Best Drone Apps for Android – Make Your Flight Incredible 

Before you go outside to fly your new drone, you’ll need to ensure you have all the tools you require to fly securely. That incorporates the most recent software’s not just for the drone application to control your drone, yet for extra tools to upgrade your flight insight too. 

We have a list of the best applications from the manufacturers, the applications you need to fly. But today we will talk about the extra applications you can introduce to get more out of your flight. So, let’s go with the best drone applications.

Google Earth

As you understand, the main thing you will must do with any drone is to find out a spot to fly it. Truly, there are many drone committed mapping applications on our list; they are incredible at demonstrating where it’s protected to fly. Safe spots to fly is different thing, however before you understand this point, why don’t Google Earth to get out the spots to fly. Google Earth is free for Android users and accessible on the web too.


Airmap is the app that accomplishes such a great deal something other than map a potential flight area. With sponsorship by organizations like Qualcomm and Microsoft, also drone apps like Yuneec or Airmap is quickly turning into the true device for business drone flight. don’t try with your drone mapping, geo-fencing, or flight logging business tools frighten you away, using the traffic cautions in their mobile application is esteem enough. Look at Airmap for your essential necessities, or for your business flight.

FAA’s B4UFly 

How about we keep this simple: FAA is the substance that implements drone rules in the USA, and this app reveals to you that what time and when you can fly. I could stop at that, yet I feel that you should realize that B4UFly is somewhat domineering at times, inform to you that you can’t fly in certain spots that you can, the application gives perhaps the most point by point air terminal listing around, showing the 5-mile range of each. What it comes down to, if all else fails, the B4UFly application shows you how you go to the hotspot for legal information on drone flight in the US.


Float is an unrated application, providing mapping and area information as given by Airmap, however then includes climate data. Initially, Hover can advise you in the event that it is safe. Taking wind, area, visibility or more other information consideration, this application may not be the one drone application you require, however if you stay with only one, an application like this is positively a strong wagered. Get Hover for your cell phone now. 


Now next application that wen may hesitated to incorporate. DJI is a particularly significant player, and this application is so cool, we were unable to stand up to. In the event that you own very close to any DJI drone by the Phantom 3 and more up to date, take a glance at DroneDeploy as an elective regulator for your flying machine. The application gives progressed flight arranging and self-sufficient control for your drone. Select a way of directions and watch your drone fly the course, have the application control camera openness in a hurry and a whole lot more. Look at DroneDeploy now.

UAV Forecast 

Its main focus is on the climate, UAV forecast give you wind or climate data to assist you with choosing if it’s protected to fly. Tell the application the boundaries of your drone, it can then rapidly show whether today is the day to fly. A scope of guiding data is given, including wind speed or direction, wind chill and temperature, cloud status, visibility, and so more. Not fully trusted by other applications out there, UAV Forecast additionally gives its users mapping noticeable no-fly zones. Look at it for your climate needs. 


We’ve listed that applications that provide you climate information, maps with no-fly zone areas list, maps with air traffic information; applications that keep flight logs and assist you to track your drones, now for one application that does the entirety of the above-mentioned. Kittyhawk is a great application, giving you everything from before flight checks to after flight examination. Kittyhawk is an aspiring application and stage prepared to get you noticed all around and benefit as much as possible from your time in the sky.

Sun Surveyor

If you always go outside, then I’ll simply stop that right now. Open air photography is a matter of overseeing daylight; this is never more obvious than with drone photography, as there is no shade up there. Rather than think about where the sun and moon will be, the reason not know for certain, Sun Surveyor does this, with extraordinary precision. The ideal sun or moon position is yet an application away. Sun Surveyor (Sun and Moon) is $7.99 for Android. 


Protection, Love it or scorn it, protection is a significant piece of modern-day living. Not at all like your vehicle or house protection, which you pay every month, Verify is unique other than what’s expected, protection on interest. The thought is straightforward, your flights, especially business tasks, are either excessively few or excessively spread out and flighty to resolve to full-time protection inclusion. Verify permits you to make a log of your beginning time and finish time, at that point simply pay for what you use. It begins at around $10/hr. Click the above download link to see more its details on the genuine inclusion. 

Litchi for DJI drones

We all know that everyone needs the authority DJI GO, DJI GO 4, and DJI Fly applications to fly their favorite DJI drones, correct? Wrong! There are a couple of applications out there that can control your DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Spark, DJI Phanom arrangement drone and so more. The full application name is long, however, clarify the majority of what it does, Litchi for DJI Mavic/Phantom/Inspire/Spark is a hearty application that keeps up a similar vibe as the DJI applications, yet it does things somewhat better. Maybe, in the event that you are searching for the best of the DJI application, in addition to a couple of new treats, Litchi is certainly justified regardless of your thought. The waypoint flights and VR/FPV usefulness worked in are the key factors that pulled everyone to Litchi. Rich highlights like these are readily available through the going cost of $24.99 for the application, which might be beyond what many should seriously think. 

Last words

So, that is our list of best drone applications for Android users. Hope we listed a new application to improve your flights or get more out of the caught aerial seen. This is an early list with a lot of space to develop, much the same as the drone market, so please hit us up in the remarks if you need to talk about some other applications that you think have a place here.

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