Best Free and paid Fax Apps for your Android

In the past everybody had a fax machine, it was the new cool. Today not every person can bear to buy a bulky and costly machine. That was years ago and cell phones haven’t been invented at that point. 

Android has been a revolution in regard to technology, making things conceivable that were once unfathomable. Is it furnishing you with the force of the web on your hand or the ability to video call somebody in a hurry, Android has gotten miracles to happen? 

This is the place where the best fax apps for Android can assist. These apps are lifelines in regard to convenience and usability. Imagine sending faxes with just a cell phone and an active internet connection.

However, it tends to be troublesome picking the right fax app for you given the sheer number of fax apps accessible on the web. Hence, here is a list of the best free and paid fax apps for Android that can manage the work impeccably for you:


FaxFile is an Android fax app that permits you to send fax only. You can’t utilize FaxFile to get faxes, so you should remember this previously. 

In terms of sending faxes, FaxFile offers you a great number of highlights to send faxes locally and universally. In any case, it is great to download the FaxFile app on your Android. You can’t send faxes online or through email if you use FaxFile. 

Further, to utilize FaxFile, you need to buy fax credits through Google play. These credits are chargeable, and you will be charged for each fax that you send. 

FaxFile doesn’t offer you a monthly membership plan. This makes it expensive to use on the more drawn outrun. At the point when you are sending worldwide faxes, each fax sent considers various faxes. Subsequently, a ton of tax credits is utilized.


CocoFax is the leading fax specialist in the world with faxing solutions for Android, iPhones, PCs, and other devices. It is utilized by a great number of peoples to send and get faxes free of charge. 

With regards to faxing solution for Android, CocoFax has given such great ways that even experts who own a fax machine lean toward CocoFax to some other method for fax communication. This is because CocoFax is packed with lots of great full features one can use on the internet. Its highlights are greater than the most top of the line fax machines accessible in the market. 

The advantages of CocoFax don’t end here. With CocoFax, you can adjust your faxes on your Android and different gadgets by utilizing a single account. You don’t really have to download a fax app on your phone to utilize CocoFax. 

There are various ways to utilize it, which are focused on giving complete convenience to the user. These ways likewise add degree portability that you infrequently find in an online fax arrangement.


PC-FAX is only a remotely free app and still, it only permits free fax for every day. While this may not be much for other apps on the Play Store, it is surely a serious deal in a genre where every app needs your pocket first. 

This flawless little component can’t be incredible for the individuals who fax routinely yet it will prove invaluable for the individuals who need a test drive before full commitment. The interface is pretty good and there are a ton of options accessible for usage extension. 

This app can change any image into a PDF document. These apps use in more than 50 countries around the world. So, you can take a photo and send it as a fax. You don’t need to do any registration to work on this app. 


iFax is a standout amongst other fax apps for Android which permits you to send faxes through your Android phone. It is very important to take note that iFax can’t be utilized in the event that you wish to get faxes. 

iFax’s Android solution likewise passes by the name of ‘iFax Scanner’, given the essential function of the app is to click photos of the files and fax them over the web. 

iFax gives you the option to pay for each fax or get its monthly membership if you are a regular or long term user. There are no options to send free faxes, so you should focus on iFax in the event that you plan to utilize it. 

Likewise, a disappointing component about iFax is that it does not have somewhat on giving user fulfillment. The interface is a bit lacking and temperamental, which prompts numerous users to give it a harsh rating. 

Other than that, in the event that you need a normal fax service to fax from your Android phone, iFax can do the work for you.

Genius Fax

Do you want a decent interface that is simple to understand for daily use? At that point get Genius Fax as it gives everything. The app is designed truly well in light of quick faxes. You just have to Tap the “+” catch and you are ready to send a fax. 

Choosing a file from anyplace on your Android and sending it as fax is finished easily. Simply remember to add the recipient fax number and you are set. Probably the best thing about the app is that while it charges credits for each page, the cover page is in every case free. By using this app you can send any type of file. You can also see your history.

You can buy a receiving number from the app as well. It costs around $3.49 and you will have the option to get faxes as well.


Faxburner is a decent fax app for Android phones. The app is useful for somebody who needs to fax only a single time or twice since it deals with giving you a disposable fax number. 

At the point when you need to send a fax, you can make a snappy one through this app and send it to anybody you wish. This will consume fax credits obviously and is chargeable by the app. 

At the point when you need to get a fax, Faxburner gives you a disposable fax number that is just valid for 24 hours. This isn’t appropriate for experts and organizations as they frequently really like to have a permanent fax number which they can share on their channels. 

With Faxburner, you can fax four fax pages every month. After this, the charges are high. This ends up being a major issue for a considerable lot of its potential customers.

Fax Pro

Fax Pro is a tastefully satisfying app that does the work with reliability. The app turns your cell phone into a portable fax machine at a very moderate expense. 

Fax Pro can get documents from practically any source; either it’s from a USB connection with an On the Go cable or a famous cloud storage service the app can make it fax. Even you are using another app, simply choosing the offer with Fax Pro will permit you to make that report fax prepared one. 

The app can send huge documents also. This means you don’t need to stress over the length of the fax binge.

Last thoughts – Picking up the best Fax App for Your Android phone

Most people want to use an online fax service as compared to a fax machine in light of the fact that the fax machine includes a ton of expenses and nobody needs to focus on that in the long haul. 

Further, fax machines are an old way, and they should be kept turned on constantly to get faxes without missing them. Keep in mind; you need to get your own fax number from your telephone service provider with regards to a fax machine. 

Well, an online fax service should dispose of these negative focuses. You need a fax service that doesn’t request you to commit, that you can try first before you get it, and that can send and get faxes with reliability.
In view of all these elements, CocoFax ends up being the clear champ. It has a 30-day time for testing where you can assess its service pleasantly. Not just that, it even allows you to pick your own fax number with no extra expenses. 

Ultimately, CocoFax is absolutely solid and you will get faxes in any event, when your cell phone is killed. In this manner, you can utilize it without stress. 

All these things make CocoFax the clear champ for the first spot on this list and your Android cell phone. 

Now you know the best apps that you can use to fax from your Android phone. The decision of the app you use is completely up to you. Simply make certain to gauge the advantages and disadvantages of each app before you use it.

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