Best Popular Picasa Alternatives in 2020

Picasa was one of the most excellent image organizers of its time and provided other important quick editing tools. But, its discontinuation in 2016 left many of us stranded in the thoughts of Picasa alternative.

Though Google Photos took its place for following services but all those who wish to try their hands on multiple other highlights, we have got you covered with the best Picasa alternatives. These alternatives also can make picasa collage.

Let’s us explore each of the Picasa alternative in full detail with features below.

Best Picasa Alternative in 2020

Google Photos

Google didn’t just discontinue Picasa without having successful alternatives: the digital photo library of Google Photos is accessible as a desktop version as well as an Android and iOS application. It is an online service that stores photos in a cloud and organizes them into albums. The photo service comes from the photo features in Google+, where a free, unlimited storage space is available, but the uploaded files are compressed.

Furthermore, you can search for your images in Google Photos using keywords. The service assigns them by machine learning. In addition, photos can also be filtered according to specific people, although this depends on Google’s data protection.

Main Key Features

  • Boundless storage space
  • The choice of quickly and easily sorting many images at once
  • Practical search for assigned keywords


When searching for the photo storage solution, Flickr stands tall. One of the best photo managers, which are simple to use and even, gives photo sharing with others. It let you to find your community whom you can inspire or get motivated by as well. Whether how high the photo quality is, the decompress version can even make uploaded well.
Now Enjoy ad free browsing experience here and also check how well your uploads are functioning.

Main Key Features

  • 1 TB storage room
  • Easy to use data protection settings
  • Good coordinated file management tools

Apple iCloud Photo Library

For Mac and iPhone users, Apple’s icloud is a solid choice. The iCloud Photo Library, which is element of the iCloud storage service, supports almost every photo format.

The photo management alternative is accessible for Mac and iOS. The iCloud Photo Library enhance good usability. The alternative can be utilized on your phone so you can see all photos that were either taken on your phone or uploaded from a camera. Using a desktop computer, you can also organize your photos directly in the browser on or with the Windows iCloud application. For Android owners, iCloud less attractive as there is no way to backup your photos on Android.

Main Key Features

  • Attractive, appealing design
  • The tool automatically orders photos organizing according to time, date, and/or location
  • Thanks to the sharing highlights, it is now possible to work with friends and family on albums that are visible to all participants

Ashampoo Photo Commander

This alternative from Ashampoo is a comprehensive solution for organizing, editing, browsing, and sharing digital images. A excellent thumbnail browser acts as the primary user interface. It supports a great collection of formats, including the most common RAW variants, PSD, MPO/JPS 3D images and also WEBP.

Every image is displayed with its details: resolution, aspect ratio, color, depth, dpi, EXIF tags, and DMP tags. It is possible to organize photos by age, format, name, or tag. You can rate them and then organize them into albums.

Main Key Features

  • Universal answer for image management and image processing
  • The many editing tools can replace other programs
  • Supports various file formats

Amazon Prime Photos

When you complete an Amazon Prime subscription, you will also have the availability to the Prime Photos photo service. The alternative gives unlimited photo storage and up to 5 GB of video or other files. 

When you upload your photos, you can manage them into albums. Prime Photos organize your images chronologically by default. You can download your pictures at any time, send them by e-mail or share them on any social platform. The alternative is limited to essential functions, making it easier to use compared to other photo alternatives. This alternative is available for PC as well as an application for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire. Upload your photos directly from your mobile device to the cloud. Alternatively, you can upload utilizing the Amazon website. The mobile application has a back-up highlight that automatically uploads all new photos.

Main Key Features

  • Easy-to-use, option for organizing your photos
  • The uploaded images can be seen from any internet-enabled device
  • This alternative is included in the Prime subscription and offers free and unlimited storage space for photos

StudioLine Photo 4

This photo management alternative allows you to arrange your photo collection exactly as you want it. In StudioLine Photo 4, you can create and maintain a photo database according to your preferences and organize your images by design, keyword, geotags, or in custom folders. With the manual tagging function, you can organize images to the exact location where they were created. However, there is no password protection and no facial recognition option.

With StudioLine Photo 4, you can manage your photos; you can also edit them very easily.  Colorful markings help you to keep track of the different steps in the editing process.

Main Key Features

  • The alternative is a good all-round program with different options for managing and editing your photos
  • Excellent orientation due to tagging functions, color markings, and star ratings
  • The interface is flexible and customizable


In reality almost 10 billion photos are hosted speaks volumes: Photobucket is one of the well known hosts for placing photos online. This alternative offers unlimited free photo and video storage (with file size limits) as well as album organization, Facebook integration, and other mobile applications.

Photobucket was designed as a social platform and gives many ways to share photos directly with selected friends and with other social networks. The alternative automatically generates URLs for your photos so you can easily embed them into posts or other sites e.g. on your blog or in a forum.

Main Key Features

  • Photobucket’s makes it easy for you to share photos across social networks 
  • Options for photo processing and phone applications enable constant access to your photos
  • Easy to manage images across many devices

Adobe Lightroom 6

Give yourself this best alternative of Picasa that helps in image management as well as editing effectively. It works on Windows, Mac, Android or iOS. What is cool about this best alternative of Picasa is that edited images are saved separately, whereas the original image is kept far.

Another great feature to note is the capacity to save photos in the cloud so that you can access your pictures from anyplace, no matter which device is being used. All editing tools are easy to catch, and even beginners do not need the training to operate it. You can go with a free trial before finally putting your hands completely on the same.

Main Key Features

  • Reliable alternative from the market leader in photo processing
  • Great features
  • For users of Adobe products such as Photoshop, Lightroom is an ideal alternative


SmugMug is an online photo sharing alternative that allows you to create an online presence with your images. You can also organize albums and share them via e-mail or social media. SmugMug also gives photo editing, printing, and even a sales service for your photos.

There are four types of accounts accessibility. The payment models vary according to the user’s needs. Each version of SmugMug, however, gives unlimited storage space, editing tools, and SEO support. The two most expensive options include additional marketing and eCommerce highlights to bring more visitors to your site.

Whether which subscription you choose, the Photo Storage service gives its members with unlimited storage for photos and videos. You can easily upload pictures of up to 50MB and videos up to 3GB.

Main Key Features

  • Ideal alternative for marketing your photos
  • Comprehensive eCommerce and SEO add-on function 
  • Boundless storage space


There is no doubt that Picasa was an excellent application for image viewing and organization but right now there are better alternatives that offer newer and more advanced features. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of changes and it’ll be a great idea to check out each alternative from the list. You can be sure, that you’ll definitely find the alternative that will satisfy all your needs.

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