Best Screenwriting Software’s for Windows and Mac 2021 (free or Paid)

If you wish to work anywhere in the film industry, then you have to use the best software for formatting your screenplay. Best screenwriting software is very important for both beginners and professional screenwriters.

Well, the best screenwriting software isn’t free or cheap. And you don’t need to waste your money on buying the wrong screenwriting software.

To help you, we have listed the best screenwriting applications for Windows and Mac. Anyone of them will be the best selection for you to start the next screenwriting project.

What is Screenwriting Software?

Screenwriting software helps screenwriters to make compositions, format, and editing of scripts used in films, TV shows, and video games.

It guides scriptwriters in the formatting of the film industry, study, and correct language and it also keeps backups of their files. Now by using this software screenwriters have no need to manual formatting to get their script in line of industry standards.

With very easy or simple keyboard shortcuts, screenwriters can easily add scene headings, transitions, action, dialogue, parenthetical, and so more. However, there is many screenwriting software’s presents in the market today.

So, let’s get started with the best screenwriting software.

Final Draft

Final Draft is the best industry-standard screenwriting software that is used by 95% of screenwriters in film or in TV productions such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney, and the BBC. Most professional screenwriters use Final Draft.

Final Draft is the most expensive screenwriting software in this list. But it provides screenwriters on that price with a wide range of excellent features.

This screenwriting software has more than 300 templates like screenplays, comics, teleplays stage plays, and many more. You should Use virtual brainstorms to beat your story. Then get your words with this Final Draft’s software, Speech to Script, and then alternate your Dialogue features.

Download:  WindowsmacOS ($249.99, free trial available)

Movie Magic Screenwriter

Use this award-winning Screenwriting software to write your screenplay, teleplay, novel, stage play and so more. It’s very easy in use and it provides its user brainstorming tools. This Movie Magic Screenwriter g software has more than 100 templates.

Its Text-to-speech features let its users to hear screenplay read aloud. You can also back up your lost data with its Auto Backup feature. Its partner collaborates with you with your writing partner, it does not matter you are how far away from your partner.

Movie Magic Screenwriter gives its users everything from story idea to shooting script. If you don’t want to use Final Draft then you can use this.  This is a great alternative of the Final Draft.

Download:  WindowsmacOS ($249.95, free trial available)


This WriterDuet software is built especially for collaboration. You can Enjoy, intuitive commenting, and text and video chats with your writing partner.

You can easily get your WriterDuet projects at anywhere or anywhere with just an internet connection because It is a cloud-based screenwriting software. you can use it for every your need from outlining to rewriting, by using its useful tools such as scene cards, tagging etc.

It has subscription-based pricing software; you can get more advanced features at a higher price. But you can also write your first three scripts without any cost.

Visit:  WriterDuet  (premium subscription, starting price is $7.99/month)

Fade In

Fade In is a Professional Screenwriting Software that gives its users every feature that professionals could need.

Professional Use it to write from a movie to a radio play, or even they use it in a video game. And when we talk about rewriting, then its Dialogue Tuner feature lets Professionals see all single character’s dialogues in one point.

Fade In provides professional great tools at a very lower price than above mentioned Screenwriting Software, and it also gives free updates. It’s support for Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS. Linux and Android,

Download: Windows, macOS ($79.95, free trial available)


By using this Celtx Screenwriting Software, you can take your script in the way of from ideas to shooting. Use this Screenwriting Software to write the screenplay, make breakdown reports, compile your shot lists, and print out that shooting script.

Celtx gives its users industry-standard formats in the whole process. By using this you can also collaborate with your team members with working on various documents or you can also edit your script together.

Well, Celtx is another cloud based Screenwriting Software; it’s present at anywhere on any device. You have no need to take stress about losing your data because Celtx makes secure backups for its users.

Visit: Celtx (premium subscription, starting pricing is $15/month)


John August is the developer of this Highland Screenwriting Software. And you can use this Screenwriting Software to work on your every need from a screenplay to a novel.

Unlike other screenwriting Software, which works with Tab and Return keys to change character names, dialogue, and action lines of the films. Highland finds out what you’re trying to type automatically.

You can Use its Navigator sidebar to see your screenplay, jumping on that section on which you want to work next. Then you can enable its Revision mode to track changes in various colors.

Highland is only supported macOS, but you can install it and start it for free; with its premium subscription, you can get more features.

Download; macOS (Free, premium version available)


Trelby is easy and simple screenwriting software that is specially used for formatting of professional scripts.the best thing about it; it’s totally free and does their job on both Windows and Linux devices. But, Trelby isn’t present for Mac.

If you get tired with character names, then you should use Trelby’s database with more than 200,000 names from throughout the world to get inspiration.

And when you finish your draft, then you can use its scene, dialogue, location and character reports into your next project. You can also compare script versions to get a instant view of anything you changed.

Download: Trelby (Free for Windows)

Final thoughts

Each above-mentioned screenwriting software makes it easy for you to write a script in an accurate format. But if you want to work by yourself, then you can also write your screenplay in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or Google Docs. You just have to know more about how to format a screenplay.

Of course, these screenwriting software’s don’t provide its user’s industry-standard screenwriting features, but they all are a good way to screenwriting without the need of spending much more money.

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