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Textsheet was the first class online educational sites from among the understudies, which used to give the main solutions and answers for school or college projects, home-works, or tasks asked by the students. 

Fundamentally, Textsheet was the site used as the reference of the schoolwork questions submitted to the students. 

Unfortunately, Textsheet has been closed down, and this is simply let down news for some students, which made students investigate accessible basic sites like textsheet which are accessible in 2020.

This article brought textsheet alternatives to make the students life easier. Which are:


A Course Hero is another online stage from which you can be capable for learning all the courses. You can rapidly find the solutions to every question looking through searching your question on the search box. It also has an element to filter your question dependent on school name, subject name, and many other options. 

According to Course Hero, they have more extra than 27 million courses for students to teach, which is huge. In the event that you ask what is the best thing with course legend is, they are free to utilize. You can without much of a stretch clarify course hero answers. Simply head over to the course hero and set up the entirety of your inquiries replied.

School Solver

The School Solver is the best online micro tutoring stage helping students find simple and snappy solutions to their questions and making on the web specialists/coaches make quick money. Alongside original questions, many individuals utilize the site for clarifying course hero answers and getting quick, modest answers making it outstanding amongst other textsheet alternative. 

However, the school solver emphasis that it lets guides earn multiple times from the same reaction as it diverts students who request a similar question to a current solution. So you can make 600$ from one single solution.


As the name suggests, study lib is a library for all your schoolwork and tasks. This best aspect of the study lib is the variety of subjects they present responses for. You can pick any subjects like Science, Maths, English, Polity, and so forth? They permit you the exact solution you see for with an exact clarification. 

If you don’t have any special questions and what to learn more about the subject, they give you various segments from which you can investigate the different questions of your picked topic. You can additionally add to the site if you are good at a specific subject. Study Lib is a network which assists with solves assignments, student’s schoolwork, and examination papers. Regardless of which type you are studying, Study Lib got you secured. Hence, do look at them.


Now, coming to the following textsheet alternative actually, the best alternative of the textsheet is because it has similar looking UI and functionality of Textsheet. You can in a split second find solutions for every one of your question and disclose like you used to jump on Textsheet. 

Also, they have both the free and paid variant of their site. The only difference between the free and paid form is the free form has ads on each page, and the paid variant doesn’t have any advertisements. If you see for an ideal Textsheet alternative with a comparable encounter, present Slader a shot you won’t be frustrated.


It appears to be a pretty cool site from the name. Mad for Study is a site that has a huge assortment of questions answered for high school and college students. So, According to them, they have in excess of 60 million assets from which every student can get their necessary solution with a clarification. 

Sixty million is a crazy number, isn’t it? If you’re done with your schoolwork and want to investigate more on that subject? At that point you don’t have to move to any other site as they offer you much online class on the subject you like for totally free. Crazy for Study is a go-to if you need to study a specific issue for free.


PaperHelp is more likely to get your homework without any problem. Consistently they need to restless, work harder, and furthermore end up exhausted to enjoy the once in a lifetime practice of students life. This is particularly difficult to deal with every last bit of it when you are tasked with yet another essay on euthanasia, capital punishment, and marijuana legalization. 


Chegg has numerous things to bring to the table at a small amount of the cost we go anyplace in the book shop. Presently, they offer book rental, online courses, course audits, all day, every day support, and so forth? One of the basic highlights of the site is Math Solver. This gives you the step by step clarification for almost every problem. In this manner if you discover any troubles while getting your work done, no need to stress, Chegg obtained you secured. You can find Chegg Solutions for nothing.


Above are some textsheet alternative. There are alternatives that fit best and much as indicated by your need. We hope this article has given you enough information to adapt up to your academic problems online. This period is of technology and online learning is improving step by step. The above mentioned sites would help you in your academic career and would be gainful to all the subjects and give you a simple answer for the issues.

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