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If you desire to find more about the previous, History is certainly the ideal subject for you. Well, learning history isn’t just significant because it permits us to understand our past, however, it likewise helps us understand the current world. Who needs to study history from an exhausting or troublesome book? 

That’s why; we’ve listed the most captivating or interesting history apps that are reasonable both for study purposes and for general interest. Along these lines, regardless of whether you’re a secondary school student, an organization owner, or a retiree, we are sure that you will appreciate the entirety of the Best History Apps listed here.

The History of Everything

The History of Everything is a free history app with an advanced, smooth interface for taking you back as expected. Look through its timeline-based plan to move across time spans and find out about their most huge occasions. 

The application covers a huge scope of subjects from different periods including the Big Bang, Dinosaur Age, World War I, and then some. Also, you can tap singular sections to read further about them. You can likewise most loved posts, making it simple to rapidly return to them later.

History Timeline 

If you’d like a stage that centers more on information than all else, attempt History Timeline. It has a wide range of significant occasions in a scrollable, dense timetable. You can zoom in or out to see significantly more data and tap singular entries to see more about them. History Timeline appends Wikipedia links if you need to know further. 

Besides, you will get options for favorite articles and you can arrange the timetable by age or themes. It additionally has a helpful custom filter highlight through which you can configure explicit periods and hop directly to them at whatever point you need to. 

History Timeline is only accessible for Android.

Historical Calendar

Chronicled Calendar tells you what occurred on a specific day in a chronological manner. As a matter of course, the app shows occasions from the present date, yet you can physically switch dates if you’d prefer to. You additionally can look into keywords for finding special moments. The app isolates the information into classes like passing, occasions, and so more.

Alongside a short detail or pictures, Historical Calendar has copy option, sharing, and even sending out passages. Whenever you’re finished teaching yourself, you can test your insight by heading into the Quizzes tab. 


Actually, Udemy is an online educational app. You can sign in and take different seminars on different subjects. There is also a section of history courses. They incorporate traditional history, art history, and the history of different things. The courses comprise of videos, chats, and other media. They range in cost from free to around $50 each. It’s a decent method to review a few subjects. Make a point to read the audits, however!


WHExperience is a fascinating history app. This app is about the White House in the US. It has a lot of fun realities and history stuff on most U.S. presidents and a considerable lot of the enormous parts in and around the White House. You can likewise take virtual visits and utilize this as a partner app for genuine visits. It didn’t utter a word awful about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, so we don’t think this one inclines a specific way strategically. Besides, it’s likewise free with no advertisements. If you have issues stacking the app, clear the app’s cache or the information and try once more. That appears to fix the big issue the vast majority are encountering with this one.

Google Arts and Culture 

Study the world’s most renowned artists with Google’s Art and Culture app. The app represents stories behind famous artwork and social achievements from history. You can investigate a huge assortment of subjects to find out probably as well as imagine these works. You can instruct yourself on your area culture history by Head into the nearby tab. If you own an Android, you can do this in virtual reality via a devoted Daydream app. 

For a touch of fun, the app likewise has a fun tool known as Art Selfie that allows you to find your clone from the past. 


Wikipedia hasn’t generally been the most solid source of data. Nowadays, however, they get most things right. That incorporates dates and times of different occasions, the famous players, and a great deal of history. The app accompanies a voice search function, a dictionary, a first-page feed with newly fresh substance, and so more. It’s an incredible, open, and fast first source to any history questions you may have. Additionally, you can find any subject you can consider and Wikipedia probably has something about it.

Many streaming services

Many streaming services contain some sort of helpful, educational video content. Netflix has Neil deGrasse Tyson’s well known Cosmos show, for example. That is an incredible one for going route back in the time. The large ones like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video all have a lot of historical documentaries about an assortment of subjects. It worth looking through them if you utilize one of these services as of now. All are having various costs, but none of them are excessively costly.


Finding out about history can be possible in many ways. Apps such as the above, mentioned apps give you an introduction to why these occasions transformed us and why it is important to gain from them. 

History has a lot of exercises to teach us and sometimes you would be a wonder to realize that specific occasions had happened because of basic reasons. 

I Hope, with the above apps, you’re certain to get a limitless supply of historical facts or stories.


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