Studio One’s single-window interface to record, organize, and blend your music. Presonus additionally flaunts wide intuitive usefulness that allows you to add impacts, edit audio documents, and work with sequencers. 

To open more highlights, actuate a 30-day free trial of Studio One Professional whenever. This gives you a similar clean interface as Studio One Prime, yet with better virtual instrument uphold. You likewise get a bigger library of impacts and modules.

Download:  macOS 


Despite the fact that Audacity doesn’t look as good as the other free DAWs for Mac, it’s a strong audio editor with a devoted fan base. Audacity is ideal for recording and altering sound, regardless of whether you need to locate the ideal sample or make a fresh out of the plastic new multi track recording. 

There are a lot of various approaches to utilize Audacity, and it’s quite a straightforward DAW that you don’t have to spend long figuring out how it functions. It incorporates a great range of modules and impacts, including equalizers, reverb, reverberation, distortion, chorusand so more.

Sadly, you can just have up to 16 tracks of sound at a time. It doesn’t uphold MIDI recording, in spite of the fact that you can import MIDI tracks from somewhere else. 

Audacity is perhaps the best DAW for new peoples because there aren’t an excessive number of highlights to disrupt everything. It’s especially useful for recording and editing webcasts 

Download:  macOS 


Passion is an exhaustive open-source computerized audio workstation. It incorporates limitless audio and MIDI tracks, non-dangerous editing, module automation, video playback, and a blending interface.

In case you’re willing to place the time in, Ardour is an exceptionally incredible DAW that accompanies all the highlights you’d expect from premium programming. It’s accessible for Windows, macOS, and Linux so you won’t feel tied to a specific stage if you do figure out how to utilize it. 

Sadly,  Ardour is only accessible for nothing if you download the DAW source code and compile the Mac application yourself. This is a difficult process, and Ardour doesn’t provide any assistance with it. 

All things considered, for $1/month you can download a prepared to-run version of Ardour that is a lot simpler. We kept Ardour in this rundown of free applications because it’s strong to such an extent that you ought to genuinely consider figuring out how to build it from the source code.

Download:  macOS 

Utilize a Premium DAW to Get the Best Sound Quality 

For the vast majority, the free DAWs for Mac listed above offer all you want to make extraordinary music. Record with audio and MIDI, import your samples, work with sequencers, and utilize free modules and impacts to consummate your mix. There’s bounty to dive into. 

Nonetheless, for better audio quality you may have to pay for a professional DAW to open higher sample rates. 

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