Best Pomodoro Apps in 2021 – to improve your work proficiency

At any point found you hesitating toward the beginning of the day, just to feel overpowered by the day’s end? These two fluctuating states stunt you into speculation you can “make” more opportunities for yourself. When, best-case scenario, you can just put together it. This is actually what the Pomodoro Technique expects to do: break work into sensible lumps to keep your brain sharp and prepared. 

Let’s see what this method is, alongside the best Pomodoro applications to use to get you started. 

What Is Pomodoro Technique? 

Pomodoro is a generally mainstream time management technique created in the mid-1990s by Francesco Cirillo, a product creator who battled to center during his investigations. Francesco would utilize a tomato-molded kitchen clock and challenge himself to focus on an errand with no interruptions for as long as 25 minutes. 

Later Francesco composed a book that depicts the Pomodoro method in detail. From that point forward Pomodoro encouraged a large number of individuals to turn out to be more gainful without additional pressure. 

What things make an incredible Pomodoro app?

An incredible Pomodoro app should be the following things: 

  • Additional highlights: It’s not easy to find a timer app; so preferably, you need a Pomodoro app that offers additional highlights that improve the basic concept of the Pomodoro Technique. Focused on apps that count down the time between breaks, apps that give more proficient methods of dealing with your time and your errands. 
  • Usability: The general purpose of the Pomodoro Technique is that it’s easy to comprehend. Any Pomodoro app must be easy to utilize and require seconds to sort out. 
  • Integration with other apps: Chances are that you utilize various profitability apps to work all the more viably. It’s helpful to have the option to utilize the Pomodoro Technique related to different apps.
  • Detail tracking:  when you’ve achieved something, you feel good. Tracking of stats means you can look at the performance of yourself and glance back at how you’ve functioned over ongoing days, weeks, or months. 
  • Affordability: You get what you pay for is a saying that keeps on remaining constant. Not all Pomodoro apps are 100% free of cost, yet they’re all worth paying a little to take full advantage of them. Many apps permit you to try out the service. 

If the Pomodoro Technique seems like something you’d prefer to attempt, here are the 5 best Pomodoro apps for you to use.


You assume you struggled with various ventures, regardless of whether that is a combination of individual tasks and work things or outsourcing between various undertakings. Focus To-Do utilizes an email inbox-style interface, so it’s clear to perceive what’s coming up. You can isolate your errands according to what day you plan on handling them prior to transforming everything into a Pomodoro. You can likewise decide to transform each errand into numerous pomodoros if the thing you’re attempting to do is a drawn-out undertaking. 

It’s conceivable to add sub-tasks just as broad notes on the thing you’re doing, making it a breeze to consider yourself responsible. Furthermore, checking your reports and measurements is correspondingly clear: you can without much of a stretch check where your greatest days are just as which explicit hours were generally beneficial for you.


With Noisli, the Pomodoro timer is an optional element. The center selling point is the surrounding sounds to shut out diverting outside commotions. Noisli is basic a site with an assortment of sounds, however, its Chrome expansions give a more helpful approach to get to the central highlights. 

The expansion includes a dropdown menu with curated playlists of consolidated surrounding sounds sorted under titles like Productivity, Random, and Relax. To change the blend of sounds, just click on the class. Noisli additionally permits you to save your most loved blends and access them during later work meetings. 

Also, obviously, at the highest point of the menu is the classic Pomodoro timer that can be changed to any time length. 

While these highlights are accessible free of charge, Noisli limits the measure of time you can spend streaming their sounds every day. To open limitless streaming, just as extra sounds, swaying and mix modes, new foundation tones, and details of your meetings from the previous month, there is a membership version accessible.


Marinara is surely one of the more mainstream Chrome expansions on this rundown. What’s more, there’s a valid justification for this present—it’s so unimaginably basic. 

Dissimilar to large numbers of the other Pomodoro timer apps in this rundown, Marinara has no dropdown menu. All things considered, to actuate a work session with Marinara, you essentially click on the extension’s symbol. This shows a countdown of 25-minute overlaid on the symbol. 

When a session is up, an alert will sound and Marinara will divert you to another Chrome tab finding out if you’d prefer to start a brief break of 5 minutes, which once actuated will likewise be appeared on the symbol. 

Presently, in the event that you like to work in longer or more limited periods, Marinara is luckily adjustable. Right snap on the symbol and select Options to change the hour of the work session just as the short and long breaks. You can likewise kill notices and sounds. 

Under the Options tab, you can likewise see your previous day-by-day, week by week, and month-to-month work session with diagrams. For those simply searching for a basic Pomodoro timer to add to their program, you can’t turn out badly with Marinara. 

Reader Mode

This extension is extraordinary for reading your work area without being disturbed by that consistently present ‘new tab’ button on your program. Simply introduce it, and hit the catch on the program any time you need to read a long article with full fixation. 

It immediately kills all the tabs, ads, and additional items and converts it into a solitary screen with the interruption-free reading choice empowered. 

Strangely, it likewise has the highlighter include and is intended to be useful for those with dyslexia. Anything that guides in inclusivity and variety is a major in addition to in my book.


Otto’s main highlight is a site blocker. Yet, rather than securing a tree by not visiting hindered sites, you are protecting a blue animation character named Otto. 

If you visit an impeded site, Otto’s health channels. Obviously, the work and break times are adjustable. After a work session is up, Otto simultaneously starts a break session at the sound of a ring. 

Otto has no choice to permit sites on the blocklist when being utilized. Other extra highlights incorporate a Daily Distraction Graph of how often every day you visited impeded sites and Auto Block, which will hinder a site in the event that you spend throughout a predetermined measure of time on it.

Last thoughts – Pick up the Best Pomodoro Chrome Extension

Normally, it relies upon what you’re searching for. Everybody has their own inclinations with regards to profitability procedures and instruments, and with a Pomodoro Chrome extension, it’s the same. 

Marinara is ideal for those looking for simply a straightforward, moderate timer. If you need a daily agenda too, use Focus To-Do. In the event that you appreciate surrounding sounds to work or concentrate on and will pay for limitless streaming, at that point Noisli is phenomenal. Or perhaps you appreciate transforming everything business-related into a game, in which case Otto is awesome.

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