Best Notion Alternatives in 2021 – Fulfill your productivity necessities

With up to 66% of American employees currently working from home, monitoring your group’s activities and tasks is demonstrating, even more, a migraine than ever.

With everyday stand-ups supplanted by Zoom calls and Slack channels, we’re all going to online devices to help us stay beneficial. 

Well, the steady switching between all the tools accessible can be befuddling and lessen your core interest. So we go to project management tools to keep us on target. 

The Notion is one of many tasks management tools accessible, and its guarantee of an “all-in-one work stage” is really engaging. 

So, let’s take a gander at precisely what Notion is? What are some advantages and disadvantages of notion and some understanding into incredible Notion alternatives?

What Is Notion?

The Notion is a well-known productivity app that main purpose is to bind together your organization’s work measures. It’s a typical workspace for your group to team up, share notes and oversee projects together. With a clean interface, it works on the way toward making, storing, and teaming up over detailed project documents.

Main Key Features of Notion 

Here’s a definite gander at a couple of highlights that help it stick out: 

  • Amazing Note Taking: the main Notion highlight is its incredible note-taking. You can add a rundown, plain content, videos, sound, and so more. This makes making an independent page or data set a breeze. 

With rich content designing, your team members will actually want to add remarks and specialty detail notes that precisely mirror a venture’s necessities. 

  • Tasks and Projects: While Notion is essentially a wiki device, you can utilize it to assign tasks and make projects for your group, each task is stored on a Kanban board, and you can undoubtedly move these errands around. 

You can even make folders to additionally sort your notes. You can likewise empower task notices to remain informed regarding any new undertaking advancement. 

  • Layouts: To cut arrangement time, the Notion program permits you to make layouts for your notes. This makes it simple to duplicate pages in your data set and make new pages in a flash. For instance, you can without much of a stretch make a standardized layout for composing all your blog entries. The next time your team needs to make another article, they can utilize that format to begin. 
  • Different Views: notion’s primary view is a drag and drops Kanban board interface. While it’s basic and does the work well, following assignments in this view can be hard for certain clients. Nonetheless, Notion likewise offers you a to-do-list see that puts together the entirety of your assignments in a helpful daily agenda. This permits you to immediately consider what’s on your plate if you favor a GTD way to deal with profitability. 
  •  Coordination: Your Notion workspace can coordinate with huge loads of current tools to smooth out your work process. It supports the coordination with huge loads of email and site devices like Typeform, Google Drive, and so more.

Disadvantages of Notion 

 Here are a couple of issues that keep it away from being the ideal answer for your necessities. 

  • Can’t Compete With Dedicated Project Management Tools:  notion needs to showcase itself as a project management tool. Nonetheless, it does not have a ton of tasks management highlights that you’d anticipate from one. 
  • It’s Complicated To Work With:  notions selling point is its adaptability. You can redo your docs on a project-by-project basis to get the best out of them. In any case, this “receptiveness” is additionally an issue. 

This broad adaptability makes onboarding troublesome as it very well may be overpowering for most beginner clients. Furthermore, as everybody is persistently editing reports, you can’t build up a predictable work process. 

  • Not Scalable: notion is a device that is basically worked for people and little groups. It is anything but a powerful cooperation answer for bigger organizations; except if they exclusively need to utilize it as an information base. 

Huge groups can’t score large with Notion’s limited collaborative capacities and are more qualified to a devoted task management tool.

Best Notion Alternatives in 2021

Here are 5 best Notion alternatives to solve your note-taking and team collaboration necessities:


With regards to flexibility and efficiency, Evernote can match with Notion and even outperform it in certain angles. That is the reason why it’s presumably the most element-rich alternative in contrast to the notion. First off, the application can allow you to take notes in few formats including text, outlines, PDFs, photographs, videos, or even web clippings. Along these lines, it doesn’t make any difference what enters your thoughts; you will get the instrument to catch it even in a hurry. 

Another space where Evernote behinds Notion in the race is the capacity to check docs and furthermore organized them. For the people who need a solid files scanner to digitize paper docs, written by hand notes, drawings, or even business, it can end up being a distinct advantage. Since Evernote additionally upholds OCR, it gets probably the best documents dealing app available. Well, it’s constantly been perhaps the most dependable. 

With Evernote Premium, you can open all the more remarkable highlights like explaining PDFs, save messages, and so more. In contrast to Notion, it works perfectly in allowing you to get to your notes offline, so, you can check your notes. Furthermore, it’s additionally known to run pretty easily across different stages.


Should you need incredible cooperation, look no farther than “Quip”. What stands it out from numerous apps accessible in the market is the unique incorporation of chats, docs, slides, and accounting pages. 

What’s more, with everything in one spot, you can remain in amazing sync with your partners and enjoy working together. Likewise! Thus, if you’re not dazzled with the coordinated effort highlight of Notion, you shouldn’t spare a moment in selecting Quip. 

The app allows you effectively to take notes and coordinate your tasks list. Despite the fact that it comes up short on the amazing association tool that Notion brags, they can easily find a way into your fundamental necessities. For more agreeable email correspondence, you can import your address book from a few notable services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and so more. As it’s additionally coordinated with Evernote, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, bringing in docs from practically any services will not be a serious deal either.


Coda is a tool intended for groups. It’s a blend between Google Docs and Excel aside from it permits you to build apps with it. Coda offers users word-handling, accounting page, and database capacities, just as a horde of layouts, adaptability, and customization. It’s less languid than Notion and permits better efficiency. 

Coda permits clients to associate it with major apps like Slack, Google Calendar, and GitHub. This is helpful and centers your efforts on a single stage rather than at least five. 

Like Notion, Coda offers a free form that gives basic highlights. In the event that you need to get more from it, including limitless document sizes, you can move up to the Pro plan which costs $10/mo per “doc maker”. 

It’s accessible for Android, iOS, and the web with various estimating plans.


Tettra is an incredible inner information management framework that can swap Notion for any team, little or enormous. It brings support for small work processes that permit you to rapidly address inquiries of new colleagues. This element makes the onboarding cycle super-simple. The app likewise upholds outsider app incorporations. Regardless of whether you are utilizing a cloud storage service like Dropbox or host your code in administrations like GitHub, you can total your entire team’s current data in a single spot. It likewise connects with communication instruments including G Suite, etc. This implies you don’t need to switch your specialized tools when you sign up for the service. 

Tettra’s support for templates is incredible. Templates permit clients to rapidly utilize pre-configured documents, saving them a ton of time. At that point, there are workflows. You can immediately set individual and group consents, set-up automation, and so more. It additionally includes a robust search highlight that makes it simpler to find reports and tasks. There’s a build-in chat framework that makes it simple to respond to speedy inquiries. Generally speaking, it’s an incredible information management framework for groups and easily supplants Notion.


In spite of the fact that Microsoft’s OneNote doesn’t appear to be an ideal substitute for Notion. You can utilize this app to catch ideas in an assortment of formats and keep them ideally coordinated. Times when you may need to rapidly get to a portion of the frequently utilized notes, the pinning component would come into the play truly well. 

Furthermore, with perfect sticky notes, your notes would look more satisfying as well as in a state of sync. Regarding note-taking effectiveness, “OneNote” somewhat better both on adaptability and customization fronts. In this way, so, if notion can’t deal with your note-taking interest, OneNote ought to be a greatly improved option in contrast to you. One great thing about OneNote is that it is accessible across gadgets, Regardless of whether you have a gadget that OneNote doesn’t uphold; you can generally utilize its web app. 

On the collaboration front, OneNote is comparable to Notion as it permits you to team up and cooperate helpfully in a common notebook. To guarantee nothing remains behind, you can likewise make plans for the day to complete your undertakings capably. As the entirety of your notes is synchronized to the cloud, they are effectively open across the gadgets. 

Also, this famous app is totally free and supports huge loads of languages with the goal that you can utilize it in your favorite language. Generally speaking, OneNote is an extraordinary alternative to Notion for seamless collaboration and effective note-taking functionalities – without a bit of uncertainty!

Last thoughts

We hope, you have got the best alternatives of notion in this article both in terms of productivity and versatility. Actually, productivity tools are greatly helpful when they work well. And it is very important to know that what you are searching for in productivity tool. Furthermore, all of the above-mentioned tools can also outshine in many points. So, check out above mentioned apps and let us know which notion alternative is best for you.

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