Best Home Security Apps for Android 

Many issues arise for the guardians and the businessmen when they are not in the home or their business spot to screen things without help from anyone else. Particularly the guardians who are utilized to work outside and need to understand what their kids or pets are doing in the home, but they can’t figure out how to do it. For them, having a home security app on their Android device is an entirely adaptable choice. With some best home security applications for Android, you can without much of a stretch screen what is happening in your home or business spot. Some very much organized applications likewise incorporate voice control and other system identification.

Best Home Security Apps for Android 

If you are truly looking for some best home security apps for your Android, at that point you are in the perfect spot. Because you should realize that in the horde of huge loads of applications in the PlayStore, it has gotten hard to discover the best one. In this article, you can try 10 best apps for Android. Along these lines, let’s have a brief look over the rundown and follow the highlights of the applications to get the best one for you.

AtHome Camera 

AtHome-Camera is a monitoring application where you will get all the choices to make your place safer. It is coordinated with advanced and adaptable functions or activities; this application is direct. It is outfitted with extremely compact controls and a reasonable framework interface.

Main Key Features 

  • It turns your old or extra phones as your cameras that work in a way that is better than CCTV framework. 
  • Gives an active alert framework and AI-based checking for proper notification and staying away from false alarm. 
  • It provides night vision and multi-display usefulness for better perception. 
  • Supports a wide range of devices or working frameworks, interface with PC, cell phones, tabs, and so on 
  • Furnishes cloud access and network with a safe and private connection among the being used devices.


Presenceis a smart answer for your home security services. Simply connecting your cell phone with an old device, you can utilize this application and screen your home and other private spots. Individuals Power Company has brought this application reminding the guardians who need to screen their youngsters’ steps and the businessmen who need to screen their men in the workshop. 

Main Key Features 

  • It is supported in iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. 
  • You can likewise appreciate the administration of voice commands utilizing this application. 
  • It has more than 5gb storage for video recording, and the recorded video will be saved consequently. 
  • Gives a high-resolution video so you can see each side of your home or other spots. 
  • Include helpful assistance of motion detection video alert.

IP Webcam

If you want any framework to turn your phone into a network camera, at that point you can utilize IP Webcam. It is an excellent camera security service that will assist you to screen your places with multiple viewing choices. It will work the best in an Android stage with a VLC player or any internet browsers. Likewise, it is upheld by cloud broadcasting for instant Global access. 

Main Key Features 

  • You can record recordings in various stages like WebM, MOV, etc. 
  • You can also enjoy its video chatting service utilizing this application. 
  • It incorporates valuable services like movement detection, sound Trigger and so more. 
  • Incorporates an extremely broad and strick infant and pet monitoring assistance. 
  • Day and night Mode version is additionally accessible.

Salient Eye

If you need to turn any phones or old phones as your home security camera, it would be an incredible peace of mind. Salient Eye allows you to have that first-class security framework for your place, and all that will be free to download from the PlayStore. It is outfitted with front line functionality and simple access with its smooth application interface. 

Main Key Features 

  • Gives you the chance to monitor your place from anyplace and whenever. 
  • Gives smart notification or alarm framework if anything occurs or notice any intruding. 
  • You can know the routine time of your relatives or flat mates and what they do when you are not at home. 
  • Incorporates a motion sensor, and it is accessible to use on your old phones, set up as you like with customized alert framework. 
  • Works with any accessible web connection and can be worked with the WiFi network to share information between the security frameworks.


Secure your home with the assistance of your cell phone as a consistently on security eyewitness. Home Security Camera WardenCam is the most valuable home security apps for Android that act as your own mini CCTV and can be gotten to whenever from anyplace. It gives all day, everyday video observing and an intuitive alert system for your benefit. 

Main Key Features 

  • Supports almost all phones and you can utilize your old Android gadgets like video cameras.
  • Capable for activity with all famous sorts of connection, for example, WiFi, LTE, 4G, and so on 
  • It gives motion detection capacities and progressed security for your home at an insignificant expense. 
  • Gives cloud storage usefulness that gives you the opportunity to get to the base from anyplace. 
  • Incorporated with system alarm framework and notification to tell you about intruding occurrences.

Video Monitoring

Home observation applications are things of comfort to us. Video Monitoring is the great ones among them with its smaller size and flexible similarity. It turns your cell phones, cameras, and IP cameras to turn into a solitary and available framework fit to be seen whenever. It gives a ton of professional grade capacities to make your place safer than at any other time. 

Main Key Features 

  • TrackView uphold the entire famous network system and availability works with 3G, 4G, WiFi, and others. 
  • Simple to introduce and gives GPS location services and two-way video abilities. 
  • Incorporates night vision, alongside motion or sound detection for better observing. 
  • Incorporated with cloud storage for backup and supports power saving mode for a long time online help. 
  • Gives real time detail and secure availability, which just the client can get to, and that is from anyplace he needs to.

Mobile Security Camera (FTP)

If you need to transform your cell phone into a convenient cloud-based security camera, at that point you can try Mobile Security Camera FTP. In contrast it with other security applications, this application is direct to set up use and to refresh. You can likewise utilize this application from any device because it is accessible in both the Play Store and application store. To get familiar with it, you can have a brief look at the rundown of its highlights underneath. 

Main Key Features 

  • Easy to utilize, and a couple of taps are sufficient to set it up. 
  • It is a FTP service optimized for a wide range of network security frameworks or security cameras. 
  • The video that is recorded with the camera, associated with this application will be saved here automatically. 
  • Generally excellent to use to screen home businesses and other casual spots. 
  • You can utilize your webcam or any Smartphone as a security camera utilizing this application.

Security Camera CZ

Everything you need for an additional security framework, are compacted in one application as it were. It is a Security Camera, CZ. This application is explicitly intended for parental security and observation. Thus, those sincere guardians who can’t remain pressure-free keeping their infants in the hand of a sitter can get some harmony while in their working zone. They can see their infants and the external home circumstance just by utilizing their cell phone that is associated with the camera utilizing this application. 

Main Key Features 

  • HD video and \or audio conversation with two different ways approach will allow you to contact and see the outcasts. 
  • You can make a timetable for the activation of the movement index approach. 
  • It works with a Wi-Fi connection or some other web association. 
  • Siren choice for motion identification sensor. 
  • Video zoom, night mode, and photograph taking choices are additionally accessible here.


Install Ring quickly, in the event that you need to see and talk with the guests of your home. At the point when you are out and nobody trusted is there in your home to care for your young children and pets, you can depend on this strong home security application for your Android gadget. It is protected and dynamic and won’t ever miss any single individual who enters your home. Simultaneously, you can connect this application with your security camera and different gadgets that you need for additional security. 

Main Key Features 

  • Ultra HD video quality, thus, you can show each clearly. 
  • A couple of taps are alright to see inside the Ring Camera. 
  • You can talk with the guests utilizing this application from a distant.
  • Easy UI will allow you to utilize this application rapidly and without any problem. 
  • It will give you a knock when somebody will knock on your entryway.

Smart Home Surveillance Picket

Turn your cell phone into a surveillance camera to know what’s going on in your home. Utilizing this application is extremely simple, and you can set the camera gadget with your cell phone effectively with it. In this way, you don’t should be strained about how the sitter deals with your children and how are your pets getting along. Simply turn on your phone, set it up with the security camera device with a web association, and enjoy observing your home from distance. 

Main Key Features 

  • You can utilize it from anyplace if you have a Wi-Fi connection or 3G web association. 
  • It incorporates a motion identification service and will alarm if you get any index hint. 
  • Planned motion identification innovation is additionally accessible for the day time as it were. 
  • Allow you to talk with the guests from inside the gate or even from out of your home. 
  • Incorporates Ultra HD quality Video or sound framework.

Last Verdict 

If you don’t in any case settle on your decision yet, I can make a limited method to get it for you before saying Goodbye. Alright, you can attempt Home Security Camera WardenCam for general use. Salient Eye will likewise be a decent choice. Presence is best for good voice control. For a similar explanation, Ring is likewise the correct decision. Ideally, you won’t get it troublesome any longer. , 

Kindly tell us regarding your decision. And furthermore, share your assessment on that. Additionally, you can share your recommendations. Much obliged to you for your time. ,

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