Best Flashlight Applications for your Android phone

Flashlight applications are very useful for many reasons, from finding your way or your precious thing at night, to sending signals anyone, or enjoying your favorite concert. Here is a list of the best flashlight application available on your android. These applications have a variety of great and unique features.       All of these below mentioned applications are present on the Google Play Store with links to their listings so you can very easily to try them out yourself.

Bright Light Flashlight

Bright Light Flashlight application is a simple, free application make by a small development team based out of Canada. Both the Camera flash and on screen flashlights allow its user to go to maximum brightness of your mobiles. Bright Light has a very great user interface and navigation. There are also very useful features present in this application like picking up colors for the on-screen flashlight and using your camera flashlight at the same time as other applications, but there are not so many features that it is overwhelming. You can use this application to get a good general purpose flashlight application.

  • Price overview: Free
  • Flashlight type: Camera flash and On-screen


Flashlight applications is a jam packed, free flashlight application with all that features which the most of the users would loved to use. It is one of the richest applications on the Google Play Store has great features, without being over whelming. It also has useful functions from camping to dance parties, with functions such as a compass and custom Morse code transmitter, but the application is little bit heavy on their advertising and you have to watch ads before using its some features. this application is best for any avid survivalist or anyone who needs lots of additional features in their flashlight application.

  • Price overview: Free
  • Flashlight type: Camera flash and On-screen

Flashlight (LED Torch)

Flashlight (LED Torch) is a very simple, free flashlight application which has all the great and basic features that almost every user would love to use. It has an easy to use interface with an excellent atheistic that mimics a real flashlight. Furthermore, it has some useful features such as a Morse code SOS transmitter and a strobe feature. This application is best to anyone who needs a great user interface and basic functionality.

  • Price overview: Free
  • Flashlight type: Camera flash and On-screen

Super-Bright LED Flashlight

Super Bright LED Flashlight is a very lightweight flashlight application. This application has the smallest download size in the list and one of the smallest on the Google Play Store. Well, it varies by device so that is not necessarily the case for your device. It has basic camera flash and strobe features. This application is best to anyone who just needs a bare bones camera flash only flashlight application.

  • Price overview: Free
  • Flashlight type: Camera flash

Color Flashlight

Color Flashlight is a free flashlight application with all the great features almost any user would ever need. It is one of the top rated applications on the Google Play Store in creative features, but this application is a little bit over whelming. It has great functions particularly for the on screen flashlight. Its one big downside is that it is very hard to navigate to see all of the features it has to give and its user interface is sometimes a little bit convoluted. This application is best to anyone who wants lots of excellent and interesting features.

  • Price overview: Free
  • Flashlight type: Camera flash and On-screen

Note about permissions on flashlight applications:

Most of the people may feel worry about the permissions on flashlight applications. Unluckily, this is the fault of Google’s because they have packed of microphone and camera permissions into a just single permission. Most of the camera applications never even try to access the mic but do need the Camera/Mic permission in order to get your device’s LED flash. This point is totally unavoidable for you and you’ll never have a flashlight application in your mobile without permission.

You shouldn’t take stress about microphone permissions. Even if developers turned the microphone on, these applications do not have the permission to write to storage. Without any permission to write to storage, they are unable to save your any files at all to your device. That means that application cant recording you.

Last words:

These five above mentioned applications were the ones that have the most interesting and useful flashlight applications. We know everyone’s tastes are so different, so by reading our list you can easily pick up the right one article according to you taste. If you have any other best flashlight applications, then please feel free to share with us in below section.

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